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  1. I am trying to run queries, and it says they ran, but they aren't in my email or aren't in the download query tab. Thoughts?
  2. Welcome!! You will be notified via email, unless you have it set up to be notified via text/cell phone.
  3. Thanks - I was thinking background meant "background".
  4. Got it thanks!!! For some reason I forgot about that line.
  5. OK I have a similar question -actually two - I want to add a pic to the description - how do I do that? Where does the photo have to reside, or can it be uploaded to GC.com Also in playing around to try this out I posted a pic to the gallery - now I want to delete it - I am the cache owner. Thanks!
  6. I see an option to add a link when you submit a page, but not a way to load up a pic for the main page.
  7. she_wolf

    Gallery Image

    I am the cache owner and was playing around, and uploaded an image - and so it is appearing in my gallery - how do I delete it. I can't seem to find the delete button.
  8. Is there a way I can run a query that will give me a list of caches placed by a specific person? I tried to run a regular query, and just sort by that user, but didn't get anything in the area - Sure I could extend out the radius but that will max out to 500. Thanks!
  9. I use GSAK and have a Garmin Vista HCx, and there is a macro for GSAK that allows me to add custom points of interest - and this would be the part of the cache description such as terr/diff, logs, hints, etc. It does it over a few entries, but it is better than killing a tree, and of course dragging around paper. This was especially important for a semi-beginner like me - to know the size and terr/diff and all the other stuff too I just got the Oregon 400t - I still use GSAK, because of it's flexibility, and database features.
  10. Back to the original question - I have been caching for almost a year (btw I am in MN too- the cities) - I started with the Garmin VISTA HCx. It didn't take me too long to get used to it - then I learned how to use a GSAK macro to allow me to go paperless. TOPOs are great, only if you have used them before, other than knowing how to spell the word, I had no clue what it was. You guys make it sound so easy. It is great to say the forum has instructions, personally I would prefer to be hunting caches than hanging online reading directions I will admit that I do pay attention to the topos now. I just recently got an Oregon 400t. I have to admit (and I know folks are going to disagree) I am glad I started with the VISTA first. Good Luck and Happy Caching!!
  11. Thanks for ALL the info - I would prefer to go with rechargables, but got extremely frustrated that they drained so quickly AND/ OR that I would go to replace them and then "new" ones were literally dead - hey I just learned from this post that rechargeables discharge. I have been caching just under a year, but the expense and my collection of dead batteries led me to ask this question Cache On!!!
  12. Any input on this? I do map my routes, but I use GC.com/ Google Earth, can't figure MapSource out, so would I be better off going with the SD Card? Currently have Garmin eTrex Vista, although getting a Oregon 400t tomorrow for Mom's Day (see they do love me :-D ). Is mapping really the only difference?
  13. I jumped on this post as I am getting a new 400t tomorrow for Mom's day - yes it was hard for the family not to let that one slip out - and I was going to live with the screen. However the advertising of the better visisbility of the screen has me very curious, is it all hype, if it were truly better don't you think that they would add that hi-tech feature (whatever enables the better visibility screen) as a line item and mark the 500 with a YES, and the 400 and all others as no. Since the 400t was purchased at REI my suggestion - I guess I could always return it if needed. I will continue to watch this flurry between all you electronic/GPS gurus. Thanks for the heads up though!!
  14. I want to switch to them, but it seems the batteries (NiMH) last a shorter period of time than alkalines, significantly. Are there differences between batteries, as well as, chargers. The prices vary so much - and if so what should I get? I have a Garmin Vista HCx. Thanks! Cache On
  15. she_wolf

    Find Query

    reqular query or My finds query? Jim It is a PC I created, however I say ALL Types, ALL Sizes, ALL Terrains, and the only parameter I have is "I have found". I select ALL states too since I have some finds in AZ. To use the stats gen macro, I have to do a query and dump it into GSAK. The archived idea makes sense - I went back and counted and that is what it is - now the question is how do I get teh two numbers to jive.
  16. she_wolf

    Find Query

    If I run a query for all of my finds, it isn't the same as the total caches listed under my profile on GC.com. Why would that be? Thanks! SW
  17. I use hotmail, and am experiencing the same issue, but fortunately my queries are for tomorrow and Sundays caching. :-D So I am thinking it is a GC.com issue - BUT then again the service and website is awesome, so when they have these hiccups, all it does is remind me how addicted/obsessed I am :-D and yes I am aware that something similar happened about a month ago.... but I still stand behind my statement.
  18. I must be doing something wrong with my query. I am trying to run a query listing all of my finds. My profile says I have 251 finds, however the query only shows 234, and when I run the GSAK macro I get 234, and when I sort my caches by log type I get 249. When I log milestones which number is it? The numbers make no sense? Please help Thanks!
  19. I tried the search and couldn't come up with anything, so I am posting this as a new topic. Two questions, how do I clear them out - it is getting to be a mess, since I have 4 entries for each cache. This will be the first weekend, I will try to use the POI instead of paper or dragging my laptop. Secondly, How do I save them to my SD card, so I can have more, or will it automatically overflow to the SD card? Thanks!!
  20. Sorry - this is a dup - can someone delete this entry please?
  21. she_wolf


    I created some bookmarks, before I really understood how to use them, they are empty and irritating. How do I get rid of them? I can't seem to find a delete bookmark option. Thanks!
  22. I think everyone is getting carried away.... but only after the smart (and personally I thought I misread it) comment. I am also a "paying" member and feel like I definitely get my money's worth even IF the site runs slow, or it takes a day for the PQ to arrive. It just made me realize how nuts/ driven I am about GCing. Wanting to just run a quick query, just a quick one, and then growling at my laptop. Just relax and take a walk on the way to your next cache. Here in MN, I am hoping that by Monday the snow will be all gone..... Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Pi Day!! :-D
  23. Quick question... I was going to get City Nav - but there are a couple of different options. Why would one be more beneficial - pre-loaded disk versus a CD? I have an eTrex Vista HCx
  24. Sorry Nate, but IE7 has the same issue. Yep if have IE 7, had to do that to be able to upload to my Garmin (a more recent issue, but resolved now). This printing problem is an irritation. Yesterday I could get it to print by closing the short & log description, but now today, that trick doesn't work.... So obviously that wasn't the answer....
  25. The top part with the GC#, the difficulty, etc (oh and the name) doesn't print. Actually I should say it will print 1 out of 15/20 times. I have tried to "select all", and then printing select, I have tried to ONLY have that window open, changing the printer set up, - short of standing on my head what am I doing wrong. It's a hassle to go back, pull the sheets, and then go back to the computer and hand write which cache the print out belongs to. This really isn't anything new, it is just that I am just tired of writing it in.
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