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  1. I'm ready for another two. Had so much fun last year. Mission 2 #1 Sent my info to Laval K-9:11/23/19 Name received from Laval K-9:11/26/19 Sent my gift:11/26/19 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: !2/05/19 from Neiaeadry Portugal Mission 2 #2 Sent my info to Laval K-9:11/23/19 Name received from Laval K-9:11/26/19 Sent my gift:11/26/19 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  2. Thank you thank you !!! I knew there had to be a way.
  3. It used to be very straightforward just hit edit and select move, however; I can no longer locate that command. Recently I had to put my dog of 14 years to sleep and she always wore her FTF TB so it is my inventory. I really would like to put it in my collection so I won't have the constant reminder every time I log a cache. Thanks.
  4. I just spotted this in the forums. Yes I do own the Fisnjack coin.
  5. Sent my info to Laval K-9: Nov 6, 2018 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  6. I'm in for 2 missions and hopefully will receive my info soon.
  7. I miss-typed a tracking number for a TB that I hold IE 4kkxxx for 4kxxxx. How do I fix this before someone else needs that number.
  8. I had a bunch of geocoins made by "TheCachingPlace.com" I paid for the activation codes, however; since that company is out of business how do I get the activation codes for the remainder of my coins?
  9. I have two caches that I marked to ignore as the CO would not do the req'd maintenance. They have since been fixed, however; I can't get GSAK to accept them. I can place them in my GPS but will not be able to put them in my found DB.
  11. I agree with Boysnbarrie it is a beautiful card especially Dillweed's buddy Teddie. Thanks Harmon and guys for the honor.
  12. I'm planning on going up Sunday morning... How many are going? I might be interested if it turns out to be a small group.
  13. Well here goes another try. The other day while driving Dilleed and Rammjet around the OTT we spotted 2 deer. I wasn't able to get the pics through the windshield, however; they stopped to allow Dillweed to do it.
  14. Thanks everyone!!!! By the by when you break a bone does it count as two? If so I have an unlimited future. GFETE
  15. Heck I'm so old I can remember gas at $0.17/gal and haircuts at $0.25. I remember once when my dad filled up the Mercury on old 80 right near the Sand Dunes. They had those glass topped pumps and while the old lady that owned the place went inside to get change for a $10 my dad refilled the pump. She came out and was furious and almost didn't give him back his change. The big argument was because she said you only filled it halfway and the sun did the rest. GFETE On a more modern note while I was working on I-10 near Blythe The big Truck stop raised all of their tanks to a foot below ground and when you pump gas you can feel the heat. When their gas is delivered there is a temp/volume adjustment but not when you purchase it. Just another little perk for them.
  16. I remember finding that cache after the fire when Miragee and I hiked over for Old Glory. Never did solve that puzzle but my name is in the log. GFETE
  17. Quite an acomplishment after what you've been through in the past year. So glad you made it onto the podium and had a blast hiking one small part of your accomplishment! AWESOME JOB! CONGRATS TO THUNDER 4!!!!!! Enjoyed the night hike to the "Forbidden Forest" too. CONGRATS TO ALL THE OTHER STONERS AS WELL!! See you at the event.
  18. HONK! Clueless! Clueless as well but if I had to guess I would say on South flank of Mt Woodson looking at Iron Mt area.
  19. fisnjack

    PQ Download

    Thanks that was the problem. I just ran another pq and it worked. I don't know any way to add the extension to those old pqs but I'll re-run them tomorrow and then , hopefully; they will work. I have a series of pqs that allow me to get all the active caches within 50 miles of home. It did require 8 pqs and now its back to just 4. This allows me to eliminate any disabled caches before I head out.
  20. fisnjack

    PQ Download

    I have been running the pqs and downloading them to a pocket query folder. Then transferring them to a GSAK database. This allows me to screen the caches before loading them in the NUVI and GPS. Today I changed from the 500 to 1000 and see that they are completed and sitting above the pq page. When I try to load them to the pocket query folder nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? Thanks
  21. I really liked a lot of the caches and many marked the little blue signs for beach access that helped a lot in the sightseeing. here are 3 that I found memorable, GCTKA3, GCT4WA, AND GC16T3W (bring fins and snorkle for the last one you will be 100' from where the dive boats bring folks and there is a good chance of swimming with turtles. Enjoy and happy cachin
  22. You know I've been thinking I seem to have the avoidance down alright; however; the landings do need improvement.
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