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  1. See post on Trigging forum: http://gagb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=18623#post18623
  2. Good going Rob, look forward to the invite! Found a few of "UAs", I notice though that TP7464 - Hermitage is awaiting your visit! Looking like weekend of 2/3 Aug for Wales - I'll post something in the proper place Hermitage? Active Station?? Wash your mouth out Had a chance meeting with Clochandighter and Coinea on Sat, en route to an obscure Northumberland trig ! http://www.trigpointinguk.com/trigs/trig-details.php?t=1438
  3. Don't knock the User Addeds, Paul - some of them really are there . The duplicates are a bit annoying though. Fair few left for me in Scotland. Just 3 in Wales - look out for a Party invite soon
  4. Leaderboard? You mean TrigpointingUK.com / Info / List of users / then sort by Trigpoints logged? Or have I missed something? If it defaulted to Trigpoints logged in descending order then I guess that page would be. Great site, anyway
  5. I too was puzzled by this, after trying a Search for Benchmarks near my home location, to be returned a blank search - as I have visited hundreds near me (and >5000 in the UK, not counting Trigs). Benchmarks (with Flush Brackets) aren't only on trigs, but also on houses, bridges, churches etc: see www.bench-marks.org.uk for a more or less complete list of Flush Brackets in the OSGB area (which even includes a couple in Gibraltar!). These too are loggable. So are Cut BMs for that matter! The idea of getting a few armchair ticks via my TrigpointingUK profile is tempting - if I ever figure out this greasemonkey stuff
  6. I've posted something suitably anorakish Triggers please note !!
  7. Thanks Bill - fast-working committee I'll give it a try ...
  8. Trigs seem to disappear, reappear (on Ebay or otherwise), get farmerised etc, quite a bit. However this kind of techy stuff is covered pretty well on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trigonomy/ It's not really a place for discussing T:UK functionality, Milestones etc, which the Forum used to cover. Or social stuff.
  9. Thanx. I'd just assumed the Triggers had taken themselves off somewhere else while I wasn't looking. Maybe they have
  10. Very neat! I have a GIS based thing which gets me by, but it's not pretty. Trigs ... but no lakeuk username on TrigpointingUK? Birketts - any chance of a copy? Now that the LDWA Hillwalkers Register has opened an account on these I ought to get round to upgrading my Wainwrights list...
  11. The forum link from the TrigpointingUK homepage and Trigtools page hasn't worked for ages. There was a Trigs section on the old GUK Forum IIRC. Has it moved elsewhere, can anyone advise?
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