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  1. Do bowling balls ruin the fun? It depends on your definition of fun, and what you are doing with the bowling ball. If I drop it on my toes, then to me it ruins the fun. If I roll it down the lane and try to hit the pins, then it doesn't ruin the fun. You, however, might like showing off your steel-toed boots, so dropping the bowling ball on your toes may be fun to you. Same is true of the maps. Just use them in a way that doesn't ruin the fun for you.
  2. Instead of trying to debate my comment so seriously, just look up. You see that thing waaaay up there sailing above your head? That was my joke. Since I didn't see a smiley on this post, I wasn't sure if you were serious or not. If I had taken the time to look back at your previous posts on this thread, I would have known better. - My Bad However, I've seen similar comments on other threads, so my analysis still stands. Just imagine how long it would be if we enlisted dogs!!! - Elle Dogs would do it more quickly.
  3. That's over 600,000 forms to be verified each year. Assuming 5 minutes per form to call and verify the permission that's 50000 hours of labor for the volunteer reviewers. Since thay all have lives outside of geocaching, assume 4 hours per day to devote to this task, that's 34 man-years to accomplish this. Not to mention most of the verifying would have to be done during business hours, so they would have to shift their normal work hours to accomodate. Doesn't sound so easy to me, especially for the small percentage of caches that make a small percentage of cachers uneasy. If it makes you uneasy, don't go there.
  4. I'm going to put a card reader on mine, have the finder swipe their ATM card, and email me their PIN. Once I have emptied their bank account verify they match, I'll let them log online.
  5. I put caches here because these places are sacred. It brings people to them who wouldn't normally stop. You look at gravemarkers, you see what people have left for those that they love, you might even recognise names. You'll see markers for people who loved football, who were firefighters, who fought in wars, who were Mayflower descendents, who loved God, who loved life. You'll see children who were taken too soon... some were here a day, some five years, some more... but all left too soon. Would you have ever taken the time out of your day to stop and see these things if it weren't for someone sticking tupperware in the bushes? The first cemetery cache I found was placed by a man who created a memorial to his daughter. Every cacher that visited was doing so, whether it was their intention or not, in honor of the life of someone who was the center of this man's world. These are sacred places. Obey the rules posted on the property. Do not step on graves. Do not deface markers. You can even pray if that's your personal inclination. But remember to sign the log and rehide it like you found it. - Elle Amen
  6. Good luck guys! May the beer never evaporate. Beer can evaporate?
  7. And in music forums it would be chords.
  8. Any of the map programs people have mentioned will work stand-alone. Being able to work with the GPS is just a bonus.
  9. ...I probably don't need to stress how important it is to know the topography of areas you're searching in ... ... I still take my laptop if I were on any trip of more that a single day. Topo maps on your GPS are equally important if you're doing woodlands/off road geocaching. Also consider an inexpensive portable printer. Have fun Master Dirt makes some good points here about knowing the topography. I've also got topo maps on the laptop and GPSr. We also have an inexpensive printer we take along on longer trips. It's not designated as a 'portable' printer, it's just cheap and relatively small. The truck's got a 400 watt power inverter, so I can power everything in the field. And if you are doing woodlands/off road geocaching, watch out for sheep (see logs for GC1EPK8 )
  10. I have also used the DeLorme Street Atlas on a laptop with my Garmin GPS60. It should work with any GPS reciever, as long as it can be configured properly. The nice thing is that Street Atlas will takein GPX files directly. There is no need to go through something like GSAK. True, you don't need GSAK. In this case I use it to filter which caches I put onto the map. And I have tried Street Atlas with other GPS units and it does work fine - you can use your handheld. The advantage I find with the LT-40 is I can leave it in the truck connected to the laptop while I am using the handheld.
  11. I use the Delorme Street Atlas with the bundled LT-40 GPS receiver on my laptop. The whole package is $69.95. I export the caches from GSAK them import them into Street Atlas. Great for seeing what caches are nearby, and getting to the vicinity. Then I switch to my handheld GPSr for the actual search.
  12. I think I saw the bisons and log books in one of these stores in the last two weeks. Can't remember which store, as I tend to bounce between both.
  13. First hunt: 5/17/2008 First Find: 5/18/2008 First 2 months: 71 finds 100th find: 8/17/2008 - Three months after first hunt
  14. Finally got the logging done. A couple of milestones for us. Find #100 at Charlie Brown, First FTF on A Growing Monument, and more sheep than we imagined we'd see . Got home and had some trouble starting the truck today, shook the last life out of one of the batteries on those roads . It was overdue for replacing. Stopped at Sears tonight, new DieHard and we're ready to go again . Thanks again for letting us join you. Arnie & Karen (markandsandy)
  15. 2000 F250 Diesel with 88 gallon fuel capacity. There are currently 98385 caches within roundtrip range of one fill-up. But it's a painfull fill-up
  16. We second that thanks to the Navigatorz. Had a great time. Made it home at 9:45 last night, so didn't get things logged yet. Thanks for letting a couple of wet-siders join the fun. Arnie & Karen (markandsandy)
  17. 82 at 11:45 this morning at BeeHive Mountain Lookout (4550 ft)
  18. If I want to communicate back and forth with a CO about a cache, I'll just email them. If I'm watching a cache, it's usually because I'm curious about what other cacher's have to say about the cache, not the CO.
  19. That's a good one! Yup -- That's a keeper! Fully sprayworthy. & thank providence I wasn't drinking anything at the time! ~* Actually, the topic is 'Fake Logging', not 'Fake Logs', so it would be the cutting of imaginary trees.
  20. Thanks This post needs to be closed please see the other one(same title) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=201316 ...sorry!!! But this is the fun thread , the other has been repeated often on these forums. As far as Hides vs Finds, I think we need both. Without Hides, what would we Find? Without Finds, what would the sense be in Hiding?
  21. It's amazing that every time someone complains about being denied, they highlight the "arbitrary", "guideline" and "reduce confusion" parts of the guidelines, but NEVER the "ultimate goal is to reduce the number of caches hidden in a particular area" part. P.S. I agree with Vinny
  22. Perhaps you can take pride in the fact that you are probably the first person who was big enough to admit that they didn't find that cache. That's being honest, it's not being humiliated. I'm proud of our 3 FTDNF's One has only had 4 finds, and the last of those was last November - could be gone, could be we just missed it. One had 56 finds, then a string of 6 DNF's, ours being first. If nobody logged the FTDNF, the owners might not have checked and found that it is missing. One had 114 finds, then our FTDNF, then 7 more finds. Most say it is easy, some that it was harder than they expected, but they found it. I don't feel humiliated. Maybe we'll find it next time we're in that area; If not, we may be STDNF (Second To DNF) .
  23. We'll take five of each. I'm in Carnation, and am through Issaquah/Sammamish area all the time so can pick them up. email me to make arrangements.
  24. In that case, I would recommend caches near Beehive Reservoir (N 47° 19.539 W 120° 24.007). Not too far out of town (10 miles by road) and there are 25 to 30 caches to find within 4 miles of the lake. Lots of great scenery and good caches. Looks great on the map. Thanks for the recommendation.
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