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  1. There isn't an REI in my state that is currently stocking the Colorado. I'll most likely order from gpsnow.com as I have used them numerous times before and have never had any issues with anything I bought from them or problems with gpsnow.com as a company. They are fantastic and besides, now I'm going to have to spring for a new CN-NT 2008 unlock code as I used my other one on the 60CSx... so the $100+ savings from gpsnow.com is going to make a difference
  2. So... is this a misery loves company kind of buy it now Seriously though, good points and I think I would be happy with this unit. I'm pretty confident Garmin will address all the issues they can with firmware updates that are brought to their attention. I've read all the threads and am trying to keep up to date with it all. Any comments on the clock issue? Red90, thanks for pics and Timpat nice to hear from you as well, I bought my 60CSx around the time you got your 60Cx if I remember correctly
  3. Hi all, I just sold my trusty 60CSx and I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a Colorado 400t, but need a few questions answered. I'm not looking for facts per se' but more user opinion. First, the display issues. What are the chances Garmin can fix this with firmware and background/color changes? Do you think they will change the LCD panel in future production runs or just do what they can with the existing hardware limitation? Second, the trackback functionality. This is something I use quite a bit and with this feature currently missing and the fact that you can't save tracks to the card (only internal mem) makes me wonder how they could do this. Odds are this will be fixed in a firmware update... thoughts? I know how Garmin works and was an early adopter with the 60CSx and lived with it's problems that Garmin worked out over time. I know that most of these issues including the battery meter and clock can most likely be fixed with firmware updates. My only true concern is the LCD panel. So what do you think? Should I order now or hold off a few more months? The only problem is I am now gps'less
  4. I completely agree with this as well. You should be able to de-authorize a gps you no longer have because you sold it or broke it. You have already paid for the software and have it in your possession and to make you buy an additional unlock code is ridiculous. With iTunes for example I can authorize and de-authorize up to 5 computers a year to play music. Garmin should implement something similar like possibly allowing you to de-authorize and authorize up to 2 or 3 gps units a year. I mean seriously, would it really kill them? I'm one to try out new units as they come out, and because of this policy this makes installing the CN maps impossible if you like to swap your units around. I think setting a unit limit per year would make sense and I think we should petition Garmin for something like this!
  5. Can anyone comment on this 3GB vs 4GB memory on the 400t. Are people confused about what they have or did some really ship with 3GB? I thought they were supposed to have 4 GB? Were there some miscues in production and what are the chances of buying one and getting 3GB? Would Garmin honor an exchange if you get a 3 GB?? I'd feel ripped off if I paid the same as someone else and got shorted 1GB
  6. Hi, I prefer paypal when possible.
  7. Yes, it is still available. a. i've had it for just over 1 yr. it's almost like new condition with no wear.. see screenshots and has not been used that much. when it was used, it was 90% in the car and 10% outside b. not sure, haven't calculated it c. mapsource gets installed when you load topo d. yes, it's all or none. sorry
  8. OK, here are some photos to help this process along and there is a screen protector on the display.
  9. OK, apparently I'm priced too high after searching through the forums for 60CSx sales and seeing other postings. So I'm open to reasonable offers... whatcha got?
  10. wow, lots of views but no interest. i felt i posted a reasonable price, but am i priced too high for what i'm offering or is no one interested in a package deal?
  11. Hi, I have a 60CSx that is in excellent condition with no wear that i'm looking to sell as a complete package, so please don't ask me to sell things separately. The reason I'm selling it is to help fund a 400t I'm going to include the following with the gps... automotive dash mount (which will need adhesive discs) - https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=1006 vehicle power adapter - https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=527 Topo 2008 DVD (the original dvd, not a copy. I don't have the original jewel case though) https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=10531&pvID=11905 2 GB Sandisk card The box and everything that came in it. As stated below... i'm open to reasonable offers. Pictures provided as well further down in this post.
