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  1. Sad to say i never recieved my mission. I always go way overboard on mine and my family missions and it was sad to see i never recieved my Christmas Mission or Last years easter mission. I wish everyone the best of luck on recieving there old and new missions :?(
  2. I am still missing one mission from last Eatser and now my Christmas mission Hope to see the Christmas one soon.
  3. River Tinkerbell was so excited when she got home from school today because she had a package from Hunny Bunny. She was doing cartwheels the whole time when she was opening the presents. Thanks so much for making my kids day. 1. Participating: Jan 4th 2. Received Name: yes, 3. Mission Complete: We sent this mission priority right after this mission started. Hope all has arived fine? 4. Package Received!:YES TODAY!!!!!! 1-26-09
  4. This sounds like a mint error and phoros may need sent to Oakcoins or Groundspeak. Just a idea
  5. Congrats to the two winners. Since there was two winners do i get to choose the color of footballs (Blue and White) LOL Please confirm you color and send me you address. Face Book was a seperate cointest and my example guess of 51 to 3 OH SO CLOSE!!! I will have to go check Fcaebook to see who won. Thanks for the fun everyone.
  6. I may be busy at the end of this with River Tinkerbells 9th Birthday Party so i will send the congrats out a little bit later. Remember it is the final score and good luck to all.
  7. WOW this brings back memories. I use to go ride Three wheelers down there and campout. Those three wheelers where new and tore the heck out of me when i was a teenager. My ankles and calfs are sore as a write this. LOL Great looking coin and i am glad to see the parks involved with this :?)
  8. mikedavistile@yahoo.com Sorry if i did not post that OOOPS
  9. I am hosting a similiar one on facebook as well. If you do a friend request i must know you caching name as well. I also may not be on top of the computer to add you in time as well. GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!
  10. Here is your chance to win a Purlpe and Gold or Blue and White Trackable Copper football geocoin The closest to the final score will win. If you guess it right you will win BOTH Geocoins in the Artist edition GOLD!!!! You can guess twice. First guess is between now and the end of first qaurter. Second Guess is open only during 2nd qaurter and closes at the end of Half time. You may guess only once between now and the end of first qaurter and then once more AFTER that until half time ends. Here is a example Vikings 27 Cowboys 24 would have been my guess :?) If this has to be combined with football geocoin thread please update for cointest. Thank You and good luck even to the Cowboy fans :?(
  11. Me and my family send all of our thoughts and prayers to you at this time. She will be missed!!!
  12. WOW I am amazed to see this SHOP99ER Trackable Geocoin. Looks like there is some deals here to be had on some nice coins. I am going on my last week of 8 weeks of treatments and so far all is goiung great. I do get a month off before surgery and or round 2 of treatments. Thanks everyone for all you have done to help me and my kids during this time. The thoughts and prayers have helped more then you could ever imagine. Please keep them coming, Mike and Kids
  13. I can not believe how long this took to get there via Priority Mail. I am glad to see you enjoyed your package. I hope to see the USPS show up with my mission soon.
  14. These are sure wonderful looking coins in person. Thanks for sharing with me :?) Great job as always avroair!!!!!
  15. How was that phone call for service :?) Code is IDAHO9 There is the samples with different codes i have and a few other stary ones may have a special codes as well. Please contact me if there is any issues and it will be taken care of right away. I still have a few coins left. Have a great Day, Mike
  16. Yes there is some Antique Silver and Antique Gold left. Email Sent
  17. I have added River Tinkerbell to the mission. Thanks for hosting
  18. I have decided to put some Gold Artist Editions up for aution. There is just 10 of each made. Blue and Orange on GOLD Metal 1 of 10 made!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK GO BOISE STATE!!!!!!!
  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!! I hope and pray this year my health will take a turn to the best. I will not know the outcome of my first round of treatments until the 20th of Feb. Either way i will be doing 2 rounds of chemo and i pray surgery will be first before #2 and this date of Feb 20th will be when i find out. You have all made a big difference on stress in my life and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am getting to spend 4 days with my girls and and i am spoiling them as much as possible :?) but most is with love. You are all amazing and THANK YOU for being there for my family. I do want to note i have started up some of my own ebay auctions like i use to have and all of these funds from my auctions are being used to pay off some projects i had started prior to getting sick. I have a 300 coin order sitting i need to pay off and i have other projects at the mints. I will not be taking any money from the the items YOU have auctioned off or donated for my orders. The money you are raising here is helping with Transportaion and out of town needs during this time. I will be driving back and forth as much as possible so i can spend time with my kids while they are in school during the week but i have to drive back to my motel every night and it is over 120 miles driving and soon i may not be up to that, So far i amazing the doctors and feeling great. My ebay name is rivercacher if any one does see these on there and again my daily ebay buying habits have stopped. I may be dumping some special coins i did not want to get rid of but if needed i will be. Here is one that i made just three of. Satin Silver 2009 Trackable Sample Geocoin 3 made!!!!!!!!!
  20. Did your girls get their packages opened?? Yes and she loved every bit of it. I am using a lap top and having some photo issues but they will be up soon since i may have figured it all out. What a wonderful mission you did. Great job and please keep a eye out for a few photos. I have 5 of 6 misions and the last is on the way. Out of US has been really really slow. I have sigle coin packs taking over 30 days. HAPPY NEW YEARS
  21. Maybe there is a camera in there?????
  22. Looks like another nice avroair creation. Where is the event going to be ?? Not sure if i will be up to going but you never know with me. I will be keeping a eye for the coin and the event.
  23. All paid orders have been shipped. I hope you enjoy the fast service on all orders. My life is kind of slow at this time so i will be shipping same day when possible. Thanks Mike
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