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  1. Hi all, Since I am not overly impressed with the Mapsource Topo CD's (they seem pretty outdated, and i've also seen other postings to such), I wanted to know if anyone here has used the Delorme Topo 2004 or the Delorme Streets 2004 products on their Legend? Will these products work ok? If you currently use or have used it, would you recommend them? Any other recommendations? Thanks so much! Kevin
  2. Does anybody have a list or know where I can find a list of the active GPS satellites in orbit and how they correspond to the numbers on the GPS unit. For example I'm locked on satellites 3, 7, 12, 31. Where are they in orbit etc...thanks!
  3. Just got my new Legend and absolutely love it! One thing I am curious about is the battery compartment. I noticed that the left side has the typical spring to hold the battery in place and the right side has the more rigid 2 metal tabs. Is this a normal configuration in the Legend or just mismatched parts? Other than that the unit is perfect and works great!
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