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  1. Glad to see this has worked out for you. I have over 200 caches hidden and I still run into a few problems here and there. The reviewers have been great and if there is a issue I fix it.
  2. If anyone is into football or that has kids into football this is a great idea. For them to be able to personalize it for under 10.00 bucks each is a great thing. I am shocked to see the other post on thinking this is to much. Personalized and Trackable for under 10.00 bucks and you can choose the colors. Great idea on these. To bad i have 3 girls or these would be in X-Mas stockings for sure. I hope to see a bunch of lucky kids to have these to show off to the friends. AND IT COST UNDER 10:00
  3. I Think if you have received any in your collection as presents from cachers that you should activate those ones. If they are ones you plan to keep then activate them. If you are not sure on any of them then do not activate them as you may want to trade them later.
  4. Glad to see you are coming up with ideas on adding a twist to the fun. I have one TB Jer-bear-coin-cache-tb #TB1F7CT That is a small stuffed bear with a backpack that is to be used to pack around Geocoins. This does allow cachers to log 2 for 1 if there is a coin in his back pack. I Think I have seen one TB that was attached to a coin as you had mentioned. I do not discover or I would be able to check my finds. Keep up the gread ideas and please send some out as it is a very rare find to get.
  5. Ditto - I keep on putting them out. I also gift them to people, with a condition that they release it. A few of my in the wild coins go astray. Most continue to travel. My main problem with copies is that they get mixed up with visiting cards, can get wet & soggy and are overlooked by cachers, therefore don't always travel as quickly as the real deal. That is a great idea on the gifted ones. I have gave several I have gave away or left them in caches for prizes and from now on I will post a note they must activate and RELEASE THEM
  6. My first TB disapeared right away and now with 78 out and over 70 moving around it has been a lot of fun to track them. My special ones i keep at home so I do not chance losing them.
  7. I think if someone is so worried about there coin getting stolen they should just keep it at home. I have 78 released and way over 70 are still moving. If more disapear i will just put more out.
  8. I like the idea of Denver or Utah as it is a central location for alot of cachers.
  9. You could try and find another person that has this same coin and trade or purchase it. Don't give yp because there was more then one of those made.
  10. I know it is to late for this one. If you find you do need more kids to join in please let me know or i will wait until the next one. I have a 6 and 7 year old girl that would love this and we have plenty of extra coins and swag.
  11. I have came across personal non trackables that where in caches and kept those to add to my collection. My first collectable Geocoin was found in a cache and was another Cachers personal non trackable. When I got this coin i did not have one to trade and later I found out that I should have traded fair but i had no coins to trade. I have made this up for grabbing this geocoin by placing several others in caches for prizes or for people to trade and keep. Since then i always keep a coin with me to trade that is unactivated or non trackable just in case i find one in a cache so I can make a fair trade. I know when i drop coins in a cache I keep a close eye on who picks those up and see see if they trade fair. Good luck on you first steps of geocoin collecting and if you did find one that you are able to keep go ahead and keep it and make it up later by dropping one you paid for.
  12. Has anyone asked when they will send these out?Maybe we can try and make a goal to where the coins try and visit other cachers that have also released the same coins?
  13. I think if there is a system put in place that it would be fair to discuss or get input from the coin companies as this could effect the way they do things. They may have better suggestions on how to run the system that would be fair to them. They may also be able to figure out a way to help protect the buyers. When construction work is done most contractors are required to be bonded. Bonds are not hard to get in most states but I am not sure if you can get these for retail sales? I had one in Oregon that was under 200.00 a year but it insured my customers I would complete what i started. This is just an idea
  14. I think something like this would be great as the coin operaters would be able to defend themselves due to mistakes or whatever the issues are and we could decide if we still want to use them or not. I had a friend call me today and say she was going online to purchase some coins and I told her to check here first to see what is going on. I would love to see Groundspeak be incharge of this if they are able to???? If I ever order presale I will do major research to make sure i do not get ripped off and that is sad to have to do over a 10.00 coin.
  15. It does scare me to buy a presale and i never have and it is not looking good on ever doing so but one thing i see is that some coins go so fast and when they do not make enough it does cause issues and that is were the presales come in good to get a good idea on the amounts but there are people out there that ruin it for others and these threads are a very good thing for all geocachers to read but then again it would hurt other companies that have done nothing wrong at all.
  16. Has anyone turned these claims into the police at all to see if they will step and prevent these people from ripping off more. I have been lucky so far but it has now thrown up red flags to me on purchasing items from others out there.
  17. I did bring this up about Geocaching last Tuesday and the scout leader used to go Geocaching and we will talk later to see what we can do. Please keep me posted on the badge or I will let you know if I find out anything.
  18. I got the email and said I would get one shortly. I can't wait
  19. Hi there Avroair My favorite by far and seems like it would go with the theme is. 1.Copper by far 2.Silver 3.Gold Good luck on this it looks great
  20. This was a good thread as i updated my home coords and found out there are 200 caches in a 13.0 mile radius. When i filter out my caches I own it raises it to 25.2 miles. Can you tell I do not have a life. LOL
  21. I sent a email. Time will tell if I get one
  22. Unfortunately that happens. If you want to watch something travel you may want to purchase a Travelbug. They are less prone to theft then geocoins. It also seems like coins travel more overseas without getting stolen if you can get one over there. Don't get to disappointed though. Not all coins get stolen and there are LOTS of them out still in circulation. I have been rather lucky on my Geocoins being out there and most are still moving. I have found that there are geocoins just as cheap as travel bugs. You can find Geocoins for under five bucks and those are the ones i now release and I keep the more expensive coins for cachers to discover only.
  23. Boise idaho REI has geocaching items in there store. They also contacted me and had me place a geocache outside there store and talked me into doing a powerpoint Presentation on Geocaching. I agreed to do everything and we scheduled it several months in advance and they told me they should have a large crowd for the presentation so i got some other local cachers set up to help and we hid several types of geocaches around the outside of the building and I had six geocachers there to help and split up in groups to show everyone. This started at 7:00pm and when i seen nobody was showing up I realized i never got any notices from REI on the events for the month of September and I asked the lady in charge if they put it on the calender and she said they missed it somehow and they did zero advertisement for the presentation. One geocacher even drove over from Oregon but it was only 60 miles away and my drive was 50 miles one way. It was sad to see they are not orginized to do presentations. I did agree to do another one in the spring and I hope someone will tell there customers this time.
  24. I have a 6 and 7 year old daughter and I have been trying to get them into girlscouts for 2 years but there has been nobody to run the group and they tried talking me into being a leader but I am a single male parent and declined to run a girl scout troop. Last week we found out they started girl scouts in our area again and they had over 30 kids show up the first night. I will be helping out and I am so glad to see they do get involved with Geocaching and i will be doing everything i can to help. I have powerpoint presentations done up for geocaching but it looks like now I need to make a new one that is kid friendly. My daughters have been geocaching since they were babies and do circles around most adults on finding caches.
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