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    60csx or vista hcx

    The Vista HCx has tide prediction built in under the Marine section (this may have been loaded with the Topo 2008 maps)
  2. moonpup

    60csx or vista hcx

    I was a 60CSx user ever since they came out and over time with firmware updates it became a fantastic unit! I recently sold mine to pick up a Colorado 400t and that was a huge mistake. My particular unit was incredibly buggy, locked up constantly and sucked up water like a sponge. The seal in that unit is absolutely useless and leaks like a sieve. If anyone tells you otherwise, they obviously have not dunked theirs in a pool of water...anyway I digress. I have since returned the Colorado and settled on the Vista HCx for the interim until the Colorado's become more refined. My reasoning for not buying another 60CSx, was I felt the antenna stuck up to high and over time I hated the buttons at the bottom and found them spongy. I hike a lot and I like the compactness of the Vista, its better display and and longer battery life. I also like the click stick and button layout. Most of this is personal preference and you really need to take your wife to a store that carries the models you are interested in and have her try and see them for real. This will give her a better understanding of each unit. Good luck!
  3. Well, I definitely was not trying to cause alarm but simply reporting what the customer service rep had told me. It would not be the first time that we have gotten conflicting stories from different representatives. I was not aware of the crack for the map key, so that may be the very reason for the rushed map update to market. Either way, a new version will be here soon...
  4. Nice work, but you should have gotten permission first to use the logo/graphic as a courtesy.
  5. I was surprised that the representative stated that they were pulling the current version due to safety issues. It's a good thing that they acknowledge the problem and are fixing it, but didn't think they would actually tell a customer the software has potential to be dangerous Has anyone actually run into a dangerous situation when using this software?
  6. Hi all, As an FYI, I just got off the phone with Garmin and found out they have asked retailers to pull the current version of CityNav-NT 2008 because of safety issues with sending people down the wrong side of streets, turning down one-ways etc. I was told they are releasing a new version come May 2008 with a lot of corrections. So if you're looking to buy it, you may not find at retailers and will be stuck until the new version comes out. I have no idea what happens if you just bought it, but if you have a pre-loaded auto unit, they will allow you the new updates when they come out.
  7. I've always just bought a 10 pack of the screen protectors for Palm pilots and cut my own to size. In fact I'm still on the first one and have not needed to change it yet... well over a year later.
  8. This still boggles my mind as to why Garmin sets these map segment limits. With all these high capacity cards and the fact that we have expandable memory, this should not be an issue. Does anyone know if this is a hardware sort of limitation or is Garmin just being a pain in the a** about it?? Edit to add: If they can load all of Topo 2008 on the Colorado's with no segment limit then this should be carried across to the other x lines as well.
  9. I need to get a micro sd card for my Vista HCx, but will the 4GB micro sdhc card work and will it work to full capacity? Am I better off getting 2 regular 2GB sd cards and use one for topo and one for CN-NT 2008?
  10. moonpup

