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  1. Take a look at cache "Glintz and Road Apples" under Arizona caches near Apache Junction and then look at "Trail of Shadows" near Silverton, Washington.
  2. You have all the fact together but one exception...the PN-20 is simple to use and the controls are excellent. Will say this: Buy the PN-20 and topo maps and be happy. It's all in the maps for your type of usage which parallels mine. Been there done that because I also own Garmins.
  3. Been using PN-20 for over a year. I'm 71 and must use 230 strength optics for close up. We also have own and now own Garmins. The PN-20 is plenty bright for desert sunlight. Get it. You won't regret it. Topo 7 shows streets, freeway. etc.
  4. I have been using my PN-20 for almost a year now and have been through two upgrades. Have found "it just works". The maps are what makes the unit. Extended use will demonstrate why. Have own and used several Garmin and Magellan GPS and find that for geocaching nothing compares with the PN-20.
  5. I've been using the PN-20 for about a year now. You observations parallel mine almost exactly. The unit is almost perfect for geocaching or hiking. One aspect you did not cover is the excellent tracking features of the PN-20. It is very convenient for retracing trails and routes up and down arroyos on southwestern desert jeep excursions. Tne map presentations are what make this unit.
  6. I have been using the Delorme PN-20 for about a year after going through several garmins and magellans. There is no comparison, really. It's all in the quality of the maps. The Delorme PN-20 is an excellent unit. Two AA rechargeable NiMH batteries will last for 12-14 hours of caching. Altitude is presented on the topo 7 maps. One deficiency is that there is no direct waypoint projection capability. Caching waypoints are easily managed via Topo 7. Topo 7 will also communicate with Garmin or Magellan units via Nema. Get the Delorme, or better yet, find someone who owns one and spend a few minutes with it. Garmin makes good units but their topo maps (which are essential for caching and general and outdoor use) truly stink, and Magellan's are even worse.
  7. How both the PN-20 and Legend. Actually, in wooded use there is no comparison. The Delorme is much more sensitive. There is one draw back with use of the Delorme in our southwestern desert...the signals reflect off canyon walls and causes some "creep" on the bottom two sensitive scales, eg., 10 and 20 ft. resolutions. You are on the right track. Just received the Topo USA 7.0 package in the mail today and installed it. Will give it a test run tomorrow!
  8. I have had the PN-20 for about a year. I do not yet have Topo 7 but I will soon get it. The PN-20 is by far the best GPS for Geocaching I have used or yet encountered, including the Magellan Sportak Pro, Garmin Etrex Legend cx, Garmin 76. It's all in the maps and the presentation thereof. The sensititivity is so good that six or more satellites can be picked up from indoors or inside a steel roofed auto.
  9. I have had a PN-20 for about a year. The "slow" knock is groundless. Large maps will take a few seconds to load on any unit. The Delorme topo 6 or 7 maps are faithfully replicated, as are satellite (google earth type) photo maps. Accuracy is beyond belief with 10' resolution that is actually meaningful. Have cached nationwide with this unit and it is my belief that the Delorme topo maps are unsurpassed. According to the Delorme support website, it is possible to "roll your own" maps. I suppose it can be done but seems to be too involved for the savings realized. The PN-20 will overlay 4 layers of an area with differing levels of detail. If possible would recommend trying to get your hands on one for a look see. The one flaw in the unit is the absence of direct waypoint projection but there is a work around.
  10. I don't have either, but...., after something like 4 years of caching nationwide (we also terracache), we have evolved through something like five garmins, two Magellans (sportraks- kept dropping them) to using the Delorme PN-20 with topo 6 mapping. If you don't know it yet, it's all about the mapping and presentation thereof, not so much the GPSR. The PN-20 is remarkably sensitive with scale resolution to 10 ft. and it is accurate within that scale if five or six satellites are visible. Then, we use the Nokia N800 data tablet bluetoothed to a Verizon Motorola Razr cell phone. The N800 faithfully downloads Geocaching.com cache pages if within BBA range of Verizon. Otherwise the N800 will download and save Geocaching pages for viewing offline. The N800 is wifi capable.
