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  1. Kind of hard to do that when they are not published on the site. (puzzle cache with legs) BUT!!! #5 took!!! YEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  2. The reason I ask is because we are on #5. Tonight we go move our new cache for the 5th time. Why? The first time we were to close to a micro. The second time we were to close to a puzzle final. Same with the third and the fourth. This time we are going into a completely different area lol. Talk about frustrating.
  3. We decided against replacing that cache. But in a fit I went out and purchased two more containers to camo and we will look for a new and more exciting location for these. Mess up one and I will replace it with two. We will be posting the next one as open to everyone since that is how we hunt. However should something happen to this next one I will be changing it to member only which I think is a bummer. We already have it placed but have to go move it 139 feet due to it being to close to a micro lol What Saz and I enjoyed about this sport/hobby/game/fun thing was we could just do it without paying to begin with. I want others to have that opportunity too. But today my premium membership will go into effect. Just in case.
  4. Some kind of jar thing filled with human waste I got a email telling me to check on it. I decided that I would go tomorrow on lunch but I couldn't stand it anymore and didn't want anyone else to be disappointed and that is what I found. What is wrong with people? Who does stuff like that? Is it going to happen to my next cache? Of course I disabled the cache. Can I use the same cache name and description and just switch out the coordinates for somewhere different in the same cemetery. Somewhere more hidden and hard to find? This really was a bummer for me
  5. We ended up about 198 feet to close. All is well though because it was one heck of an adventure trying to hide our first cache. (we hid two yesterday)
  6. Not really bummed about the micro. Sometimes they are fun to find. But kind of bummed that I have to move my can out of a perfect spot. It was fun going to hide it though. We felt a little like sneaky people. Tonight we will go move it farther away and hope there isn't a cache near by. We could have sworn we were far enough.
  7. Imagine this.... Walking up a mountain with a fully loaded, stuffed to the gills ammo can. Trying to be "stealthy". Walking to our spot which we were sure was far enough away from any caches.. Hiding it perfectly. Giggling to ourselves as we pulled stickers out our socks and shoes. Smiling as we walked back to the car. Huffing and puffing a bit lol. We get home and hit submit. This morning I have an email. We are to close to a micro, log only cache. Sigh. We were so sure we were far enough away. So today after work we have to go move our cache that we have been planning for over a month. Sigh This happen to anyone else.
  8. I log all DNF's. Why? Because I want to know where I have been. Why I haven't found something. Where I searched. There is a cache called Balok. I had a heck of a time there. Now reading back on my DNF posts I find it humorous. Besides I like to go back and find it.
  9. Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.
  10. One other quick question. No one can see this cache yet right? For example if they looked on my profile they wouldn't see it would they?
  11. ok so I can click save and then go back to it let's say tomorrow after placing the cache and then click review. I don't want to click that bottom button until I am sure it is not going to the reviewers and people start looking before it is even there!
  12. Can I just unclick the yes this listing is active box to save it to work on later? Or will it go to the reviewer before I am ready for it to?
  13. I walk this cemetery every day on my lunch. It is HUGE. I normally walk a mile and a half circle. In fact I have become fairly good friends with the group of grounds keepers. If I post that this is a cemetery cache on the cache detail page I am hoping that those who don't like cemetery caches will stay away. I don't plan on putting it at anyone's tombstone. This will be a semi out of the way area. But it will be within the field. How would I figure out if I need permission? This is a very open cemetery. Flowers and walkers are welcome.
  14. Do I need to get permission from the owners of the cemetery or is a cemetery considered a public spot and open to caches without getting permission?
  15. OK. So I email him. If I don't hear back then I grab it from him. Drop it into the cache I found it at and then retrieve it from the cache I found it at. Sounds do able. thank you.
  16. I found a Pony Express travel bug that is in someone's hands since March of this year. I found it in a cache but I am not sure how to log it. It gives me the option to grab it from the last holder. But I didn't. Can you help explain how to log this travel bug. I am sure the owner would like to know where it is.
  17. I found a LARGE travel bug that pretty much will only fit into a ammo can when I was visiting my grandmother. Can I put the travel bug in a cache I have already visited? Normally I carry the travel bug on my new hunts and drop them off along my hunt. However I am not so sure that there are many ammo cans left in my area for me to find. Is it ok to take the travel bug to a cache I had already found? I have already moved the bug 113 miles from Grandmas.
  18. Those soft feathery looking pretty green plants sting like hell if they touch you.
  19. I looked for both and didn't find either so thank you very much!!
  20. This weekend on vacation I found a dinosaur. It has a piece of paper with it that says "Help me get to California" Dinosaurs across route 66 (in a picture) Then... my name is Angus. I would like to travel to a cache named Aurora and gives the coordinates. Then please leave me in the Aurora cache so I can be picked up by Epic Duff. The date on the paper is July 20th, 2007 It also says when moved please indicate in your log which cache you found me in. On the back are two "logs" written by fellow cachers. One from MO found 8/22/07 and another one found 12/9/07. There is NO travel bug tag. I can see that this has been sitting in the cache for a really long time. I don't know what to do. I would like to contact the owner to let them know I am getting it much closer to where it needs to go but are they even still looking for it? Anyone got any ideas on how I can make sure this dinosaur makes it journey faster then before. I already switched out the bag it was in for a clear plastic zip lock bag. The other bag was a sort of grocery bag. Any ideas how I can contact someone for this "bug"
  21. LOVED two of the logs in the book of a cache I visited. One was by a park ranger who was cleaning up pine needles and found it. The other one... SO cute. Dear Someone, We found this treasure. It was a lot of fun finding this. It was signed by a bunch of kids. awwwwww
  22. http://hellolostnsaz.blogspot.com/ We have been doing this for over a month or so. Blogging the adventures is way to much fun. The oldest is at the bottom.
