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  1. If anyone already received the coins, please let us know what you think of them (:
  2. Well, with that said. Everyone interested in the Geocoin, please contact Team_CRL_2351 (roberto[at]ipcb.pt) for orders and infos. He's the one handling sales and shipping.
  3. Yeah, that's true! The coins in person are much prettier. For me the black and white its the most beautiful one. And by the way, its a big compliment hear those words from you.
  4. Well the coins are finally made. (At last) So i though of putting here the pictures of them. Hope you enjoy. Right now the coins will only be sold in the Portuguese Geocaching Forums. But i'll save some Geocoins to sell internationally. (If buyers appear). These are the versions. RE - Shiny Gold + Purple and Red (100 geocoins) LE –Shiny Silver + Black and White (50 geocoins) LE – Shiny Gold + Green (50 geocoins) LE – Antique Silver/ Blue (50 geocoins) AE – Two tone Satin Gold Shiny Niquel (16 Geocoins) Best regards, Diogo Sérgio
  5. Hello, Right now the production numbers are decided. But who knows of a future remint. .
  6. First version was made in 2008, then i started the design of the '09 version, but i couldnt start producing the coin at that time. And i didnt wanted to skip a year so this one i'll be relative to '09. And the 2010 will probably come late this year
  7. Hello, Here it's my latest project, the '09 version of the Figueira da Foz Geocoin. It's coming a bit late, but better late than no coin at all. There will be produced 150 coins (100 Normal and 50 Limited version). Not sure about the platings and colors yet, cuz i'm waiting for some samples to choose from. Most of the geocoins will be sold in the Portuguese Foruns of Geocaching. But i'll save some geocoins to sell internacionally here on this forum. I'll announce the time when i'll start a pre-order, once i got the coins myself.. so all of you who might want this coin will be able to try to get one. Note that it will be a small number of coins. I'll post the samples soon and, i hope you like this design. The front of the coin has the city iconic clock tower, that is located on the main beach and some artwork about the sun and nature that shows what turns our city so beautifull. The backside with some inspiration from Arabic art, its about the sea, the nets from the fishermens, the waves and on its center the official symbol of the city. Some info about the subject for this coin. The city of Figueira da Foz. Best regards, Diogo Sérgio
  8. I love to pick golf balls from caches dont know why Maybe because here in my town they aren't that popular, no golf course near. You guys are luck to find baseballs, lol .. i love that ball, but here in portugal you cant find them anywhere... not even in stores. LOL
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