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  1. Now I have seen this coin when my dad got his in the mail, and he only got one. Now I cant get this one unless I pay a lot of money on e-bay for it (which I might have to). The Geocion my heart desires is the Four Musketeer Coin in Purple. This is such a cool coin.

  2. Some of you have geocoin issues, lol. I'm going to bed for a couple hours now, I'm too much of a wuss to try and pull another couple of hours. If we were all 18-21 this wouldn't even be an issue although none of us would probably be interested in geocoins :)

    Bunch of crazies!


    Hey hey hey, Im 23 years old and staying awake for the sales of these coins. They are totally cool. I have to be at work at 9 am tomorrow too, but that doesnt stop me from geocoins or caching. LOL.

  3. Here are my two favorite Christmas ornaments. They were both made by a lady that my dad worked with when I was born. According to my dad, they are made from homemade playdough; you know the kind where you mix water, flour and salt into dough. She shaped them first, then when they were dry she decorated them and then sprayed some kind of clear sealer over them. This year they will be 23yrs old (same as me!), and have been my favorite ornaments as long as I can remember.











    Post 992 was our first draw, CONGRATS to Tamster56. One Cachestalkers coin info coming your way soon!


    THANKS for participating!


    Thanks Rod! I really like what you have done with Todies Wild Ride. I too have lost a dear friend in a motorcycle accident, that is why I dedicated my first Todies Wild Ride coin (TB26PGB) to him. If you haven't seen it, you can find TB26PGB here:

    Todies Wild Ride: In memory of Michael Kapelson


    I have completed activating my newest Todies Wild Ride coin TB1A635 (Thanks again), it is about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). You can view TB1A635 here:

    Todies Wild Ride: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


    Thanks again for the coin and for all your hard work and dedication to getting the message out. I know that you miss Tod as much or more as I miss Mike, and this time of year it is especially hard. But we both have lots of friends and family with us to help us through it, all we have to do is embrace them and we will all make it.


    Have a safe and happy holiday,




    PS. Those are NOT tracking numbers listed, they are reference numbers

  5. Thanks to my dad JohnMac56 for donating his winner to me so that I can participate in this cool contest. And thanks to Rod for starting this thread and for all the cointests and coins he has put out to help raise bike awareness.


    Two years ago we lost one of my closest friends in a motorcycle vs drunk driver accident in Arizona. :unsure: I have dedicated my Todies Wild Ride coin to him. You can check out the coin here TB26PGB.


    One last thank you to the Maine Family for donating the coin to Rod for this cointest.

  6. Thank You so much for the cointest!


    I can't believe that I was actually nominated and that you chose me as a winner. I also would like to thank my dad for nominating me. He didn't tell me that I had been nominated or that I had won. He's very sneaky that way. It was so cool, we came back from a cruise to Mexico and there were three large envelopes waiting when we came home, I figured he had ordered a bunch more coins before we left. When he looked through them, he handed one to me and it had my name on it and a little mesage saying congratulations on winning. Since I hadn't entered anything I thought it was kinda strange to get an envelope that said that. Once I opened it up and saw those cool coins and the pins that is when he told me about the cointest. I have never won anything so cool in my life, thank you again for choosing me.


    PS. I love the little piggies on the coins, they're so cute.

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