  12. I can appreciate you testing out these units at your store, but you did receive them as stock to sell as new to a customer. That fact that you open them up and play with them and re-box them to sell as new to a customer bothers me though.
  13. Wouldn't it be nice if they did their own product testing instead of rushing new models to market and letting their customers discover the problems for them. I completely agree with you, but Garmin's firmware history speaks for itself. If there are software issues, they will get fixed in due time. I'm still willing to buy one now and take the firmware updates as they come.
  14. Every Garmin I have ever bought has had firmware issues. I even bought the 60CSx when it first came out and dealt with it's inadequacies until the firmware fixes arrived. Now with the current firmware (and multiple early revisions) the 60CSx is a stable, well working unit. I believe Garmin will address these issues promptly and like the 60CSx, the Colorado will be a tremendous unit. In fact, I am already in the process of selling my 60CSx so that I can get the Colorado even with it's early issues. If you're not into early adoption then by all means sit out and wait, but I know that even with the early issues this is going to be a super gps! I'm still debating whether to wait until Feb when the units hits the online retailers at a discount or drive to my REI and pay premium to get one now LOL.
  15. That's interesting, after hooking up my 60CSx and loading the mapset to Mapsource it showed the continental US topo map segments selected. At that point, I dragged my mouse across the US again selecting all the map segments, this time Mapsource showed over the 5000 segments as you have stated. I wonder what I missed the first time around??
  16. Can someone answer me this?? If the pre-loaded topo maps on the 400T are from the Topo 2008 DVD(same maps), then why on my 60CSx do I have the complete Topo 2008 DVD loaded for all of the United States and even all of CityNavNT 2008 for all of the United states and my mapset in Mapsource shows a total of 550 map segments and about 1.4GB in space for both topo and citynavnt??? So how do the pre-loaded maps on the 400T take almost 3GB?? Am I missing something here if I can fit all of this on my 2GB card in my 60CSx??? Something doesn't sound right. Did the person who posted the screenshot add a large amount of data to the gps after the fact? Does the large size come from the shading effects?
  17. Thanks for the info. I guess the only real advantage for getting the 400T would be allowing me to use the 4GB flash card to only load CityNT 2008 and just have that one mapset on the card leaving more memory free for other stuff. Either way I'm still leaning towards the 300 I don't think I'd actually use all the extra space as I don't use the POI stuff etc...
  18. Just for clarification, the only difference between the 300 and 400T is the amount of internal memory and the pre-loaded topo maps correct? Since I already own Topo 2008, CityNT 2008 and a 4GB transflash card there really is no reason for me to buy the 400T at the added cost over the 300 right?? Other than that both units are the same in functionality and hardware correct? That's the only difference I can see from comparing on Garmin's website. So I'm guessing I can buy the 300 and save some money?
  19. Cool, I'll be checking in at some point... Kevin, KB1OBG
  20. As for study guides there are two choices... the ARRL books and the Gordon West series. Both cover the same material, just presented differently. I've always used the ARRL books, but some people prefer the Gordon West books. You can find them below... http://www.arrl.org/catalog/lm/ http://www.w5yi.org/catalog.php?sort=4 Also, going to QRZ.com and taking the online practice tests are a good idea. As for an initial radio...get a mobile unit for the vehicle. Although handhelds are tempting, you are limited to 5 watts of power. With a mobile you can get up to 50 or 75 watts depending on the make and model. I currently have 2 Yaesu FT-7800R's which are fantastic radios! I have one in the car and bought another for the shack. Good luck on your exams! Kevin, KB1OBG
  21. I do not have this issue on my 60CSx, so you may want to re-install the firmware update if you have not already tried that.
  22. To make use of the 2008 NT upgrade disc, your gps must be loaded with an earlier NT version of CN. which mine is not.
  23. Well, that's good to hear. I guess I can finally go ahead and upgrade my CN v7, although I'll have to buy the full version....since I can't use the NT upgrade disc...ugggh.
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