    GARMIN 200W

    No, you can't get the speaks street names functionality unless you by a more expensive unit (this unit does not have it). As for the maps you'll have to buy them and load them on a memory card.
  11. Quick question on the latest firmware for this unit... on Garmin's website it's dated Feb 2007?? Is that correct, I thought they just released firmware to fix the fading issue on cold startup??
  12. I agree, this unit was released way too early. Granted, there are firmware bugs and lacking features but I'm confident Garmin will fix them. I bought a 400t last week and sent it back yesterday. It just frustrated me with freezes, lockups, not displaying geocaches (even garmin support couldn't get it to work), crappy 5-6 hour battery life on alkalines and the thing sucked up water like a sponge. Never ever have I had a Garmin unit pull water into the battery compartment like this thing. Don't believe me, then dunk yours in a sink for 5 mins like I did and see for yourself. For the interim I have purchased the trusty eTrex Vista HCx and will enjoy that immensely. I'm sorry I sold my 60CSx to take a shot at the Colorado, but oh well. Hopefully the second generation will be much improved.
  13. Hi Paul, Good to hear from you! I glad your unit is working well, and I guess I got the lemon Anyway, it's no big deal, I'll just wait it out for now and go back to the eTrex line which I have always been happy with. Maybe with the costs savings I'll pick up a Nuvi for the car too.
  14. Thanks for the help gang, but if you read my other post this 400t is going back today.
  15. To answer the above questions, yes it has the latest firmware and I thought about an exchange but it's still too early fro this unit. I'm going to wait it out and live on a Vista HCx for now. My biggest concern is with the water resistance of this unit. With all the Garmin units I've had, not one ever had water inside after it took a dunk. This thing filled right up like there was no seal at all. Long term, this can't be good for the battery contacts. I'm sure Garmin will straighten things out over time. Thanks for the recommendations though.
  16. Well I'm sorry to say, but the Colorado is going back in exchange for a Vista HCx even if it costs me a restocking fee. My reasons for doing this are as follows. 1) No matter what I do I cannot get geocaches to show up on the gps, even if I search for them as waypoints. A call to Garmin tech support today could not fix it either. 2) The battery life is down right horrible with either alkalines or lithiums. I've heard rechargeables are much improved but have not tried them as I don't own any. Also, the battery meter is just downright flaky. First it powers off due to low battery, then you turn it back on and it shows 3 bars and continues to run for another hour or so. I never got more than 5-6 hours out of a set of batteries 3) I gave my gps the dunk test today and found my battery compartment filled with water after the fact. Even though the gps continued to function after it's 5 minute dunk, this failure over the long term cannot be good if you spend a lot of time around water or in the rain. I will admit the memory card slot was dry though. 4) Repeated lock ups and freezes that require pulling the battery. I thought I could work through these early issues, but this is just unacceptable as a released product. Garmin has released this unit too early and it needs a lot more work. I'm glad some of you have more patience than I and also seem to have better functioning units. Maybe I just have bad luck but I'm looking forward to a more stable and functioning unit. Good luck to those who keep theirs and to those who are considering buying one.
  17. hmmm... well that doesn't help me as I only have 2 in there LOL
  18. keep us posted, as i only have 2 gpx files in my garmin/gpx folder and can't see them
  19. All I can say is welcome to the beta test. I currently love it and hate it at the same time... come on firmware updates!
  20. I have exactly 2 gpx files in the folder just as a test and no matter what I have tried I still can't see them.
  21. Yup, seeing something similar. Now that I have stopped complaining about battery life I have copied over a bunch of gpx files to the garmin/gpx/ folder yet when i browse for waypoints or geocaches i see nothing. I even tried a send to from garmin communicator through firefox and still see no geocaches. anyone??
  22. I'm seeing the same things with alkaline batteries. I get about 5-6 hours with no backlight and compass off. I haven't tried rechargeables yet, but when the Colorado thinks the alakalines are dead and won't power up I can put them in an eTrex and it will power right up showing 75% battery capacity. This tells me they may have tweaked the rechargeables, but the alkaline setting needs a lot of work!
  23. I think the way the power meter is interpreting battery capacity still needs tweaking. After 5-6 hours when my Colorado says the batteries are dead and will no longer power up, I can stick those same batteries in an eTrex and it will power up showing about 75% full capacity and work just fine. I know that the Colorado is more power hungry, but to say these batteries are dead at that level just means the battery meter is broken period and needs further investigation into why this is happening. I talked to Garmin this morning and all they said was use better batteries and stop using alkalines and go to niMh rechargeable's. They know there is an issue and are looking into it.
  24. After reading this thread almost everyone is saying this is not a design flaw and have no issues with water entering the unit. Well this is all well and good, but bottom line you are just asking for trouble. By default, you should not allow water to get into the unit in the first place. That's like NASA sending up a rocket and saying hey, we'll let the outer door allow in the outer atmosphere and rely on the internal door seal to the spacecraft with no backup to protect the astronauts. How completely ridiculous does that sound?? To design the Colorado this way is absolutely dumb and I believe you are going to see more and more failures with water. If you are all so confident about this, why don't you all go dunk your units and take your chances. Everyone says it's not a problem but in the same breath say I wouldn't do that. That's real encouraging, thanks.
  25. moonpup

    Colorado series

    Here's an update on my so called 'dead batteries' by my Colorado. The set of alkalines I have in the Colorado will no longer power up the gps, the Garmin logo comes up and then promptly turns off. So I took the batteries out and put them in another gps and they are reading 75% full and the unit is functioning perfectly with no noticeable battery drain still showing 3/4 capacity. This tells me the battery meter in the Colorado is still broken!
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