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  1. I suspect the answer is a bidding war by 2 people who could have easily read "ernies" in the description and googled "ernies geocoin" to see what comes up. My advice to newbs is to see if a ebay description mentions the shop the coin is/was sold through. If it doesn't they can do a search on ebay using the coin's name and see if anyone else is selling it and then read those other descriptions to see if the shop is mentioned. If it is then they can google the "shop name" + "geocoin" and find the shop. This works and can save folks $$$ If there is no shop mentioned then just google "coin's name" + "geocoin" and look for a link to a shop (aka ignore all the Groundspeak hits as they probably relate to logs)
  2. Nice try but the $500.00 bid is by the person that came 2nd in the Auction so if he typed $5000 by mistake then he should have won the auction.
  3. I can't believe 2 bidders misplaced a decimal point. BTW, that auction did not have a $27.99 buy it now. That is another seller. But even if I did believe 2 sellers misplaced the decimal point, that would mean the 2nd highest bidder meant $50.00 but places the decimal point after the 2nd zero which would look like 500.0 which ebay would translate as 500.00 This mistake would have been made 3 times in that auction. That is pretty unlikely. What normally happens is that folks forget to add the decimal point. If that had happened the bids would have lookled like $2900, $5000 and $5100. That didn't happen yet is the more likely mistake. Nup, still not buying it Padewan Droo
  4. But there were 2 bidders. Did both make the same mistake ? Me thinks not young grasshopper !
  5. If you give me $510 for that coin I will give you free shipping ! Please contact me immediately to take up this fabulous offer. While stocks last. Limit one coin per customer.
  6. The last coin to go for $ 500 + was a 2008 Yemon & Yime Compass Rose and though I didn't expect it go over 300 I kind of understood as there are a couple of die hard collectors of that series. But this new coin ??? I like ernies coins but seriously. ???
  7. You pay, I pay, We all pay on epay. We know the 2nd highest bid was $500 but i wonder what was the winner's maximum bid was ?
  8. You read it here first folks 10 YEARS OF GEOCACHING, 3", black nickel, L.E., 100 minted Item number: 250689586898 IS STILL AVAILABLE from the shop yet JUST SOLD FOR $510.00 on Epay. It is HIGHLY recommended that newbs to do a google search before bidding on geocoins. Epay sellers will often tell you the name of the shop a coin was bought from in their item description (which was done on this auction).
  9. Then I hope you remint the "regular editions" as well otherwise there will be more of the pink "special edition" than any of the "regular editions". I promise to pick up a blue Tap Tap if you do.
  10. i kinda like it! a few things though what is that surface? Just one of the standard "mottled" effects i use as a contrast when the foreground is flat. Another way to do it is to have a flat background and make the emblem and lettering 3D. I chose the first option as it was quick. On the weekend I'll revert to a flat background so you can concentrate on what you want done with the lettering and emblem. instead of "Humanist Geocoin" what if it just said "Humanism" how about on the back if it just had the quote, without the humanist symbol? that would give it more room for the font to be bigger, don't you think? will do could you also add room for the usual geocaching stuff, i.e. "trackable on geocaching.com" and room for a code? can do if you like ( keep in mind that you can place those details on the edge of the coin) sorry i can't be of much help. i just tried using adobe illustrator and had no idea what i was doing and i was not getting anywhere You should invest some time and learn to use Illustrator seeing you have it :0)
  11. Received a pink Tap Tap in the mail today and am really impressed. The background looks like a purpley-pink metallic paint. Another example of a coin which looks much better in hand. Super cute. Well done !
  12. This is the best quote IMHO, nice and succinct ... Agreed; can't get any clearer than that. What do you think pacman ? well i was actually thinking of going with the jefferson quote Then Jefferson it is. I'll put something together in photoshop for you this weekend.
  13. This is the best quote IMHO, nice and succinct ... Agreed; can't get any clearer than that. What do you think pacman ?
  14. I can do it in Photoshop if needs be but maybe someone out there can whip it up quickly in Adobe Illustrator ?
  15. The shape is up to you but I'll suggest round so that it looks like a coin and you can have the lettering aound the logo (front side). I can think of 2 versions i would like. A 2 tone with the logo and lettering in polished gold on a polished silver (or nickel) background. The 2nd version would be the 2 tone mentioned but with a nice transulucent blue added over the polished silver (or nickel) background.
