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  1. There... made an edit for you! ~J Oups! Grammar mistake? Sorry! No grammar mistake. You were correct to use "will" twice. If you followed "will" with "would" in the same sentence you would be mixing tenses (real future and alternative future). Alternative future ? e.g. "You would if you could". You could also have said "I know you would treasure it since it would be your first!" You can have 2 "will" together in a sentence (future) OR 2 "would" (alternative future) but you can't mix n match. What GeocoinGuy was trying to say is that he is not counting on getting the coin "will be his first" but hoping he will "would be his first". He should have changed both "will" to "would". edit : Teaching English + Avoiding the pile of work on my desk = Happiness
  2. drneal is right. You now have to weigh up a reduction in value (in some folks view) against being able to list your collection on your profile/allowing people to discover your coins. 90% of the trackables on ebay are unactivated so that gives you an idea of the market. In an parallel universe geocoins would be worth more if they had lots of discoveries on them but alas. The plus side is that you can often pick up activated coins for a song. As long as you are able to adopt a coin (aka the seller owns it legitimally) then you have peace of mind.
  3. I couldn't resist a pink Tap Tap. Looks just like my GF. Everytime I see it I'll think of her
  4. Your coin looks well made. Good luck with it. I don't believe you should have to be a cacher to mint a geocoin. Many lodges have minted coins over the centuries. As long as a design is approved by Groundspeak and the coin is not made out of enriched uranium I don't see an issue. I am surprised it took so long for a Scottish Rite themed geocoin to appear considering that Rite is how most Americans enter Freemasonry. You should release a few coins with different masonic themed missions like visiting some of the impressive lodges that are dotted throughout the U.S. I am not a member but have always found the lodges happy to welcome visitors. I enjoy looking at the different themed rooms, especially those done in a Egyptian or Greek style.
  5. Maybe your subconscious thinks differently
  6. The Dark Tranquility in Rhodium is an interesting coin. It looks like nickel under a light globe but gold in daylight. The Light Tranquility in Rhodium that I had didn't do this, just looked like a really rich nickel. the light gold is just so elegant looking, no matter which metal was used. i am obsessed with replacing my whole collection but there are a few of the old ones i would like to have. but with PRICE$$$$ the way they are, it will be a cold day in the hot place before i add anymore to my collection. i am almost content with what i have. (if i could spell or type i wouldn't have to modify my posts.) rsg Yes, both the Light Gold and Light Rhodium look great. In the end I hung onto the Light Gold. I reduced my collection to 10 so FWIW here are my favourites (in no particular order) : Light Edition (Gold) Dark Edition (Gold) Nickel on Copper Copper on Nickel Gold on Nickel Blue is my World (Nickel) Purple Haze (Gold) Purple Haze (Nickel) USA Blood in the Ocean Trickster
  7. The Dark Tranquility in Rhodium is an interesting coin. It looks like nickel under a light globe but gold in daylight. The Light Tranquility in Rhodium that I had didn't do this, just looked like a really rich nickel.
  8. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. i am pretty sure you have this backwards. i had the first edition of the coin and it definitely lighter. the second minting were darker, with more antiquing. i bought the first minting from the store and it has a different activation code than the later mintings which simply said "castle" rsg I believe Haysonics is referring to the "Dark Tranquility in gold", the one that has translucent enamels. I do believe there were 2 mintings of that versions, according to prior posts in this thread. Yes. We used to call it Dark Gold but "Dark Tranquility in gold" makes more sense. I kept the slightly lighter one (2nd minting) as it looks a bit nicer; a small "improvement". It would be cool to get everyones tranqs together and compare these minor differences. Numismatists call these subcategories VAMS. Can't remember what the initials stand for. VAM collectors are the geeks of the coin world. The Geeks' Geek. Not that we are geeks or anything. Well at least im not
  10. These were minted a second time (at least) : Light Edition (Gold) Light Edition (Rhodium) Dark Edition (Gold) Dark Edition (Rhodium) I had both first and second mintings of the Dark Gold and can advise the colours of the second are a little lighter. It is interesting that you have 2 versions of the antique copper "A.E. 30"
  11. R.S.G. - I don't disagree with any of your points. I am just responding to DJ J.Rocks bewilderment over the "fuss". Castle Man - I believe you when you say you haven't reminted since the last of tranq editions. As for your comment "there is so much drama here", well you created that drama by minting so many versions and releasing so little information. That made you $$$ which I have no problem with but the free market for all its holiness is Darwinian. For eg, the bidding on your Blue Is My World gold on ebay is now up to $255. Some people think only 15 were produced while others think 100 were made. Will the winner of that auction be a happy or sad person when they later learn the truth? The fact that people don't "get" this is disturbing. Coin collecting is not a cheap hobby. If the market value of a tranq ends up at $10 it won't be an issue for me but maybe for some it will. This is the early, Wild West days of geocoins. The days before a population report, before a price guide, before PCGS certified (graded and slabbed) geocoins. Its good to be here and see it happening but in 20 years I'd like to be able to tell people how many of my favourite versions of the notorious tranquility were made.
  12. This from the man who owns 24 different versions of Tengwar and is ernestly seeking the remaining 2 In answer to your points, look at it this way; All Tengwar collectors can go to Scavok's website and see the names of all the versions and how many of each have been minted. They can read the Tengwar thread on this forum and find out which of those versions were minted a 2nd time. Tranquility collectors don't have that luxury because their vendor has not released that information. Add to this the fact that more Tranqs have been minted than any other geocoin. Add to this that the Tranq is one of the most expensive coins on ebay. Add to this that the vendor had previously stated to at least one collector that he had no more tranqs and now (12 months later) lists a bunch on ebay (with NEW in the title). And you wonder what all the fuss is about ? The tranq screams FUSS. It screams CONTROVERSY. Heck, the Tranquility is NOTORIOUS !!! In a perfect world we would all be as tranquil as the coin encourages us to be. Unfortunately we live in the real world where we have to poke the gorilla with a stick in order to see how many bananas he is sitting on.
