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  1. Never underestimate the disgusting habits of the ignorant.... If it was a cacher you may end up with problems like this again. If it was a nearby muggle and you don't move it very far, once again you'd be tempting fate. Since the original container was replaced it would appear whomever did it, had time to pull off the switch. How well was it hidden and how remote is the cemetary? Someone had to discover it and if hidden at all would of been during daylight. And doubt the switch was done during the day as preparing the replacement would of been a little odd to observe, so there was some planning in this. Doesn't appear to be a random spur of the moment thing. You might have a local GC prankster so keep in touch with other local cachers and see if they get hit, too.


    GC is not immune to the dirty side of humantiy.


    Hi guys.


    The cache was only active during the morning hours. It was ruined in the early afternoon on the first day. So I believe it was a geocacher, or someone who trolls the site anyway. That makes more sense than a muggle noticing cachers, looks in the tree, runs off to crap and pee in a jar and then brings it back to make the swap. The poor guy who discovered the swap, his observations make it pretty clear that whoever it was turned up with the jar ready to make a swap, and is probably getting a kick out of this thread.


    If he is, just know that you were seen, and your vehicle was seen. ;)

  2. Hi guys! I'm Saz.


    Do you carry a cache hunting pack? What items do you find useful? I am thinking about bandaids and gloves and stuff like that.


    I carry a sling backpack. I tried several types of bags until I found one that was the right fit. I have a few things that I always carry in my pack.


    Gardening gloves for reaching into unknown spots or icky caches.($1 section at Target)

    Cuts and scrapes first aid kit ($1 section at Target. Makes good swag too!)

    Several pens and pencils

    Various sizes of ziplock bags. (never know when you need to replace a damaged one)

    Hand sanitizer (for icky caches)

    A small multi tool

    A small keychain flashlight (good for looking into spots before reaching in)


    Thank you. That is quite a lot like what I had in mind.

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