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  1. As I understand your post, there is a challenge that requires you to go to the Las Vegas sign and take a pic. You went to the sign and took a pic. You submitted this pic as proof of completing the challenge. What's your beef? My "beef" is simply a cacher's ability to sit at a computer, play this silly new game and up their numbers without doing anything new! I don't have anything against new "games". I agree with other posters, It's only a game and you can choose to play it or not. BUT.......you shouldn't be able to increase your numbers as I just demonstrated! I say keep the challenges, just don't allow the completions to count as finds on GC.com!.....Hoots! Another thing to consider! Geocaching has always required the use of a GPSr and a set of Co-ordinates. I can recall once being scolded by a reviewer for saying "you can find it without a GPS". He disallowed that statement saying it wasn't true caching if no GPS was needed. Wonder where that reviewer stands on this subject?
  2. Case in point! I just completed my first "challenge" sitting here at my computer! Challenge was "Las Vegas Sign"...........Posted a pic I took back in April while caching around Vegas. WOW, now that's real Geocaching! Two smilies for the same pic! Think I'll pass on the new game! What's next..Geocaching Farmville? Hoots!
  3. Guess I must agree with IkeHurley.......this is not Geocaching and no "completed" challenge smilies should be added. Even the one I published in Augusta, Ga. could be accepted and completed without leaving your house as long as someone just happened to take a pic while they were there. I think I'll publish one more tomorrow involving the webcam located GZ. After that, like Ike said.....think I'll pass!......Hoots!
  4. For starters, they definately should not count unless the challenge is completed AFTER it is published! Even then all I have to do is draw a picture of a frog, take a pic of me kissing it and get a smilie.! Rediculious in my opinion!......Hoots!
  5. It appears to me that anyone can sit at their computer, accept a challenge that only requires a picture no matter when taken and run up the numbers quickly! Lots of flaws in this new game. Amazing it's even considered Geocaching to me!...........Hoots!
  6. I assume the new feature added by Groundspeak "Challenges" is meant to replace the old Virtual Caches no longer available for publish. I understand why the "virtuals" were discontinued. I am told reviewers were swamped with rediculious "virtual" locations that had no educational or historical value. I totally agree with the decision to eliminate this type request. Now, it is my opinion that virtuals should be reinstated with specific rules as to the cache value as it applies to visiting historical and educational sites. I can't see why this can't be easily accomplished! So, now we have "Challenges"? So far I've seen more of these archived before I can even read the challenge. Looks like a fun game but so far it appears to be a joke! Tell me, which seems more educational, a cacher earning a smilie for posting a picture of someone being "challenged" to "Kiss A Frog" or visiting a Civil War Memorial and learning something along the way? I have published one challenge located in Augusta, Ga. and will play the game for a while, however this seems to me to be far removed from the original intent of geocaching! My two cents! I'd appreciate your opinion! Hoots! Augusta, GA.
  7. Attention "Garmin Oregon" owners! We need to flood Garmin support with requests for an upgrade that will allow a "Found eocahe" from the "Found File" on the handheld. As of this writing, Garmin has admitted there is no way to delete Found Geocaches from the "Found" page without connecting to your computer and deleting them individually by cache numbers!! Very irritating and it should be an easy fix for Garmin. I presently own seven Garmin GPSr units and all of them allow this function. (I'm not talking about deleting waypoints!) Just "Found Geocaches! If you ar experiencing the same problem, plese emai Garmin Support with a request for this upgrade! Thanks...................Hoots!
  8. Does anyone know if Verizion has a program similar to the iphone that displays cache pages without logging in? I know there is some contract with AT&T but will Verizion ever offer the same program for the Blackberry Storm?
  9. Actually, I would like to know if Verizon offers a program now similar to the iphone that brings up the caches pages without the hassle of signing in which is a pain!!!................Hoots!
  10. Have coin! No pic yet! Will move along to Turks and Cacois but not wihin time limits! Probably August 20th or so!.....................Hoots!
  11. Can someone tell me how to get an e-mail when a new cache is placed? This is from Premium Members options but it dosen't say how to do it! Instant Log Notifications For some geocachers, the weekly cache notification email is just not enough. If you absolutely must be the first to find a newly published geocache, you cannot do better than to be instantly notified by email when a new cache becomes available. You can choose to have the notification sent to any email address you like, or even your email-enabled mobile phone! With several log options to choose from, including “Found it”, “Didn’t Find It”, and “Enabled” you’ll be constantly updated on geocache happenings in any area you choose.
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