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  1. Yes, I can speak long distance on 2 meter as well, a 12 element cushcraft beam will do that, but the conditions need to be just right. The conditions for talking long distances on 2 meter are not at all reliable, although 6 meter might do it, but again, conditions have to be just right. Well, up to you guys, I am involved in about 5 different nets on about 3 different bands, so whatever you decide, let me know and I'll try to join in.
  2. Well that's inclusive... LOL, I know, it sucks, but 80 meter is the only band with the kind of range needed for a net with as few of us as there are. We can cover a very wide area on 80. 10 meter is dead, 15 is not much better, but again, 15 is general, 20 is not bad, but unreliable, and 40, well, again, unreliable. If we could get hold of a network of repeaters for the net on 2 meter, that would be great, but it has to comprise an awfully big network. Packet might work, but I imagine that not many of us have packet machines up and running. 80 would be the most reliable and far reaching band.
  3. If we were to start a net, I would do it on 80 meter, it is the best for a wide area, as in multistate, if you want to do a local, get permission from a local repeater group and schedule a time and post it. But for Geocaching, I would probably go with the 80 meter route, since there are NOT that many of us that do both, so the wider the area you can cover the better. Only problem is that generals and above have access to 80 meter.
  4. Ya all need to get on the Country cousins net on 80 meter, 3.970 LSB at 7:00 PDT, and check in!! Those of you who are General and above that is. 73's N7MER
  5. No surprise there, I have been waiting for it for a LONG time. Morse code is a band hog, it is less efficient then other forms of Ham communications, and it is no longer used by military or any other organization besides Ham Radio. It will be sad to see it go, but at the same time, it is more of an art then a technology anymore. The oldtimers will still do it, so it will be a while before it dies out completely, BUT, at the same time, I think 5 words a minute keeps the CBer types out, and the ones that are serious in. We'll see how it goes, since Ham Radio operators pretty much enforce ourselves, we will hopefully become more efficient at it, and make sure that our hobby does not become the Free for all that CB has become in the last 3 decades.
  6. I have bought 2 Ipaq 3835 for less then $150 on Ebay. They both work excellent, and the one I use has ALL my GPS stuff on it. I use it to track myself via streets & Trips, and have a number of other programs for Geocaching. The Ipaq is also one of the most expandable PDA's, it has literally hundreds of different accessories, main ones being sleeves for different cards, cables to interface with other devices, etc, etc ad nauseum. You can add memory, wireless, GPS's, even a PCMCIA hard drive, there's even a digital camera attachment that turns into a pretty decent digital camera.
  7. I have just the little yellow Etrex, and it works excellent. I have seen them brand new for $89, and on Ebay for less then $50. If you are new to geocaching, then this unit would be a good way to spend a little money to see if you're really into it. I hook it up to both my home computer, to load waypoints, and hook it to my PDA for on the go mapping etc. Great little unit, at a GREAT price.
  8. I am general and working on my extra.. Richard N7MER Been a ham since 1987.
  9. BAH!!! Buy a K-40 11 meter antenna and cut that puppy down..... A CB antenna will VERY easily tune to 10 meter, and it is MUCH less expensive.. I have an old CB 1/2 wave vertical that I use for 10 meter, and it tunes 1.2 to one in the middle of the voice band. The cycle for 10 s down BIG time, just as it is for most other bands. Get a CB mobile antenna, tune it down, and you should be set for 10 meter FM... Then again, I build most of my antennas, dipoles, yagis, mobiles etc. If you want more info, let me know, if you're sold on buying an antenna, then buy an old 11 meter(CB) and tune it down, easy stuff, REALLY easy...
  10. Well, ALL the bands SUCKED BIG time, but field day was still an absolute ball!! Just as it always is... I have been doing field day for over 20 years, and it never ceases to amaze me. Watching 20 people put up 4 towers, ranging from 30-40 feet, along with enough antennas to run 7 stations, we are a 6A plus the GOTA(Get on the air) in under 6 hours, is just an amazing sight. There were problems, such as antennas falling apart in the air, because the elements had not been tightened, and a generator failing, but for the 24 hours of field day, ALL stations were on the air, or could have been on the air for 23 hours and 56 minutes. 4 minutes to change over to the backup generator. Field day, as usual, reminds us what a little bit of teamwork can accomplish, and gives us hams the confidence to know that we are indeed READY, willing, and ABLE for any emergency situation. By the time field day was over, we were all very disapointed with the band conditions, but were VERY proud of our accomlishments. BTW, the only reason that there were only 20 setting up, was because not all of us were able to get Friday off, but by Friday night, we had over 50 hams and their families at our field day. IT WAS GREAT!!! LOL Hope yours was great too...