  11. We named the Iways 500 in the RV "Vergie Authur". It has a penchant for taking us to graveyards.
  12. Take a look at the Nokia N800 data tablet. It will blue tooth to a cell phone for access to wireless broadband cell phone carriers. Been paperless for about 4 months with it...awesome! Oh yeah, not too proud of it but we are with Verizon and cache nationwide. team doublebogie6
  13. I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy (just upgrade from Feisty). I use a Delorme PN-20 with Topo 2006. To get around this, I use VMware server with XP Pro as guest OS. I use the Nokia N800 data tablet for paperless caching. The Nokia N800 is a great little item which connects blue tooth to my Motorola Razr and Verizon BBA. The Nokia N800 also run a debian OS. The system simplifies a lot of things as we cache from a RV during the summer months. No need to print anything and the data tablet will save geocaching.com pages in the complete format for offline viewing in the rare case I get out of cell phone range out here in the desert.
  14. After four years of fumbling around, finally found what is for me the perfect paperless combo. I use the Delorme PN-20 loaded with Delorme Topo maps. Then, to augment summer RV travels, signed up for Verizon BBA and then bought a Nokia N800 data tablet which connects to Verizon via bluetooth. This event dropped paperless caching into my lap. If a cache is located out of cell phone range (usually, an obvious fact if one briefly looks at the topo terrain), then simply downlond the geocaching.com cache web page into memory of the Nokia N800 for off-line review if required (seldom needed for remote ammo box type caches). The quirky download routines are completely unnecessary. The Nokia N800 uses an open source debian linux OS (free!).
  15. Take a look at the Delorme PN-20. Haven't found or used anything else comparible.
  16. Was a little late in getting into paperless caching. Using and trying to get used to using the Nokia N800 data tablet linked bluetooth to my Verizon Razr then BBA. The N800 downloads either the the geocaching.com website page or optionally the WAP version. GPSr is Delorme PN-20 using Delorme topo.
  17. Check out this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...42-db862cb15150 There is another similar near Buena Vista, Co, and another near Silverdale, Washington. All are based in waypoint projection and are challenging. Regards Team doublebogie6
  18. We have used several Garmins: emap, 76S, Etrex Legend, and Etrex Legend Cx. Have owned two Magellan SportTrak Pros'. Currently I am using a new Delorme PN-20. Have found the Magellans more satisfactory for geocaching than the Garmins; accuracy, stability, and sensitivity, etc.. Now, the Delorme PN-20 blows them all away. First, it has a 10 ft scale that is dead accurate, the Delorme topo software is vastly superior to either Mapsend or Map Source topo. Additionally the package is considerably cheaper than the Garmin 60 and 70 series color models. The Garmin crowd will probably assert otherwise...
  19. I used a Sportrak Pro for years and updated it several time without incident. Make sure the batteries are fresh or fully charged. Pick a time of day to download the update when the chance of interruptions are minimal. Print out the update instructions and follow them dit for dit and you should be Ok. Good luck.....
  20. Have owned 4 different models of Garmins and 3 Magellans used mostly for geocaching and street/trail negotiations. In my opinion the best GPSr on the market right now is the Delorme PN-20. The unit compares with the Garmin 60/76 CXS models as a receiver. The big plus, however, is the Delorme mapping software which is light years beyond Garmin and Magellan maps. King of the hill is Delorme topo 6. Been there done that!
  21. I've had mine about a week. Accuracy and reception outstanding. Topo software is far superior to Garmin or Magellan. Controls are well placed and configured for geocaching use. Only fault I find is inability to project waypoints. Worth the price in my opinion. I've owned many Garmin and Magellan units and the Delorme is the best I've encountered yet.
  22. I own a Legend Cx. I've had it for almost two years now and have used it with a variety of garmin mapping soft ware, but mostly Topo USA. Previously I used Magellan Sportrak Pros. I prefer Magellan GPSs mainly because of the controls and how they are located. The Garmin topo mapsource is lousy as compared to Delormes topo program. Magellans Mapsend Topo while easy to manipulate, is even worse than Garmins. The major complaint with the Legend Cx is the rubberlike seal surrounding the unit that protect the controls on the side. Over time with exposure to heat the seal tends to stretch and distort. This makes the controls difficult to operate and will in time expose the switches to dirt/debris. My suggestion is to look at the Delorme Earthmate PN-20. Its a little more pricey but is an awesome unit.
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