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  1. This is something I'm actually interesting in doing and have some ideas of what I could do with access to the API, but I'm not really sure where to start.
  2. On the 1st of March 2012 I went through all the country and state, territory, subdivision, etc. pages available on the advanced search page and counted all the geocaches that had been published and available at the time (excluding future events) to produced some interesting statistics. Total Geocaches: 1,652,053 Countries with the most geocaches Countries with the highest geocache densities States with the most geocaches Sates with the highest geocache densities Canada USA EDIT: The geocache count for Nebraska should actually be around 6400, which gives a density of around 31.9 geocaches/1000km². (Thanks BruceS) Some links with more numbers and figures Some more figures List of states with statistics List of countries with statistics Interactive world map
  3. In the meantime you can use GeoBucket, its free and has geocaching live api integration. http://itunes.apple....d426675790?mt=8
  4. WOW Did you guys drive the whole way? Anyway, its an impressive feat.
  5. Were all of the members of the team present for all the finds or were different members in different countries?
  6. OpenStreetMap is already the default map for Groundspeak's mobile app, Geocaching Live
  7. You lot should come to Canberra, Australia. Its the puzzle cache capital of Australia. Within the ACT 233 of the 888 caches (~26%) are unknown caches.
  8. Remember that you can log it as a discovered TB if you dont take it.
  9. The Geocaching Australia website has a feature (which I just discovered about 15 mins ago) that will draw the 160m circle around each cache when viewed in Google Maps. But it only seems to work for Australia and New Zealand.
  10. too bad its been broken quite a few times recently. maybe 99.94?
  11. Hi, I'm a geocacher from Canberra, Australia. I started Geocaching just this year. I will be in KL for 2 days in November and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for which caches I should go for during my visit. I visited Malaysia several years ago so I wont be doing much of the touristy stuff this time round. Also my uncle, who lives in KL, should be with me the whole time so I'm pretty sure I will be able to get anywhere. But the downside is that I wont have a GPS with me. Thanks for your help, rubai
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