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  1. Thanks for posting these! I've been using the text format so I can adjust the appearance of the trails in Street Atlas to my liking. And also thanks to all involved in the Northwest Trails Project. These maps are priceless. Edited for spelling.
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    On your profile page, right side, under 'Premium Features' there is a link to 'Set up Notifications'. That's what you are looking for.
  3. I'd just log it as FIBAE instead of FTF Found It Before Anyone Else
  4. Sioneva, you are so TRULY EVIL that it is despicable, despicable, I tell you! You are so evil that you probably have a PhD in horribleness! Sioneva: Thank you for doing the needful. You beat me to it, It's almost as if... Oh never mind.
  5. Not a new idea, they are out there. Just block the hole where the bird would normally enter, then you don't have the poblem of birds trying to nest in it. This also makes it obvious to the finder that they aren't messing with a real birdhouse.
  6. The shepherd would probably have appreciated the help. His dogs laid down by the side of the road and watched him go after the strays,
  7. Did someone say SHEEP?
  8. We would log those as DNFs. You can put the details about how hard you did or didn't look in your log so it doesn't mislead the cache owner. We've logged all our DNFs, and the challenge now is to go back and find them. Have fun!
  9. Sorry Nate, but IE7 has the same issue.
  10. I have seen this as well with the new print format. It seems to be when certain combinations of hiding sections and/or decrypting the hints is done. For example, I just tried one page, and if I select the No Logs option, then hide the images in the long description and decrypt the hint, the header information disappears, but if I also hide the short description, or don't decrypt the hint, or don't hide the images, the header information is there. When the header doesn't print, it also doesn't show in print preview. I do have the shrink-to-fit option selected. Just tried something else: While in print preview, if I change from shrink-to-fit to 100%, the header appears. No guarantee that the combinations that work for me will work for you, so I would just try changing things one at a time to see what works.
  11. Have no fear. This is not obvious like you might think. When I got my GPS I read the manual cover to cover, but had no clue how to enter a waypoint. Mark my location yes, but enter a waypoint somewhere else? I was figured out how to download waypoints from the computer long before realizing that how you enter waypoints was to mark your location and THEN edit that to what I needed. Why didn't they just say so in the manual? Sheesh. I would agree if it was not pointed out on page 7 of the users manual. Jim You read all the way to page 7? Show-off
  12. You can't delete an account, but you can change your username.
  13. The rumor is that they are changing the policy to allow you to burn the hider of lame urban micos, instead of the micros themselves. There will be very strict guidelines (not rules) for how this will be done.
  14. What people don't seem to realize is that pressing the Add to queue button justs adds your request to the queue. The button does not grey out, and the Last generated date and time will not change until the PQ is actually generated, and won't usually be visible until you refresh the page. So, as others have said, press once and be patient.
  15. Our daughter had that problem. We looked around the area a week later and found it in the Home Depot lot next door. It had been stolen, and some items removed from it, then dropped back off. The police had been unable to find it.
  16. I wish there was an occult hand that would reached down from above and log DNFs for the people who aren't honest enough to do it themselves.
  17. nevermind, i figured it out. Glad you figured it out. While I figured that one quickly, there's a lot of them that I haven't got a clue on. Unfortunately, someone beat you to the FTF, but I'm looking forward to seeing you log your find.
  18. I haven't asked for one yet. Figured someone on here has seen something similar before. It's usually considered bad form to ask for help on puzzles, without asking the cache owner first. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to drive 1200+ miles to be FTF on this cache, 'cause I solved it.
  19. I have the Vista HCX + Mapsource Topo and have been very happy with it. Or I could make you a really good deal and sell you my old blue legend for $250
  20. I have the HP Mini 1000 with the atom processor, 10.1" screen. Runs mapsource just fine. I use it in the truck running Street Atlas for navigation and it works great.
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