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  1. I would not purchase one that is not trackable unless there is a special reason for the coin or a friends coin.
  2. I tried to get the manufacturer but this is who sold and designed them. prowler53@comcast.net I hope this is ok to post his email i did get this off the forum Please let me know If this is not ok. Good luck and let me know what you find out
  3. The company that you purchased your unactivated coins should take care of this issue for you. They always keep a few extra stashed away for this reason. Even if you bought this from a third party the company that made or sold this coin should be liable and willing to help you and if they do not It would be nice to know so I do not purchase items from them. The one I had issues with had no zeros and we both had the same tracking numbers and mistakes like this do happen on occasion.
  4. I have a Travel Bug that had a duplicated set and they replaced the one set for the other cacher and it was real interesting to figure out what the problem was. They offered to replace my set as well but it was released by my 6 year old daughter and she would have been heart broke. TB1RMCH
  5. The first thing I do when i ask permission is hand them a Geocaching Brochure with my name and Phone number on it and if they would like time to think about it before giving me permission so they can do research or talk to others that may need to be involved with making the decision. I have published over 190 caches and have yet to be denied on any place I have asked such as City parks, Stateparks, BLM, BOR, Commercial, Private or anywhere They have all said yes or called me back later and said Yes. My biggest shock was at Hells Canyon Dam when I asked for permission the response was it's about time a Geocacher stopped by to place one here. I have had some negative remarks made when I asked at other places but somehow I have said the right things and have been able to put one there. The first time I do get turned down I will go all the way I can to get a different answer if possible. I have several places that have approved them but I have not had enough time yet to get back and place them. If I was to see there was other caches somewhere and they tell me no I would just leave it at that and find somewhere else to place so it will not stir up any issues.
  6. I like to hide caches most of all. I like to find caches of all types just not to many puzzle ones. I like to host events and help out as much as possible on others. I like to promote geocaching to new people to get them hooked as i am. I like to take kids out geocaching especially the ones that require hiking. Most of all I hate logging my finds I have not kept track for the last five years except for the last 6 months and when I move a TB or I had something interesting to post. I have 1 or 2 hundred caches I have not logged lately and It looks like I am not going to worry about logging them. So many cachers I new years ago were in it just for the numbers so it just turned me off on logging them because to me logging them is not important and taking time to enjoy the caches and the surroundings are more important for me and my kids.
  7. Yeah, it happened abouta three months ago with some geofriends in the area. They tried to activate thier tag only to find someone had already activated "their" number. They contacted Groundspeak, explained the problem and were sent new tags with a couple days... Was that because of duplicate tags or the other person activating the wrong tracking number? Duplicates... Yes this TB has had a duplicate set made and should have been destroyed but was released by mistake I just had a reply from Groundspeak and they said they thought it was a type error so I sent them a email back and explained it all to them.I will post my next response from them when I get it.
  8. what do you think of putting A copy out after the original has been gone a long time. I was shocked on a tb to find a copy on it a few years ago and it didnt seem right
  9. Yep, one of the things I want to address on email in addition to what happens to the finders stats should the logs be corrected. Ah yes, but duplicate TBs get locked down. Best to get it fixed. Does Groundspeak do this and then nobody could log it then. Edit: Wish I could get four copy tags for one TB!
  10. WOW this might be a fun TB if I get the one in Germany to release it again and I would make sure I post notes that you will have to grab it sometimes just imagine the miles it can get LOL and then try and get them to unite I am emailing Germany to see if he still has it.
  11. I am now trying to find out when the other person purchased theres. If it was after mine I could see why they couldn't get theres to work right and if it was before did the maker consider it destroyed and made a new one or ???
  12. Just take a look at all of the design work and effort that is put into these you have to charge more it is just like buying a car or a house the nicer it is the more it will cost.
  13. I have a few TBs that are attached to a stuffed bear pencil pouch and there are just TBs that have log book and trading items I was unable to find out a way to have them a traveling cache.I just named it Jer bear cache tb and people can post trade items and such on tb page I also have a coin cache tb.
  14. Yeah, it happened abouta three months ago with some geofriends in the area. They tried to activate thier tag only to find someone had already activated "their" number. They contacted Groundspeak, explained the problem and were sent new tags with a couple days... Was that because of duplicate tags or the other person activating the wrong tracking number? Mine was because of Duplicate tags there is 4 tags with the same Numbers my Tb did have 72 miles on it before it went to Mexico and has over ten thousand miles and it is in Canada now so it will get some more fast.
  15. Has anyone ever heard of this happening or is this a real rare thing to happen.
  16. Did someone duplicate my TB tag ? YES they did and I figured out how finally. Someone purchased some TBs and they could not get one of them to activate right.This one had the same numbers as mine so Groundspeak sent them another set to replace it. When they went on a trip to Paris the duplicated set was dropped by mistake. This person offered to send the copy to me and I told him just to scratch some of the numbers off or destroy it. I also contacted the person with the TB in Germany and asked them to do the same. I will contact the person that has my TB and let them know it is ok to release it and we will keep a eye out to see if this fixes the problem.This does go to show nothing or nobody is perfect not even Groundspeak LOL :?)
  17. I just had another person discover the one that was in Mexico and the one that is on hold in Germany is a little beaver with a Chinese hat and a rocket so I will try and check Tbs in France to see if I can find one that Matches this description.
  18. OK I have both travel bugs picked up and a hold on them and the numbers seem to match 1 was grabbed in Mexico and the other was grabbed in Germany and I have one of the copies and I wonder who has the other one.
  19. Windwizard has grabbed the tb in Germany the other is in mexico and I have posted notes for someone to grab it I still havnt found out what item is on it but I just emailed windwizard to find out
  20. I have sent info to Eartha and will post notes on MY TB page to hold it and cache in Mexico. I hope the other ones that have seen this will visit the forum I have told them all it is here.
  21. I have contacted the cache owner of lost tunnel that dropped the dino TB and I have also contacted bjm and windwizard and the owner of the cache in Germany were it shows the bug is now but I dont know if she can read it. I hope someone will tell me what item the tb is attached to and as soon as I find out I will post it also everyone I have emailed I have explained what is going on and apologized for any inconvenience and told them it is on the forum under travelbugs.
  22. I notice that in that cache in France, a geocacher named u_man posted in his log "IN : TB Dino". However, in his profile I cannot find any TB named Dino. Perhaps the TB in Europe that is being mistaken for yours is this "TB Dino"? I have contacted this person and have explained everything to him and have asked about the dino tb because i can not find any record of it.I will check back on this It is my kids 7th birthday so I have to get stuff for her school.THANKS FOR THE HELP SO FAR
  23. My brother is the one that placed it in Mexico and is now back in Oregon.I sure wish I was able to go grab it though.
  24. I have contacted ground speak 3 day's ago and have had no reply as of yet I am just worried some one is going to pick it up in Mexico. I have contacted the two people in Paris and one says it is not a tweety bird and the other has not responed to any of my emails
  25. the cache writing is in a different language if I contact the owner of the cache it is in now does it translate on the cache page for them or email that i have sent
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