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  1. Port it over to linux, and I'll be the first in line
  2. Well whatever was disrupting the GPS this morning is gone as of this evening. I powered it on as I left work, it quickly acquired the satellites and I had accuracy of 7 - 11 ft the whole ride home with it being dead on accurate as it used to be. Just must have been some strange interference this morning...
  3. Does the unit have a reset procedure? I know what they are for Garmins, but can't help with the Magellan. Google for a reset procedure on that unit, and give that a try. UPDATE - try this... (press & hold Nav and Pwr simultaneously).
  4. LOL, I had the same exact thing happen to me today. I have the 60CSx and it's always been perfect. This morning I turned the unit on, let it acquire and off I went. As soon as I switched to the map page, I noticed I wasn't even close to the road I was driving on. In fact it showed me going the opposite way. I tried turning it off and letting it re-acquire but it failed each time. It was inaccurate the whole ride to work! I'm in Massachusetts and will have to see if it is still wacky on the ride home tonight. Either way, something funky is going on
  5. Check the simple things first, are the serial ports disabled either in the BIOS or operating system itself?
  6. All previous firmware version are available here: http://www.gpsinformation.org/perry/gps60/ Not much use for a 76CSx though................. Thanks Thrak
  7. Hmmm...I can't find my 3.10 version firmware anywhere. Why does Garmin not keep at least the prior version on the website! Uggggh...am I stuck at 3.20??
  8. moonpup

    Driving speeds

    It's probably as simple as how fast you were driving. Odd's are you are not driving at the exact same speed as the other person the whole time. You accelerate, decelerate etc..with all kinds of variables. I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe next time you can hitch the two vehicles together and let the other person pull you along and see what happens
  9. Got my ticket 10/26/2006! Kevin, KB1OBG - Shrewsbury, MA
  10. If I can find some repeaters here locally that are participating, as I'm only a Technician and not on the HF bands yet KB1OBG
  11. Hi, For my first mobile rig, I grabbed the Yaesu 7800-R as I didn't need dual reveive, cross-repeat or the quadbander like the 8800 and 8900. I saved some good money and got a solid radio with great audio! I used the difference to put it towards an HT KB1OBG (new ham)
  12. Hi all, Just curious if anyone else is having issues with their page button. All the buttons on my gps work on the first press except for the page button which is intermittent. Sometimes I have to hit it 2-3 times to get it to register. It's probably a bum contact and when it completely dies I'll ship it off to Garmin, but just wanted to know if anyone else is seeing this problem or other bad buttons.
  13. Can you post a picture of this so called vent hole?
  14. moonpup

    Etrex Legend C

    I understand that the original Legend and Vista are tried and true, while also being best sellers but they are old technology that shoud be retired/discontinued as well. Maybe they are keeping them from a consumer price point model, but I would like to see them go by the wayside as well. The are too many great improvements in the new models to keep them around.
  15. Looks like their marketing department is as clueless as their tech support
  16. here ya go... http://www.sirf.com/products-ss3.html
  17. That doesn't make sense, from what I understand the data card is a complete replacement for the software itself. Anyone else care to chime in?
  18. moonpup

    City Navigator NT8

    That looks promising and better priced than Garmin! Thanks Doc
  19. That's the rumor, but I have yet to see any definitive information.
  20. moonpup

    GPS software

    You'll find that people here take offense to software piracy...just an FYI
  21. Just for fun I was looking at the eXplorist 210 description on Magellan's website and noticed this one line at the bottom of the learn more section... "This is real GPS plus 22 MB available memory." as opposed to what, a fake gps
  22. I might be interested in the Gecko 201 for my daughter. Do you have a price in mind? edit - nevermind...just noticed the price LOL
  23. moonpup


    You can read more about the 60CSx here http://www.garmin.com/products/gpsmap60csx/ Specs show 18 hrs on 2 AA batteries, but your mileage will vary depending on your settings I own the 60CSx currently and can get pretty close to that runtime.
  24. I'm really starting to like Waymarking and enjoy the ice cream category It's interesting to see what new categories get approved and pop up on a weekly basis.
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