  13. Will do. I am over I.E. Thanks for the background info. Interesting reading. Proprietary systems always lead to format wars and its the consumers who suffer.
  14. from wikipedia : PROVENANCE - from the French provenir, "to come from", means the origin, or the source of something, or the history of the ownership or location of an object. The term was originally mostly used for works of art, but is now used in similar senses in a wide range of fields ... This will typically be accomplished by tracing the whole history of the object up to the present. Comparative techniques, expert opinions, and the results of various kinds of scientific tests may also be used to these ends, but establishing provenance is essentially a matter of documentation ... The quality of provenance of an important work of art can make a considerable difference to its selling price in the market ... POPULATION REPORT - a census of all coins ... revealing the incidence of each date, mint mark, and reported variety of particular coins, as well as prominent feature designations ... Analysis of this report ... has allowed numismatic professionals to estimate the rarity of specific coins, and over time ... revealed some coins once thought rare to be remarkably common, whereas others thought more common have shown to be likely few in number. The population reports are followed closely by numismatic professionals ...
  15. Your page won't load on IE8. Are the iWeb people working on a patch ?
  16. If that is your idea of large letters (in your ebay listing) I'd hate to see small. Making them large in your reply here doesn't count BTW. Slippery. l would have apologised for not having read the fine print but you have ticked me off now. I'll accept what you say about the "Blood In The Ocean" version. What about the "bunch of the older versions of Tranquility Geocoins" you have? I know you reserved the right to remint the Dark Gold and Dark Nickel as I read your original ad. Fair enough. Remint them till your 80 or Groundspeak stops selling you tracking numbers. But would you care to provide minting numbers for some of your "limited editions", say the nickel and gold Blue Is My Worlds? Refresh my memory. Was it 15 for the gold ? What about those nickel and gold Purple Hazes ?
  17. I especially note Castleman is selling a Blood In The Ocean tranq on ebay at the moment. He has previously stated this is a LE of 15. It would interesting to learn how many of the "15" he has left. I thought they were all sold. If this "LE" has been reminted it will bring into question the whole Limited Edition enterprise. It will require Groundspeak to start assigning a set number of tracking codes to a particular version of a coin. If a vendor makes the statement that there will only be 15 coins of a particular colour/metal combo made then Groundspeak would assign 15 specified tracking numbers. If vendors can't be trusted to regulate themselves Groundpseak will need to step in. Kind of like the U.S. government is trying do with the Banking Industry. It would require extra work for Groundspeak but would enable them to keep the integrity of LE's and revenue of the associated tracking numbers. It is an issue of trust.
  18. For once I am glad to see a remint; what with that guy buying the last 50 of the original minting. The website didn't say it was an LE or list minting numbers for that version so he ended up buying a stack of REs. Likely he will continue selling them for high $$$ as a lot of ebayers don't check the stores or this forum. He'll eventually recoup his outlay but thanks to the remint that will take awhile. I hope he will learn from the experience but he'll probably just learn to pay more attention to the description. For that reason; if the upcoming silver is to be an LE then I hope the website puts a limit on the number that can be ordered per person so he doesn't buy up all of those. As a collector it is nice to see an RE become an LE when there is no remint but its good to know that the folks who missed out first time now have the opportunity to get one. If there is no third minting the coin will become an LE anyway. Sure, there is going to be a couple of hundred more out there but in the coming years this coin should be worth more than the store price (unless its continually reminted). While on the topic of collecting geocoins; I note some folks put down the pre-order system because of the risk involved with some small time vendors taking the money and running but at least the system allows everyone who wants to purchase a particular RE to get one as they are given a couple of weeks to place their order. The pre-order system stops the muppets who seek to corner the market as there is only a time limit. Newb collectors would be wise to pay special attention to those sites that offer pre-order REs and don't remint as those REs naturally become limited in their number once the order period has finished. There may be couple hundred of an RE compared to an LE (a pre-determined number) but that is still a small amount compared to limited editions in other collector markets that number in the thousands. Vendors that offer pre-orders win as well as they only mint the number wanted so have no inventory issues and if a coin is really popular feel less pressure to do a remint as they gave their customers a couple of weeks to place their orders. If it wasn't for a few small time vendors that ripped others off (and arn't around anymore) the pre-order system would probably be universally adopted by now.
  19. Change the title of the thread to : Fight Cancer Geocoin Now Available !! and that coin should sell itself (great design)
  20. Maybe the pre-schoolers have been swimming in there again ?
  21. "end price" Someone creates a price guide based on their careful and considerate study of the marketplace (and then everyone makes jokes about the listed prices having been determined by a lunatic) That's probably because there is no price guide But seriously, I guess a lot of it has to do with the lack of available info. If a price guide included production numbers that would help a lot of folks.
  22. Sounds like you are suggesting the end price on ebay reflects a coins value ? I'd agree it reflects the market value of a coin on ebay on a particular day BUT I think schwerzels is interested in determining more of an "average" value for different coins. . . . . . . . . .
  23. I think this would be a lot of fun for the debates that would ensue. It would liven up the place. Can you give us some examples of "stupid" prices to kick this off ? We might agree or you may get flamed. Edit: The Mods would have to allow some leeway. . . . . . . . .
  24. That is truly disturbing ... but its hard to stop looking at it.
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