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  1. I find this all rather bizarre. Whilst acknowledging that post boxes were used by Irish terrorist groups in the past, (They were always emptied and sealed for Royal Visits) I fail to see how details of there locations would be considered sensitive. I'm sure either the post office or Royal Mail would freely give this information. Although the current terrorist threat from Al Quieda (spelling?) is credible, to date post boxes have hardly been top of their list!!! If they were I'm sure there are much easier ways of locating them then searching through Geocaching.com. This must be a joke. I'd challenge the said authorities. Even the likes of MI5 have a 'charter' to adhere to these days. Obi. PS There is a post box at the end of my road! Ooops The'll be abseiling through my windows any second!!!
  2. So, my idea of a turn-table was closest...... only for horses not trains! Thanks for solving the mystery. I can sleep soundly again. Cheers. Obi.
  3. Anyone solved this yet????? I can't sleep at night wondering!! Obi
  4. I asked my brother-in-law to have a quick look at the photo as he is a former photographic interpreter with the RAF. He only looked at the blown up photo, not the maps or the original. I also didn't point out the airfield close by. He wasn't sure but he said he had seen similar features before that were former railway tuntable sites. However, there is nothing on the OS map that shows any evidence of a disused railway but it remains a possibility. There is a railway a short distance to the west. Will anyone finally solve this mystery? Is it the work of the dark side of the force?? Obi.
  5. One very helpful hint said "Look for the Walkers crisp packet in the tree roots" so essentially using a piece of litter!!! Which, surprise, surpise, was no longer there and in a forest of several square miles!!!!! Perhaps this thread could evolve into tales of useless or bizarre hints!!! Obi
  6. All cache pages contain the additional option of an encrypted hint. But there does seem a great variation in the level of information you get from them. Recently I was struggling to find one or two caches and used the hint only to find they gave me no information of any value and only told me I was in the right general area, which was of no real use. Now in my limited experience I never struggle to find the general area only the exact hiding place. Surely the hint should 'hint' at this. Other caches seem to go the other way and tell you where to look. This for me stops you getting frustrated after travelling miles to find it and takes away the doubt over wether the cache has be plundered. I would be interested to know what other cachers think the 'hint' should be. Cheers. Obi
  7. Thank you for all your kind words. I'm really quite flattered.... If anyone wants to place a cache in Delamere or any other FC land nearby, then drop me an e-mail and I'll pass on the contact details. E-mail is- obi.geocache@dsl.pipex.com Yes, the force is strong in the Forestry Commision Cheers. Obi. PS Keep your eyes peeled for my new cache....coming soon!!!!
  8. As you'll see when you fill in the form to post your cache, you do need permission off the land owner. Therefore, in theory, all geocaches are there with permission. Although it would be a little naive to think everyone is 100% honest on this point. (This has been the subject of previous threads.) As Mancunian Pyrocacher points out, if Geocaching is to have a future, we need to avoid upsetting land owners. A public footpath is purely a 'right-of-way' as pointed out above, not a right to geocache. But don't be disheartened. Just try getting permission. If the cache is worth doing, its worth doing right. Plus its alot more satisfying when you succeed! Regards. Obi.
  9. The way I see it, is you have two points to address. Firstly, the rule regarding commercial interest. Is it serving a commercial interest for National Heritage. i.e. would you have to pay an entrance fee? If its just a point of interest I don't see a problem, assuming it won't interfere with any monument etc. Secondly, if its not on NH land, who's land is it on? Do you have their permission? If you address both these points, I don't see a problem. Best of luck. Obi Wan
  10. Well done! The force is clearly strong in you... You chose a top cache for you one hundreth. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=109025 Not that I'm biased or anything. Best of luck with the next hundred. Obi.
  11. If you want a pucker Geocaching lanyard try http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk/...pe_id=12&page=2 They also sell the official merchandise, and its shown as in stock. Cheers. Obi.
  12. I know there have been previous threads on this but I still have one or two questions. Do they currently have a policy on caching? I have e-mailed the manger at a local forest for permission to place a cache. I have given him a copy of the GAGB guidelines in attempt to reassure him it would be done responsibly. Does anyone have experience with the FC at other locations in the country that may bolster my request. i.e. I could put to him that the 'FC at XYC had given permission with certain provisions etc.' I have also posted this topic on the GAGB forum to spread my wings further... Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers. Obi.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I may try ammo cases in future. Has any one had problems with them due to their military appearance?? Is it easy to remove the writing? Words such as 'Grenade' and 'Ammunition 7.62mm' could cause problems. Could it get mistaken for an 'Arms Cache' (excuse the pun) as happend in reality at Rivington. Or am just being paranoid!!!!!!! Cheers. Obi.
  14. Anyone got any hints or tips for painting plastic boxes? I have tried painting 'Addis' and 'Lock and Lock' boxes with 'plasti-coat' spray paint. It is not proving terribly durable. Has any discovered the secret of painting plastic?????? Cheers. Obi.
  15. Thanks for the assistance. I will attach a little note to the TB to set it the right direction. Probably to 'View From Coombe Hill' first as it's a bit closer. Cheers. Obi.
  16. I have collected a TB today which orginated in Germany. It wants to visit the first cache in every country. It has already visited the first in Wales. Which was the first in England and Scotland for that matter so I can point it the right direction? Incidently the TB's page is http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?ID=35833 Cheers. Obi.
  17. Do lots of Spanish speakers go to the North Pole? Has any one ever made it to N 0, W 0 I think it's somewhere in the Atlantic... I will get out more I promise. Cheers. Obi.
  18. Just A thought for you to mull over. If you were at the North Pole what would your GPSr read? Well latitude should read 90°. I think. But what about longitude? Theoretically, if you went a few feet away from the north pole and ran in a circle you should see every line of longtitude! Something similar should happen at the south pole. I need to get out more.... Anybody tried it? I'll probably lie awake at night thinking about this one Obi.
  19. I noticed in another thread that someone has negotiated with the Forrestry Commision in relation to the placement of caches. Do they have a policy on it or does each cache need permission? Cheers. Obi.
  20. Well that settled that then!! Obi.
  21. We've seen a few stats questions recently about finding cahes but who has hidden the most??? Cheers. Obi.
  22. Thanks for the replies. The other thing I heard, was that if you leave switched on when its not working it decrease accrucay. Is there any truth in this or is just speculation? Otherwise I can just leave it enabled and shout Hurrah! when it starts working. Cheers. Obi.
  23. I don't currently use WAAS mode on my Etrex Legend as I have read that the Euro equivilant of WAAS, (EGNOS), doesn't go live until 2004. Does anybody know when? How much will it improve accuracy? Cheers. Obi.
  24. I recently e-mailed Garmin, asking about the availability of Topo maps for the UK. They replied and said they are currently working with Ordnance Survey on UK Topo maps. Worth looking out for maybe!!! Does anybody know of a similar product, from a third party supplier, that would work with my Garmin Legend? How much? Any good? Cheers. Obi....
  25. I have found a great facility on the Ordnance survey's web site. It allows you to pull up an OS map from a grid reference. So you can get an accurate map of a cache's locality. For example: take Christleton Square Gardens The grid reference on this page is shown as SJ 44827 64977. Log on to Get a Map and enter 'SJ448649' and up will pop your OS map with all the usual tools... Cool eh! Obi Wan.
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