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  1. Since the RAM mounts get such great reviews I'm surprised no one has already mentioned them. http://www.ram-mount.com/
  2. moonpup

    City Navigator NT8

    The Amazon link says CN NT8, but the picuture shows 6. Also, they don't sell it directly and list one independent seller. I can't believe no other online vendors carry this
  3. But do you use any maps such as Topo or City Navigator?? You're going to need windows for that
  4. I buy all my units from gpsnow.com and have never had any problems and always great service. Amazon is a good deal as well when they offer the $30 off with a new credit card deal, but I hate plastic LOL update- i just noticed that gpsonsale.com has it for $369
  5. The Garmin city maps are excellent although updated yearly the POI's are never current (some things that have existed for years still do not show up) but the road data is pretty accurate. I have never gotten lost yet The unit does not have voice prompting, only beeps and pointing arrows.
  6. moonpup

    City Navigator NT8

    Hi all, Are there any online vendors that sell City Navigator NT8 North America instead of just City Navigator North America? I like th NT version better but can't find it anywhere except for Garmin
  7. moonpup


    The etrex series requires the unit to be held flat with the antenna facing up for optimal reception. If you can afford it go for the 60Cx or 60CSx which has the SirfIII chip and then you can pretty much hold the gps in any position you like and you will still get great reception. FYI...for optimal reception the 60 series should have the antenna pointing up
  8. I would not recommend the IQUE as it is definitely not designed for the outdoors and would surely become an expensive paperweight should you drop it or get it really wet. As for the Explorist 500 it's rechargeable battery is a definite no no for me. It's a nice unit but I like to be able to swap out a couples a AA's if needed. Having to constantly recharge stuff drives me crazy and this would limit you on extended trips in the woods. I have the 60CSx currently and have owned numerous other Garmins. The 60Csx cannot be beat for sensitivity and is just an all around excellent gps. I use it in the car as well for driving directions. Also, I have had only one minor issue with a previously owned Garmin gps and they took it back, fixed it and returned it to me within a week. Good luck with your purchase!
  9. hmmmm, i guess i'll just have to buy it online for the cheapest i have seen for $110 plus shipping or take a major road trip
  10. You can definitely use a 1GB card and the 2GB cards will be more prevalent soon. In fact I use a 1GB in my 60CSx and your VistaCx will be no different.
  11. Hi, I'm a linux user too but have relinquished myself to running an older laptop with Windows 2000 so I can make use of the Mapping software. I've tried unsuccessfully to run it in Codeweavers Crossover Office and have not had any luck with wine. You could always wait until Garmin releases it for the MAC later this year and buy new hardware and software LOL. p.s. i'm talking about Garmin's Mapsource program which is the only software you can use to load maps.
  12. moonpup


    The manual is for chumps! And it's at home and not sitting right in front of me. I know it's there for a reason (now)....just didn't know what it was. No problem, I'm notorious for not reading the manual either
  13. moonpup


    LOL, you're bordering on neurotic here... it's actually there for a reason. It's used when sighting with the GPS, see the manual for more
  14. They don't give you the lanyard just to keep it in the box , next time tie it on to something LOL
  15. As others have agreed with me, that's why I originally posted in the Geocaching Off Topic forum because I wanted to see how many Geocachers participated Can we move this back?
  16. Hi all, Just curious how many of you participate on Waymarking.com and do you find it as enjoyable as Geocaching?
  17. I agree it is foolish to stick the code between the cardboard. We should really email them and complain that they need to put a sticker with the code on the jewel case
  18. Can you not buy this online from Aldi's? I live in the northeast and don't have any Aldi's here, also I didn't see anyway to purchase it through the website.
  19. When I purchased mine, there was a short code (6-7 chars) if I remember correctly that you would register on the Garmin site which would then give you the 25 digit unlock code. There should be a piece of paper in the box with the dvd that has that short code. p.s. one more thing...if you install the software and use the unlock wizard within the program it will walk you through the process.
  20. Don't worry, it's the correct one. I use the exact same one on my 60CSx as well.
  21. If your other devices are working, then your most likely culprit would be the usb cable itself. Do you have another usb mini cable (from a digital camera), if so try using that and see what happens. Also, if another cable fails you could have a bum usb port in the gps
  22. Unless you purchased the optional street level maps, such as Mapsource City Navigator you will only have access to the basemap on the gps. Once you purchase the optional mapping software, you'll get that nice long unlock code
  23. Thanks for the clarification...I guess I was just hoping I could do a simple export of only the track log from within Mapsource. Obvisously this is not possible, oh well.
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