  11. It is that time of year again, so how many of you are going to participate in this years Field day. I will be at Ft Flagler state park in Washington State, not only that, I have all the Geocaches within 5 miles!! And I am gonna do my best to find them in my NOT so copious free time. I am in charge of the 15 meter station, so if any of you hear K7LED on the air, give us a holler, tell them that you know Richard from the Geocache forums!! CQ field Day!!!
  12. Meravella

    Etrex Software

    I bought mine here It also included the adapter for my IPAQ, so it was a little bit more, Look around his store, he's got all the stuff you need to interface your Garmin with anything else, and it is excellent quality, and he shipped fast!!
  13. G7toCE can upload waypoints from PDA to GPS through a serial connection. I run Pocket PC 2003, therefore that CE program does not work on my PDA, but thank you.... Pocket PC 2003 is just an implementation of Windows CE. On the G7toCE page, you'll find a version of G7toCE specifically compiled for Pocket PC 2003. See at http://www.gpsinformation.org/ronh/ You're welcome THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
  14. G7toCE can upload waypoints from PDA to GPS through a serial connection. I run Pocket PC 2003, therefore that CE program does not work on my PDA, but thank you....
  15. Cool, now make it so that it will download the Coordinates from a PDA to my GPS unit, and I will be a happy camper. There are NO programs out there that will do that, but, in the meantime, I will play guinea pig and let you know how it works. Check my E-mail to you for the errors that I got when I tried to run the beta....
  16. We have the Yellow Etrex as well, and it is GREAT little unit, I grabbed a cable off of E-bay for $11, and it even had my PDA connector on it. GSAK downloads the Coordinates, so much easier then doing it manually, now if there were only a PDA program that would download the waypoints into it, I would be a happy camper.
  17. I'd love to come and get involved, I live in Gig Harbor, BUT, I will be spending that time getting ready for Ham radio Field day at Fort Flagler that next weekend, and since I am a band chair, I have LOTS of preparations to make. But have fun!!
  18. Is there NO program out there where I can take a >loc or a GPX file and take the coordinates and upload them to my GPS from a Pocket PC? I used GSAK on my PC and uploaded the waypoints to my Etrex GPS unit, is there NO program for the Pocket PC capable of doing this? I have a cable that will power both, as well as transfer info to and from both, and it also is capable of doing PC downloads as well, so I am set with cable interfaces etc, but I NEED a software package capable of taking the GPX and LOC files, and DL'ing the coordinates to my GPS from the PDA. Come on, there has to be something out there.... I don't want to load up my GPS with a 500 waypoints, I want to upload them as we go to them... Please, somebody, anybody!!!
  19. My handi will monitor those frequencies, but it will not transmit on them. So I listen to what the rangers are doing, and it gets really strange looks from rangers as well, when they hear their traffic from my campsite...LOL
  20. I am a ham in Gig Harbor, and the repeaters are EVERYWHERE out here. Get the ARRL repeater directory, and you can pretty much find a repeater anywhere in the country. I have had my ticket since 1987, and haven't looked back since. VERY active in it, and whenever I go camping or go out hiking etc, i ALWAYS take my handheld, ALWAYS... LOL I also take my cellphone, but that's a whole other story.... Good luck, and I hope you get your ticket anyway, because it is a GREAT hobby...
  21. I have a Basic Garmin E-trex, and I want to be able to download the GPX files into my PDA and then download the coordinates into my GPS. I don't need a map, I don't need any of that fancy stuff. I just need a program that will take the GPX files from Geocaching.com. grab the coordinates and download them to my Garmin E-trex waypoints file, so that when I see one that I want to go find, at the spur of the moment, I can download it via the cable from my PDA to the Etrex GPS. Thanks!!!
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