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  1. markandsandy,


    I'm only for one small privacy change because everything else has already been addressed by saying "Don't fill it out" so so when you quoted my saying "Put me down in the anti list." a naturally believed you where talking about what I am for. I will also add you have stilled failed to address what I was talking about.

    I never quoted you saying "put me down in the anti list". That was my statement, not a quote. It was in response to a statement you made about "this topic", which I assumed was the topic of this thread.


    ... as I have stated in posts after the ones you decided either to ignore or not to even read "I'm a suspicious person"

    Your being a suspicious person is your problem to deal with, not mine.

    And a question does NOT equal an assumption until it goes unanswered. Care to answer?

    The assumption was implicit in the phrasing of the question. If you want the answer, its right there in my profile, not hidden, where you can get it without the drama.


    The anties have done a good job at pointing out why it it unnecessary to make the whole profile private but the only viable argument against hiding counts so far only involve GS and all the other bugs.



    Unfortunately I have allowed myself and others to steer away from getting a good reason as to why stats should not be hidden.


    Can I get 1 convincing reason as to why a user should not be given the choice to hide their stats that does not invoke the all mighty name of Groundspeak.

    I have yet to see a convincing reason to hide them.


    I also can't say what you do or do not know about the trend in posts all I can say is that every time I see this topic come up I see new pro-ers speaking up and the and the anti-ers are the same people.


    Put me down in the anti list.


    There, that adds a new anti voice speaking up, not one of your 'same people'.

    'bout time a new one showed up :laughing: but why are you against? I mean, to say you are for or against anything without giving reason...

    I'm gonna go out on a limb without making a click to verify for myself and just ask :( "You have less than 500 finds to go along with your new chiming in, don't you?" :(



    added missing r


    The reasons that I didn't give any details were:

    1. I was short of time

    2. The other "anti's" were doing a good job already.


    The reason I chose to chime in was to show that although the trend you saw was only the same people posted anti this, that there were others of us around.


    I'm loath to point this out but I also notice that the anti crowd also have nice stats that protect them from garbage accusations.


    Yet you assume that I have less than 500 finds. :D

    Early this morning it occurred to me .. dunno why .. but think for a moment how much more angst-free geocaching - and especially these fora - could be if members could choose to toggle or set their own geocaching profiles to 'private', so only they could access them.




    Very little of the angst that I've seen on the forums has anything to do with anything that would be hidden by making a profile private. Angst-ridden people are always going to find something.

    I'm with sbell on this one. There just aren't a whole lot of people ridiculing posters with low find or post counts. When it does happen they are called on it.


    Some people DO suggest that new cachers get a few under their belt before attempting a hide, but that's not the same as someone saying "You have only found 184 caches. I have found a gazillion more caches than you so your opinion on <insert topic here> is worthless and stupid." There's no need to hide stats or profiles IMHO.


    Well put.


    As others have stated, the profiles help provide a sense of community in geocaching. If people start hiding their profiles, the angst-ridden will start wondering "what are they trying to hide?". Cachers can already decide how much personal information to share on their profile, and there are other ways to get their hide/find counts (unless all of these are locked down as well). For those who try to look important by using number of hides as a measure of self-worth, if hide counts are hidden, the number of forum posts and/or 'member since' dates will replace those numbers.


    As far as the argument that 'other sites allow hiding profiles', this is not a site where a lot of real personal information is expected in your profile. Cachers names aren't even typically included. If you look at our profile, you can see what city we live in, but if you try to find a couple named Mark and Sandy in this town, you won't find us.


    In summary, and without specifically addressing every argument for or against in this thread, I have yet to see anything that convinces me that there is any real benefit to being able to hide profiles, and more benefits from leaving it as is.


    I also can't say what you do or do not know about the trend in posts all I can say is that every time I see this topic come up I see new pro-ers speaking up and the and the anti-ers are the same people.


    Put me down in the anti list.


    There, that adds a new anti voice speaking up, not one of your 'same people'.

  4. I have e-mailed another cacher in Portland and I was told that the Tunnel where the APE cache was did not open til junes last year so I am throwing out another date to see who can make it.


    New dates June 22nd to 29th I am flexible on these dates but sometime around end of June.


    I hate to bring you bad news, but you are probably going to have to take the alternate route to the APE cache instead of the tunnel. The tunnels are closed indefinitely until funding for repairs is found.


