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  1. That particular cacher was not. I've met all the locals. Thanks for posting the other info, though. Looking forward to reading it in a bit.
  2. I'd completely be lying if I said I wasn't at least curious as to what the standards were for selection. I've been looking at my stats vs. a local cacher that was awarded a virtual. For the sake of analysis, here are the numbers. Myself - 200 hides with a total of 521 favorite points. 77 of those were events and cannot be awarded favorites, so for the purposes of FP, call it 123 hides. My most favorited hide has 158 FP's. I have no Needs Archived/Needs Maintanance logs active on my hides. Other Cacher - 5 hides, 1 event. One of their caches has 58 FP's. They also have no maintanance or archive issues. You guys can call me jealous (hey... I am) if you want. But I am left wondering what the criteria was, and if I'll ever get a crack at placing a virtual. In the meantime, I'm VERY happy to go ghostbusting. I LOVE virtuals.
  3. A few of us did ten in a day when the GPS maze was in Dayton, OH. We had nine, then made the drive to Indianapolis for a late evening event for #10. Sometimes you have to go a little extra crazy for that last one or two...
  4. Great user name! Also, I hadn't seen that idea yet about challenges being a type, but I like it.
  5. Asking in the forums if it's okay log your own challenge sounds to me like trying to justify to your self and get validation for logging a find on a cache that you didn't actually find. .....Again, I'm not interested in logging my own caches.
  6. I still don't believe in logging my own caches. The only exceptions being caches I logged, then adopted from the owner (I have 3 of those), and my events, which I understand Groundspeak says is allowable.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been addressed here or not. A friend and I were wondering about whether a person should be allowed to log a challenge cache they put out. I'm generally a stickler for not logging your own stuff, but challenges are a little different. For instance, if you own a Fizzy challenge, there probably aren't anymore nearby for you to log. Just wondering, here. I'd be interested in hearing other's opinions.
  8. There is a case to make an attribute. How do you guys feel about challenges? I'm from NW PA, and they don't seem to have gained many, if any, fans here.
  9. QR challenges are a pretty cool idea, but why not make them a cache type? You can include a TON of info in a code, or evrn link to a page on any given topic. These could easilybe used to fill the "virtual" gap a lot of cachers feel..
  10. I'm looking to upgrade my gps. A while back I got a Garmin Dakota 10 (which I love), but I'm looking for a gps that does chirps and Wherigos, as well as all the other stuff. Needing to stick with a Garmin to do chirp caches is fine, but I'm not sure which ones also do Wherigos. Any thoughts?
  11. I happen to be a ranger at Sinnemahoning State Park, which is about 20 miles north of Beneztte, and the campground there is very nice. There are several smaller private campgrounds near there, as well as two other state parks. If you want, I can provide you with a few names of places, as well as contact info.
  12. Ok... Here's my two cents. Why don't we form a group, get together and come up with a few ideas for who might help us sponsor this. Maybe the History channel? Or some sort of conservancy? I love the idea, and really believe it just needs some elbow grease. Who's with me? We can do some sort of facebook group to keep things coordinated.
  13. Generally speaking, I'll give them a shot even with 3-4 previous dnf's on them. I've had good luck in finding them (probably 75% or so) so I almost always give it a few minutes of looking. It always makes me smile when I find one that half a dozen previous people swear is lost..
  14. New cache type, for sure. Many of the cache types mentioned here (Jasmer, fizzy, DeLorme) require MUCH more effort than a typical puzzle cache.
  15. Funny story. I proposed something very similiar as a member of the GW9 steering committee. The idea was to have a trackable vehicle placed in the event, and you had to find another one to log and get the locationless icon. I'm not sure that the idea ever made it to Groundspeak, but almost everyone I spoke to loved it. Perhaps we should try it.
  16. I had the same thing happen. I was placing a matchstick in a guardrail, and a different one popped out the other side. I inspected it, and it had a blank FTF spot up top. Of course I signed it, since it was an honest find. After getting home, I found out it wasn't yet published, so I did some asking around, and found the person who hid it. It's been months, and he still hasn't published it, though he swears he will, lol. Congrats on a rare occurance. I'm just glad it happened to someone else, too.
  17. "most cachers don't care for them" I guess things may vary from region to region, but around here (NW PA) most everyone loves them.
  18. It had plenty last night, when stigloc and I put about a ton of sand downstream...lol. The cache is more or less a couple feet under sand at this point. Recovery efforts are ongoing. Anyone who gets it before me is allowed to claim a new FTF, and may be eligible to adopt the cache..
  19. So, long story short, one of my 5/5's sits about 5-6 feet underwater in a local creek. During our recent heavy rains, a sandbar was deposited in that particular swimming hole. To my best knowledge, the cache now sits under about three feet of sand, and two feet of water. Since it's a five five, do I just let it as is? You need a shovel, but nature buried it, not me. I kinda regard it as being similiar to snow.. Thoughts?
  20. While it's not enforcable, we usually have a blurb on the cache page about giving the honoree a chance to find it. We had one that went untouched for three days, till the honoree found it. Made me smile to see that.
  21. Wow.. Maybe...MAYBE at the most, an FTF log type for those who found it, or a CO controlled log designation that could be added after the fact. But stealing FTF's??? Either you found it first, or ya didn't. That's what makes it special. That's why people like me are FTF hounds... That new, crisp, unblemished log, just waiting to be broken in.. Ok, I'll stop. Seriously, though.. Please,please, please.. no.
  22. I'm proud to announce Pennsylvania has another Platinum Master. DevinC just made the level after getting his latest EC published! Way to go, bud.
  23. I have been reading this thread with something that approaches a morbid fascination. At this point, I have come to the following conclusions. 1. Most everyone here is a lawyer. 2. None of you spend enough time outside. 3. There is a reason people complain about the forums. Geoaware, let me take the time to thank you for the programs, both old and new. I have seen and learned much from the masters program, and cannot wait to start anew. Thanks to the reviewers, even the ones who don't give me an automatic thumbs up. You have forced me to learn more to proceed. It must be a lot of time out of your lives, to help us better and expand our sport. Hopefully you can all find something good to say about the programs, the sport and each other.
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