  23. Saz's version of the same hunt from our blog I believe this was when we got cocky enough to head into the hilly county park. There are some serious hiking trails, but also some nice walking trails, and there were two caches along one of the trails. I hoped it was one of the nice soft lake trails. We, uh, ended up in the friggin' outback. By accident of course. We could see the trail entrance on the right side of the road, so we parked and walked back to the entrance. Along the roadside. Cars whizzing by. Guess what was right beside the trail entrance? A GD parking lot. LOL So we enter the trail, and we've got two choices. A trail to the left and a trail to the right. We are at the junction of two different trails. A woman on a horse was guarding the trail on the right. I guess. Who knows what they were doing. Just standing there being weird. So we went left. We went as maybe as 100 feet, not having any success in picking up a coordinate. It's further along one of these trails. This one or that one? While we are standing there considering, the woman on the horse comes walking by. "I guess she thinks you need some help", says the woman as they pass by. She attempts to converse with us but the horse has no interest and soon she's out of sight. Before we go any further up a trail following an animal who craps every three minutes, we decide to try our luck on the front part of the other trail. Nothing. We aren't even close to either coordinate. We'll walk down the trail a bit. It's rustic but not much work. Pausing every minute or so to check the GPS and hope for something encouraging, we pass a snake's skin lying on the trail. Hello: do you know what a rattlesnake sounds like? Yep, I answer, wondering if the maniacal running screaming from a snake was at hand. This would be a good spot for a serial killer to live, she remarks. Buzzards and vultures and hawks are stalking us. Horse poop everywhere. Now we've got imaginary murderers and rattle snakes to worry about, too. The trail starts uphill. I am fairly sure we have no further to go to get to the car than we've already been, so there's no point to turning back unless the trail is impassable. It's severely rutted but okay for walking, so we haul our asses up a steep climb and when we finally get to the top, my heart is trying to bang straight through my chest and I am so out of breath and I can feel my face flaming. If we had proper caching packs, we'd have had water with us. We didn't have a frickin' thing. One day we'll get set up right. The walk is easier now that we've got to the top and I am breathing slow and deep, trying to get back to where I can speak without huffing and puffing. There is a man ahead of us on the trail. He stops to inspect little houses along a fence just off the trail. A cacher! Let's follow him! He inspects every little birdhouse looking thing, and when he's left we check it out. I can find no way to open this box, but up the trail we can see him and it sure looks like he is opening these little houses. I have no idea what he was doing. We come down the trail into the small lake area where we left the car. Guess what's directly on the left? The other trail. The one we left to try the demon trail instead. What must be a shorter and easier walk, a shortcut, if you will, to the loopy piece of s*** that we just finished. The caches have to be along this trail, but neither of us have the heart for it right now. We walk into the lake area, take a look at what's going on, take a look at the lake. Hello points out a swirly spot where she says a big fish is. I watch the swirly spot and pretty soon I do see a big fish! Kind of light colored with brown spots in very shallow water. Maybe a catfish?So we get to the car. Admonish ourselves for heading down the trail with no water, even though we had no intention of taking a hike like that, but refuse to call it a failure. It was the horse's fault. We'll take the right trail and outfit for it next time. This is a hold, not a giving up.
  24. From our log Welcome to our nightmare cache. This was one of those hunts where everything went wrong. Where you curse the hider while you are hunting but forgive them after you FINALLY reach the car and give yourself a chance to laugh! We didn't see the parking lot at the trail head. Totally missed it. We ended up parking at the park .3 miles up the road and walking down the road to the trail head. That was our first mistake. Cars wizzing by. Ugh. Then we started up the trail and for the life of us couldn't find the coordinates. Of course we were totally distracted by this woman on a horse who kept walking it by us telling us the horse thought we needed help..What? Weird? Finally we figured maybe just maybe we were on the wrong trail since it had split earlier. Off we went around the mountain. Mistake #2 We started walking... and walking... and walking. Then we were walking up a mountain. And UP a mountain. Of course we didn't bring anything with us even though we had promised ourselves we would be bringing water and such. Mistake #3. After some pretty hard core up hill hiking in what we hoped was the direction of the car I turned to Saz and said this is where people make their fatal mistakes right. Then a giant vulchure flew over our heads and we laughed. Then it flew over again and again. I told it that we were not dying even if we looked like it. By this point we were so darn far from the caches on this trail we put the gps away and prayed for the car. We kept going in the same direction and finally emerged at the total back area of the park we had parked in. We were so darn happy. We walked around the lake. Looked at some fish and finally made it back to the car. At this point we pretty much hated the hider lol. Once we got back into the car and got something to drink (almost a hour and a half later) we laughed and decided today was not the day for going back up the other side of the trail. We WILL be back for these two caches... after a while.. Oh and we don't hate you anymore LMAO!!! Hellolost & Saz
  25. What are some good first to find prizes. I am not talking about going overboard. I am talking about prizes an average person would be able to put into a box and a FTF person would be happy to see.
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