  16. Do these 'Grab' you as things you want on your coin? I kind of picture it as around the circle that you would read as you turn the coin in your hand. That's a good idea to put those words around the symbol on front. On the back you could have a quote. I like "Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error." (Thomas Jefferson) because it's succinct, poignant and by a founding father so likely to resonate with folks.
  17. You have your choice, that symbol with a quote or two, or something that shows what you want to convey. I'm not sure what that would be. You tell me and I'll offer an idea. well i really think i like the symbol, because it seems to be the main symbol for humanism. as for a quote, as i have stated before, i'm looking for something non-inflamitory, short, and meaning full, that sort of encompasses humanism, particularly secular humanism. Well, I'd go with something about bacon, but let's pick this up tomorrow. g'night Assuming you are referring to Francis Bacon, did you have a particular quote of his in mind ?
  18. well i guess that is something that would be important to consider. Really the only point to consider. Religious debate is off topic for this forum. We are discussing what the coin should/should not have on it so it is certainly on topic. I am sure that will effect whether it gets approved by Groundspeak as well though I am concerned you feel that is the only topic that should be discussed on this forum. If we adopted that policy this forum would become a very dull place. Luckily there has been plenty of posts about different religious ideas over the last couple of years. Have a look at DJJRock's posts for example. Good reading.
  19. while I do agree that Dawkins is an anti-theist/anti-religion, i don't think that is the message of the Out Campeign. it is more about bringing like-minded individuals together. I would agree that using Darwin or Einstein might be a bad idea, and i had no intention of using either of them, even though neither of them were religious. i do realize that an atheist themed coin would probably irritate people to the point of them getting "lost", but what about a coin with the happy humanist logo that does not say "Atheist" or anything like that on it at all? do you think people would still be likely to muggle something like that? Anti-religion is part of the message of Dawkins out campaign : "KEEP OUT - It is time to let our voices be heard regarding the intrusion of religion in our schools and politics. Atheists along with millions of others are tired of being bullied by those who would force their own religious agenda down the throats of our children and our respective governments. We need to KEEP OUT the supernatural from our moral principles and public policies." I do see Dawkins point. The push by the Christian right to get Intelligent Design (rebadged Creationism) into U.S. schools is frightening but there is concern that Dawkins will end up alienating the people he is trying to reach with his shock troop tactics. The U.S. is polarised on so many issues (its people tend to adopt extreme views on subjects, few take the middle ground). If you download the Dawkins-Lennox debate (held in the U.S.) from Dawkins website you may agree that some of Dawkins remarks seem designed to offend Christians. The last thing the U.S. needs right now is some sort of Christian vs Atheist turf war. Don't let what I have said put you off though. Although I think Dawkins is taking the wrong approach I do actually agree with his points. As I mentioned, if you are in the Dawkins camp you should feel free to use his campaign logo at least. You can pick and choose which of his statements you want to use depending on how "heavy" a message you want on your coin. You could always do what the U.S. has done with movies. Have a toned down message for the U.S. coin and a censorship free message for the International coin
  20. Huh?? You have to have a banner to wave to need to make a coin??? I don't believe in Santa Clause but I have no desire to make a "Santa Aint Real" geocoin. If I was anti-Santa I might. That's what I meant by waving a banner.
  21. Dawkins is an atheist who is also anti-theist and his out campaign reflects that sentiment. There are probably an equal number of atheists who are neutral towards religion (they simply don't believe in God) Those atheists who simply lack faith have no banner to waive and no need to make a coin. However, if you are in the Dawkins camp you should feel free to use his campaign logo and statements so that the coin's message is clear. A lot of coins will get muggled and destroyed but you'll expect that and budget accordingly. I would not recommend using Darwin or Einstein in an atheist themed coin due to the confusion that exists in the public mind over these mens position on the existence of God.
  22. Here are links for the coins sale pages : http://www.geocoinshop.de/products/Geocoin...que-Nickel.html http://www.geocoinshop.de/products/Geocoin...tique-Gold.html
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