    See this thread in the Northwest forum


    John Wayne Trail Tunnels Closed Indefinitely

  5. Not sure what people in the US normally would answer. In my country you would possibly be named forum troll... ;-)


    Because I don't agree with you I'm a troll? :P


    Who cares if there is a vkind of view that doesn't look good on a laptop if there are some that do look good!? I only can tell you that at the moment it definitely doesn't look good on MY screen... I simply wanted to be able to make good use of the screen size.

    Who cares if doesn't look good? I imagine all the people that don't have 30" monitor would care because the site would be unusable. On yours, it may not fill up the full screen, but you can still use it.


    If you want the map to be bigger, you can always adjust your resolution down. On a smaller screen, there may not be an option to adjust the resolution up as high as 2560x1600.


    I'm guessing the majority of users don't use 30" monitors.

    I think he wants it as an OPTIONAL size.

  6. For at least two days, I have been unable to get to the Microsoft Mappoint maps from a cache page. I'm using IE7 and Firefox 3.0.4 , Win XP SP2. I've seen this on three computers and two networks.


    The page first loads while and stays that way for a lonnnggg time, then eventually goes to the blue page with the menu on top, and those links work, but I never get the map (which, gasp! also means no Birdseye Views!!!)


    I can't be the only one seeing this behavior, am I?

    Same problem here, with IE6 & XP SP2

  7. Crazy Monkey Tripod


    Not going to do it!


    Wow !!! :D


    Hmmmm... what ever happened to dads climbing belt? It was made (literally) for climbing towers like this.


    Was your dad a Radio Tech? Mine is a radio tech for the US Forest Service.

    From the late 40's thru the mid 60's, dad owned a TV & Radio Sales & Repair business (in those days, you actually repaired them) up in Lynden. The belt was for climbing TV towers that he erected for people.

  8. One thing that I regularly do is go to caches that just are not good hides and aren't in nice areas... I'd much prefer to go to good ones - particularly when away from home! Also quite a few people ask about good caches in "this or that" area.


    One possibility to make it easier for this is to have cache ratings when someone lists it as found. I'd expect a 1-5 star rating would work, and it means that the good hides would get recognition.


    Anyone interested?

    It's only been 3 weeks. This subject is supposed to only get posted every 4 weeks. Please check the schedule next time!


    Cache Ratings - every 4 weeks

    Who's Watching My Cache - every 3 weeks

    Micros Should Be A Cache Type - every 6 weeks

    Bring Back Virtual Caches - every 2 weeks

    I Want The Whole World In A Pocket Query - every 8 weeks


    What's the point of scheduling subjects that get posted over and over again, if we're not going to stick to it?

    You forgot:


    How do I change my user name - every 0.7 weeks

    Night caches should be thier own type - every 4 weeks

  9. What a bunch of whiners. :D


    Why is it this has to have a negative connnotation?


    It is neither begging nor shameful. It's a simple link to help someone else say "Hey Thanks!"


    The link is merely an electronic version of the gift card.


    Ignore it and it'll become just as invisible to you as the link to the Disclaimer for the Terms and Conditions is to you on each and every cache page you read.

    I agree completely.


    I'm surprised I haven't seen a certain picture of a horse show up in this thread yet. :D


    I have downloaded some data from a gov web site in the following format. How can I convert the coordinates to somthing usable


    0774511W, 400305N, Berger Trail, 1169291 Trail Franklin PA Fannettsburg 585 1919 - 2-Aug-79

    It's in degrees, minutes, seconds format.


    Just split it like I show below.


    0774511W, 400305N

    077 45 11W, 40 03 05N

    077 degrees 74 minutes 11 seconds West, 40 degrees 03 minutes 05 seconds North


    Hopefully the website gives info on what datum is used.

  11. With no hamsters available, and the import of hamsters to Hawaii illegal, you'll have to make do with what is locally available.


    I do think that if you go with mongoose caching, you really ought to identify it as such. Don't call it hamstercaching. You have so many vacationing visitors, they're apt to be surprised/disappointed by a mongoose in a cache, if they were expecting a hamster. On the other hand, identifying mongoose as the unique local flavor of hamstercaching would add charm and ambiance to the experience, I'm sure.

    With the current state of our educational system, I suspect a lot of them wouldn't know the difference. :laughing:

  12. danger.jpg

    Never poke at a padmount transformer (green boxes on boulevards). It doesn't say no geocaching so I guess placing a geocache on one is fine. :wub:

    I think that's just because they don't want you to poke a hole in the side and let the electricity drain out all over your shoes. That stuff is pretty hard to clean up too.



