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  1. Congrats to the winners.


    My goal is to teach our children the importance of a CITO.


    I also try and teach them to practice this everytime out Geocaching.


    Another great way to prevent nature from getting destroyed is to put larger caches in areas that have room for them so people are not destoring everything to find a micro in the woods or landscape.


    Thanks MGM for the wonderful cointest :blink:

  2. Here is your chance to grab one of these wonderful designed Geocoins.


    These where made for the 3rd annual Fly the Owyhee CITO.

    GC23EHJ Link Here


    They are 1.75 inches.

    100 Black Nickel minted.

    Soft and Hard enamel.

    Each coin comes with a chain to attach tags or etc.

    Tracking numbers are large to make reading them easy.

    Cost is 10.00 each.


    United States Shipping is via Pay Pal with conformation and is 2.50 for the first and 1.00 each after.


    Out of United States will be guaranteed to receive a email with the geocoin tracking number only!!!


    Canada 3.00 for the first tracking number via email and 1.50 each after.


    All other countries are 4.00 for the first tracking number via email and 2.00 each after.


    I will not and can not guarantee shipping of geocoins unless you purchase insurance.


    As most of us know shipping can be slow out of US and i have enough stress in my life to worry about and getting bad and negative emails over slow or lost geocoins (Very Rare) is not what i need to deal with on ebay or or the forums so this is the way it will be from now on.


    You may want to add some of the following Geocoins to your order as well.

    2009 State of Idaho Geocoin Antique Nickel or Antique Gold 10.00 each

    Hazardous Geocoins Radiation or BioHazard Glowing Micro editions 7.00 each or 3 for 20.00.

    2009 Black Canyon Beach Luau Tiki Geocoins Antique Gold 10.00 each. 2010 will be released in August.

    2009 Go Team Football Geocoins 6 colors to choose from 7.00 each or 3 for 20.00


    Please email me your order mikedavistile@yahoo.com

    I will send a pay pal invoice upon order conformation.

    Have a wonderful day. Mike / River Cacher





  3. The Idaho Geocoins sure look nice in hand.


    Da_Muggle did a nice job on picking the colors :?)


    Are all of these events with these coins approved for the 10 year icon ???


    We submitted a event for Idaho but there has been no conformation of using the icon.


    Do we need to ask or is it automatic ??


    Thanks and good luck to all at there events.




  4. Looks like Welch and I will be making this trip with a few other IGO members planning attendance also. I just might have a few of my copper AE Medicine Wheels along for some trading <_<

    I am a IGO memeber that will be attending.


    IGO = Idaho Geocachers.Org :?)

  5. Today, April 7th, I got home from work and found a package on my table. It was addressed to Ms Amara. Just shy of 5 months from the mailing date (11/12/09), the package arrived.


    Ms Amara and I will open it on her very next visit. I am sure she will be thrilled and enjoy the chocolate and candy cane too. I have written grodan & fiabus and asked about sending a coin in return for the extra Ms Amara received.


    Thank you to all!

    WOW this is great to hear.

    Congrats to you.

    I wonder if my lost missions from Christmas and last Easter will ever show up:?(

  6. This coin is from The Soprano's Hitman Event!

    All proceeds go toward GeoWoodstock VIII




    Cost: $10.00 (plus $2.50 for shipping and .25 for each additional coin. International shipping is $5.00 first coin, and $1.00 each additional)


    Yes it is trackable (the tracking number is on the side)


    You can order yours here.

    These coins look much better in hand as i have one.


    Good luck picking up one.

  7. I don't know if anyone had taken over the WRR, but I have taken it upon myself to carry it on.


    You can now find the WORLD RELEASE REGISTER at: WRR PAGE.


    I will be going through all the pages of this thread to get a complete listing of everyone who has volunteered to be on the listing. I have also created links directly on the WRR to be added or deleted from the list. Hope this carries on for a long long time, and I'm happy to host it.



    Thanks for taking the time to keep this going.


    Hope to see this put to good use for many.

  8. Hi,

    Just an idea for maybe a Future Geocoin,


    Little spoon geocoins, Like the kind people collect.

    One for each state, There could be individual enamel coloring.

    Just a thought


    COOL IDEA you got there :):D

    To Funny.


    I had been looking into doing spoon coins for each state.


    There has been a few done out of US.


    My aunt collects spoons and this is how i thought of this.


    This would make a great group coin in the future.

  9. I had donated a few coins awhile back but i will get together some more to do my part as a geocoiner to help make this years a great event for us all to enjoy.


    Thanks to all of the members for all your work to make this possible.

  10. I hope to get the Idaho Event published soon.


    I have agreed to take care of the event that will be held in Boise Idaho on May 2nd.


    I will post the GC when i have one.


    Good luck to everyone on there events. Mike / RC

  11. I wanted to Thank everyone for all you have done during this time.


    I was able to enjoy a 10 day vacation with the kids along the west coast that will be really great memories for the kids.


    I am on my second and last batch of Chemo i can recieve and then test will be done to see how well things went.


    Somehow i am staying stronger then ever and have not been sick at all.


    Without all of your prayers and positive thoughts this road would be much rougher for me and my family.


    I am out Geocaching and attending events like crazy so i hope to see many of you along the trails or at future events.


    You are all the best friends i could ever ask for :P

  12. I would love to see the updates on this as well.


    I do not tweet :?(


    Thanks for taking this on.


    Do you have to go to the event to be able to get these ??


    I know of some people wanting them but they are not attending.


    I say they should attend but i am fine either way.


    Thanks again

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