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    Fair few left for me in Scotland. Just 3 in Wales - look out for a Party invite soon B)


    Good going Rob, look forward to the invite! Found a few of "UAs", I notice though that TP7464 - Hermitage is awaiting your visit!




    Looking like weekend of 2/3 Aug for Wales - I'll post something in the proper place :D


    Hermitage? Active Station?? Wash your mouth out B)


    Had a chance meeting with Clochandighter and Coinea on Sat, en route to an obscure Northumberland trig ! http://www.trigpointinguk.com/trigs/trig-details.php?t=1438

  2. That's the one Rob! Not many left for you though, apart from those pesky "User Added" which keep appearing polluting my cleared areas! :)


    Don't knock the User Addeds, Paul - some of them really are there :) . The duplicates are a bit annoying though.


    Fair few left for me in Scotland. Just 3 in Wales - look out for a Party invite soon :)

  3. Or you could use (as mentioned above) trigpointinguk website. All trigs are listed and we have a great leaderboard (i have to stick up for it when i have logged over 800). It would take me an age to relog onto this site lol


    Leaderboard? You mean TrigpointingUK.com / Info / List of users / then sort by Trigpoints logged? Or have I missed something? If it defaulted to Trigpoints logged in descending order then I guess that page would be.


    Great site, anyway :)

  4. Trigs are loggable, just not on GC.Com!


    Trig icon/script here



    I too was puzzled by this, after trying a Search for Benchmarks near my home location, to be returned a blank search - as I have visited hundreds near me (and >5000 in the UK, not counting Trigs). Benchmarks (with Flush Brackets) aren't only on trigs, but also on houses, bridges, churches etc: see www.bench-marks.org.uk for a more or less complete list of Flush Brackets in the OSGB area (which even includes a couple in Gibraltar!). These too are loggable. So are Cut BMs for that matter!


    The idea of getting a few armchair ticks via my TrigpointingUK profile is tempting - if I ever figure out this greasemonkey stuff :)

  5. Trigs dont move and get rehidden away from their hiding place (too often) or get muggled, so the Trig forums were never that busy!


    Trigs seem to disappear, reappear (on Ebay or otherwise), get farmerised etc, quite a bit. However this kind of techy stuff is covered pretty well on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trigonomy/


    It's not really a place for discussing T:UK functionality, Milestones etc, which the Forum used to cover. Or social stuff.

  6. Very neat! I have a GIS based thing which gets me by, but it's not pretty.


    Trigs ... but no lakeuk username on TrigpointingUK?


    Birketts - any chance of a copy? Now that the LDWA Hillwalkers Register has opened an account on these I ought to get round to upgrading my Wainwrights list...

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