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  1. also I was told there is no tweety bird item attached to this tb.
  2. this does not have a 0 the only thing close that could get messed up is a 6 and i have tried all close ways the numbers seem very clear and there has been no pictures
  3. The TB'S in the lost tunnel at the same time as mine or ? is red jeep TB1NVB0, FreddyIII TB155QY, wind wizard's Golden Lizard TB1DXJF GEO COIN. I AM A HE
  4. I have tried all possible numbers or letters that could be close and come up with nothing It was discovered and the later picked up from GC15Q7X then dropped by ww in GC13egn. It is actually in GCPNF5 that my brother placed it in.
  5. If you go to the tb ref # it will show what cache and 2 people have seen it over there I will post the cache ref # soon
  6. This is a newer TB and was released in Idaho by me and my six year old daughter. My brother easternoregontraveler went on a trip to Mexico so I handed him my TB ( Reference #TB1RMCH ) Before he dropped my TB it was discovered in Paris and I thought it was a mistake Until a few day's later windwizard grabbed it so I finally contacted my brother and he said he had dropped the TB just a few hours before me contacting him and I told him someone grabbed it the day before in Paris so he checked online and all the numbers match up so I told him not to log it until we get this figured out.I have the copy in my hand and have not gave it to nobody or placed it anywhere and the # matches with with the one my brother wrote down also.The real bug is sitting in Mexico not Logged in and when it gets picked up it will be interesting to watch what happens to RASHELLS TWEETY. Also it was dropped off today by windwizard in Germany HUUUMMMMMMM.
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