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  1. I've been maintaining the cache GC3C13Y Izeger Stee since 2012 but am not a very active cacher anymore. Does somebody want to take over as owner of this cache which can be quite active especially during the summer months as it's located on cycling route? If not, I'm going to archive it.
  2. So now I have something to say to people I suppose he meant the common stone louse.
  3. I'm wondering about that too. Is there a definition of a geotrail or can it be just any series of caches? Is someone willing to add examples for a european list?
  4. Wanted to complete my 366 calendar days grid, but had to give up after a month. Better luck next year. I always want to top the previous year, which looks good. Only 10 caches to go. I added 5 new regions, but no new country though. BTW, does anybody know of a page like http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedCountries that shows the caching regions you've cached in?
  5. It's a physical shop in Remich. Look under "Öffnungszeiten" on the website for the adress and opening hours.
  6. There's a series of parking house caches in my hometown, which is quite nice. The owner explicitly states that they can only be done during opening hours (daylight from Mo-Sa), but still a few cachers try to do them Sunday morning at 3am and wonder why they got kicked out by security. In a few places the security guards had enough and just destroyed the cache. Can't blame them. Always consider that the cache owner is just a normal cacher like you and me, not a professional. Most don't ask for permission to hide a cache on somehwat private property. If you're hiding a cache you always have to consider that a few cachers only check the coordinates and ignore everything else like the description or attributes. Create caches so that in the worst case, the searcher just doesn't find them. If it leads to trouble for the searcher or the destruction of the cache, you should change it.
  7. You don't need roaming, since GPS isn't provided by the phone signal. Your phone can pick up a GPS signal wherever you are without further costs, since it's entirely passive.
  8. Is there a list of caches where the FTF took a long time? Could be interesting.
  9. Since some in the affected regions did get their icon, I'm going to take a wild guess that it's those that logged their caches when it was 8/18 in their area, but still 8/17 in Seattle that are affected. The timezone can't be the difference. I logged on Saturday afternoon and am GMT+2. I live in a country that's not split up into regions, though it's got proportionally to the surface a lot of caches (~1 cache per every square mile). That could be the problem, but I dunno how that would play into the equation.
  10. I checked people from other european countries that logged on Saturday as well (as did I) and they don't have a souvenir either. The only users with souvenirs that I could find were from the US. Perhaps there's a problem with the country setting?
  11. I think you shouldn't be able to find your own caches. If you found them before you adopted them, it's okay because you didn't own them at the time. As the owner you're supposed to know where the cache's hidden, so how can you find them if you know their location? And if you're logging the caches because they had been misplaced and you "found" them? Well, are you really going to log it each time someone places it somewhere else? That would be ridiculous.
  12. Beim Grabben würde ich einige Tage warten. Ich habe das jetzt schon so oft erlebt, dass jemand wo einen TB hinlegt, der 'ne Stunde später wieder mitgenommen wird, sofort 'gegrabbt' wird, bevor der erste Zeit hatte, ihn beim GC-Listing abzulegen. Dadurch entgeht einem dann das Log beim GC. Hab das kürzlich gesehen bei einem TB, der nach einem deutschen Cache nach Thailand gewandert war, dort in einem GC abgelegt wurde und einen Tag später sofort gegrabbed wurde (anstatt zu warten bis der erste Cacher ihn nach seiner Reise loggt) und wieder nach Deutschland zurück gereist ist. Dadurch sind ihm die Kilometer Deutschland->Thailand->Deutschland entgangen, da er jetzt bloss von einem deutschen GC in einen anderen deutschen GC gewandert ist!
  13. Vor einer Woche habe ich in einer Dose einen 256 MB Laptop-RAM-Riegel entdeckt. Vor 10 Jahren hätte man für den noch etwas Geld bekommen.
  14. On the user profile statistics page, there's a section with maps showing the countries where a user has found caches. It's divided into a world map and continent maps. I think it would be a neat feature to have country maps too, at least for countries that have different regions (that would already exclude smaller countries). This does already exist for the U.S. and Canada where states and provinces are shown. Could this be adapted to show countries like France or Germany with their regions or federal states? The region data has to already exist, because the caches use it.
  15. I think OSM is more interesting too, but I have a problem with the zoom level of the little preview map on the cache page. Previously the Google maps showed the surrounding villages, but now it only mentions the next city which makes it almost useless. I think users should be able to control a setting to adjust the default zoom level. Perhaps this was tested in the US where, I suppose, you've got a city every 50 or 100 km, but living in a small european country, the map now shows almost a third of the entire country and the only labelled city is that of the capital.
  16. I was under the impression that this is the official Groundspeak forum. They should at least be aware of what's going on here.
  17. I bought the PM not because I need the premium functionalities, but because I wanted to support Groundspeak. Now that I'm not having a good geocaching app anymore, I'm not interested in supporting GS that much, because I'll be geocaching less.
  18. I've been caching since 2008. I only did 3 or 4 caches a month, I was too lazy to always either print out the cache data or add it manually into the programs I used on my phone. Than about half a year ago, I found c:geo. Now I could download cache data at home (through WiFi, I don't want to use my limited data plan too much), store every possible cache data on the phone offline (comments, maps in different sizes), onsite use the compass or radar to find the geocache... It was so great and easy, in the first half of this year, I made almost as many caches as the 3 years before. I even bought a premium membership, because I considered myself now a more serious cacher. All because of c:geo. With it gone, I now have to rethink if I'm going to renew my premium membership next year.
  19. One type of a geocaching game is "Cacheball", it's like soccer with a cache instead of a ball. You are permitted to log once and advance the cache to the goal destination. I found one some time ago and it was quite amusing to read the different logs in a commentator style GC2114G (scroll down for english description).
  20. I've always wondered why A.P.E. caches weren't grandfathered? There were only 14 in 2001, now less, but GC still lists that cache type as active.
  21. Kuck heiansdo op deser Säit no: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?country_id=8.
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