    Well, I'm told that if you use a good wet mop, it comes right up! :o









    I see that you have some experience with this. But that isn't electricity draining out it is PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyl) which at one time was commonly used a coolant in transformers but due to the high health and environmental hazards it's production was banned years ago.
    Dude, neither one of us thought it was actually electricity draining out. We were joking. Didn't you see the laughing and smiling emoticons?
    I though I WAS playing, now your the one taking it serious just because I didn't include a :laughing: in my post. Sorry.
    Just be careful, because what we're really talking about here is Dihydrogen Monoxide, a compound that has caused more death and destruction than... :o well, just about anything else! When Dihydrogen monoxide and electricity come in contact, the results can be dangerously unpredictable!


    :DBeware! :D






    So that's what happened; someone poked a hole in a padmount transformer! I couldn't get home for two days last week because of record levels of Dihydrogen Monoxide in the rivers around here.

  13. Let me second the notion that you've probably moved the waypoint while on the map screen. When my husband and I first started caching with 2 different receivers we would sometimes end up in different places; I would be near the cache, and he would somewhere else. ;-) Both units loaded from the same point file via GSAK.


    I learned here in the forums that it was likely his ability to shift that waypoint on while on the map screen that was causing him to wander...

    Since you seconded this notion, I'll third it. Been there, done that.

  14. ...Can you cite a reference for me? I'm willing to be educated.


    One of the 800+ podcasts called Buzz Out Loud referenced it. The issue of copyright protection of music, DRM, the DMCA, RIAA, MPAA, and Fair Use, come up quite a bit. One one episode they covered mix cd's (or tapes) being decided in a court case. I find them to be accurate in general, and also more than happy to follow up when they are wrong. Their audience includes enough experts to give insight when they are off.

    I will check it out.

  15. I'd like to post some pictures, but the cameras are at home in Carnation, and we stayed in a hotel last night. You can't get there from here. I'm not optimistic about getting home tonight.


    The Snoqualmie & Tolt rivers are setting new records. In 25 years living in Carnation, I've never seen the Tolt cross Hwy 203.


    Our house should be OK, it's in mid-town. It's all a matter of access.


    I hardly think that something on the scale of a single cache will bring down the wrath of the copyright gods. I doubt that the SWAT team will dive out of the bushes to arrest anyone that takes a cd from the cache. Provided the cache is not on private property then the container and all contents are technically considered abandoned property and no agency will take the trouble to try to establish a chain of custody on items considered abandoned, that are constantly changing hands.


    That is why I don't consider it a bad idea.


    - Rev Mike


    So it's OK to do something illegal if you probably won't get caught? :unsure:


    He's right to endorse fair use as defined by the courts. Meaning it's legal. Besides, the law doesn't always follow what's right. Our founding fathers proved that, and a few other societies along the way. Also just becaues someone has a different OPINION on the law and fair use doesn't invalitate the competing opinion. For every legal argument you can find attorneys who study the law on both sides. A lot of our judicial system is dedicated to determing which side is 'right'. In the case of mix CD's. That side is fair use because it's alreayd been to court. Not they can't argue that point, instead it's an argument of when it stops being a few friends.


    Can you cite a reference for me? I'm willing to be educated.

  17. From a moral standpoint I don't see how this is any different than if I were to go on a caching trip and made a couple of mix cds for the trip. Am I a bad person if I leave them in the driver's car since I already have the real cds and don't need them?

    - Rev Mike

    To answer your question, are you a bad person for doing it? I don't think that makes you a bad person, but leaving them in the drivers car after the trip would be a violation of the copyright law. You may make mix CDs of music you own for your own personal use, but giving those away is a violation.



    But the entire point of my prevoius post was to get the OP to ask his reviewer if it was OK to do what he had planned since that matters more than any opinions given here.


    - Rev Mike

    But the OP asked for opinions, and copyright laws matter more than the opinion of a reviewer.

  18. Wow, is it all you can to to twist things out of perspective?


    GC would STILL make money without these items, these just pad the pocket even more.

    Still waiting to hear where you got your previously mention figures from....

    Do you dispute them? The only way you could is if you know another number, so if you dispute it, offer up your number.


    They are accurate, I got the number accurately, and it hasn't been seriously disputed.


    It's not necessarily a question of disputing the number, but of accepting a number from a source that has not establlished any credibility on the subject. Why should we believe your number, just based on your saying that it is accurate?

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