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  1. Did you ask the reviewer for any additional information, such as what it was about this cache that violated Federal Law? Have you actually tested Groundspeaks flexibility? From those guidelines: Finally, if you believe that the reviewer has acted inappropriately, you may send an e-mail with complete details, waypoint name (GC****) and a link to the cache, to Groundspeak’s special address for this purpose: appeals@geocaching.com.
  2. I could either A ) spend another $11 just to get back to the same area (which might be for at least a week or two) to find the cache another time, or B ) call a friend that I know had previously found the cache for a hint and spend the $11 in gas to go to a different area where I might find 7-8 caches instead of 1. or C ) Log the DNF and spend the $11 in gas to go to a different area where you might find 7-8 caches instead of 1. Nobody says you have to go back and find it.
  3. Are these caches intended to be found by the general geocaching public, or only those involved in the reading program? If only for those in the program, it would probably be best to just print out your own cache sheets, instead of publishing them on the site. This is often done for events, where the caches are only there for the duration, or are available to the participants before they are published for the general public.
  4. We feel you should leave as good as you take. TB, coin or whatever. TBs are made for the purpose of trading and to follow through its paces. Our thought is you leave as good as you take or at least that is how we play the game..... could be wrong, just our thought. Travel Bugs are NOT made for the purpose of trading! TB stands for TRAVEL Bug, not Trading bug. If you impose the restriction that you must trade a bug for a bug, many people will not move a bug along because they do not have one to trade for it. This restricts the TRAVEL of the bug, and is contrary to its intent. See HOW TO LOG A TRAVELBUG OR GEOCOIN pinned at the top of this forum.
  5. Thanks BlueDeuce, just one last question though - under what circumstances would one want to grab a TB when it is listed as being held by another cacher? If the other cacher fails to log that they have placed the TB into the cache that you found it in, you would need to Grab it before you could log that you Placed it into a cache. However (there's always a However), you should allow the other cacher time to log it before you Grab it.
  6. I look more for what I will find OUTSIDE the cache than in it. Take me to a place that is worthwhile, and it doesn't matter what is IN the cache. This doesn't have to involve difficult terrain. If there is something worthwhile to trade, that is a bonus. Keep looking, soon you while start to develop a sense of what kinds of hides you like, and be able to tell those from the cache pages in many cases. From one of your own logs "It was the excitement to find it."
  7. This. Right. The top of THIS thread.
  8. That would explain why they are not listed in the Release Notes in the top of the thread.
  9. What? They should actually search the forums and FAQ's first? It's not like this is the fourth time this question has been asked in this forum this month. (OK, It IS the fourth time this question has been asked in this forum so far this month.) How rude!
  10. wow thanks so much i have been looking for this cache for a couple of weeks now. If you haven't found it after weeks of looking, I think it is time to post your DNF and move on.
  11. You can try various changes without using any of your 5 PQ's for the day. 1. Don't select a day to run when you create the query. 2. Make any changes you want to try. 3. Click the 'Submit Information' button. 4. When the page refreshes, there will be a link at the top to 'preview results'. click this link will show you the results of the query. 5. If the results aren't what you expect, make some changes and try again. You can keep trying as many times as it takes without burning your queries for the day. I always preview when creating a PQ before I set a day for it to run.
  12. If it's OK to complain about hiding micros in an area where a full sized cache could have been placed, shouldn't it also be OK to complain about hiding full sized caches where a micro could have been placed?
  13. What I have seen done is leave the original owners name in the owners field, followed by '(adopted by newname)' For example, if the original owner is zzzzz, you would list it as zzzzz (adopted by stoholmerne) Your other example of inserting your name, then crediting the original owner in the text would be fine as well.
  14. That would be true if you were able to get the same mileage for driving to several caches adding up to 92 miles as you could for simply driving 92 miles down the road. Further, you would not be able to find 5534 caches in that 92 miles. For me, I also have to toss in my wife's enjoyment, since she would like to see a movie, but does not enjoy caching. Therefore, gas prices have greatly affected my willingness to spend a day caching. I didn't mean to imply that I could drive a total of 92 miles and find all 5534 caches. I wouldn't even try to find them all in one trip. But with that density, there are many areas where I can spend less money on fuel than I would spend on a movie, and enjoy a full day of caching. And as Zop pointed out, this doesn't include drinks or popcorn, or in my case the 26 mile round trip to the movie. Fortunately, my wife enjoys geocaching as much as I do. So, no, gas prices have not affected my geocaching. If anything, the price of movie tickets and popcorn has.
  15. Ethical? Yes. Would I run it on my PC? No. Even though I might trust you, what's to prevent someone else from replacing your software with something that is malicious? Too risky.
  16. So it's an extra note - that the hider has to fill out - and the reviewer has to read - that has no impact on the approval of the cache? Did I get that right? Sounds totally useless.
  17. Why is it a bad thing? Do you really think we all would answer the questions that KoosKoos asked in the rest of his post the same way? And who makes the subjective choice that a specific listing is good enough? Not me. A lot of people complain that the guidelines are too vague now. If this was added...
  18. Compare to the price of 2 movie tickets: Tickets $9.50 x 2 = $19 $19 / $4.099/gallon (diesel) = 4.6 gallons 4.6 gallons * 20MPG = 92 miles (round trip) or 46 mile radius Caches within 46 mile radius of home: 5534 Sounds like a pretty reasonable entertainment value to me.
  19. 7.8 miles for 200 caches. 8.3 miles for 200 unfound caches
  20. The Leprechauns pretty much sum up how we do it as well. Eight queries covers a 30 mile radius from home, which is where we do most of our caching. Two per day. Oldest is run on Monday, newest on Thursday. That leaves room for any out-of-area queries on any day, and all of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday queries for last minute plans. Everything goes into GSAK and the PDA, and I use GSAKs filters to select what specific area gets loaded into the GPS's.
  21. I would have to disagree. I think Skippermarks observations were most profound!
  22. I was thinking the same thing. Actually, thus just happened to our neighbors a couple weeks ago! I say you better cut it or your wife will get all mad and say <insert nagging wife voice> "you spend all your time caching, not taking care of things around the house!" and then she'll not want you to go caching anymore. My wife is out there caching with me. We both are not taking care of things around the house. 1. I never do. Develops a deeper root system that way and requires less water to survive. 2. Around Seattle? Get real! 3. What's fertilizer? 4. Because of 1 & 2, they stay greener than most of the lawns in the area I really should mow it more often.
  23. Interesting idea, but I have one problem. I only get to the Kenai area once every... well, only once, and that was 26 years ago... I'm going to have to make two trips for each of your caches. OK, maybe I won't be getting the smilies or the prizes. Have fun with it.
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