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  1. I would fell so sorry for anyone that steals one of these from a cache as they would have to worry about the Geogoblins and karma the rest of there life and then they would have the other KARMA which may be worse to worry about.
  2. Good luck to all that go to the GCF on getting one of these if he does show up there. Iwill be stuck close to home but I will be hitting the hills around Idaho to find some caches before the snow falls as today a lot of frost appeared.
  3. I still like this one because the background color and picture ties in with the coin and the hands tie in with the name.
  4. I also had a lot of fun with this thread and purchasing all of the coins I did. Thanks for the fun and the nice coin.
  5. I got the silver one and i cant wait to get it.
  6. I still do not see the whole coin? Just the one side.
  7. Great job on the coin. I will be getting a hold of you for some.
  8. E mail sent. I wish the best for you and good luck on everythnig.
  9. Those are finished but will be shipped out with the lobster coins. I'll be placing those on the website as soon as they arrive. Thanks for the interest That is great to see there will be a pin with these great coins. What colors will the pin come in?
  10. LOL! I could not wait all day for this and your kids will love this forever. SHHHHHH dont tell your mom i gave this to you. Hide this quick. What do I tell her if she sees it? tell her I gave it to you and she cant have NONE. Ps did you ordered some more Halloiween Mystery Geocoins today
  11. You are Right i am going to get sick if I keep all of this. I am sure if I think real hard i will figure out how not to get so sick from all of this? I also ordered 4 more of these great looking coins and some other stuff to throw on the pile of goodies.
  12. I lived on the Oregon coast and if you stayed inside when it rained then that meant you spent a lot of time in your house. The main thing is to be prepared and dressed right for the weather. I think it is important for your body to be in different climates so your imune system gets used to changes. If you go on a vacation to somewhere and it is raining the whole time I hope you do not just sit in the motel room and watch TV. Take the risk and chance of getting a cold and enjoy the rain like when you was a kid. I have three girls 6,7 and 19 and if we get the chance to jump in a puddle of water we do or I let them so they will remember this when they get older sometimes I run up and jump in the puddles first but do they ever get mad if I get them wet from the splashes but then they get me back and we all run in the house and get dried off. During the winter our front porch has a extra heater and they change clothes like crazy to prevent them from getting sick. They do have all types of snow suits but somehow they always manage to get wet. It looks like you may need to take your wife out and jump in the puddles it will be a ever lasting memory. You may want to find some caches first or you may get sick. Take a gel pen they write great in the rain.
  13. Look how good it will blend in to my pile of Halloween Goodies. I have purchased four Mystery Halloween Geocoins so far but now I have to decide if I really want to go and Press Here To Purchace More Mystery Halloween Geocoins
  14. I will want some for sure. They look even better in hand. GREAT Job on these
  15. WOW....It is looking more nice as it is being put together. We are so glad we ordered one, right off the bat. Thank You Mauison. What a AMAZING geocoin this is going to be. This is just a Photoshopped version of what it more than likely will look like. There will be N and E ghosts, instead of two S and two W ghosts. It looks like a great design, wish I had bought some when they first came out! Now to see the other side! Lets see will a Geocoin like this fit in with all of my Halloween Goodies.
  16. I had the same issue where I live. We do have a CITO around the Boise area that is about 60 miles from me. I live in Idaho on the Oregon Border and I wanted to do a CITO in Oregon so I got with the BLM in Oregon and we planned one and scheduled it. I was so scared we were only going to have a few Cachers show up but then i got a phone call from Indianhead Fly Fishers and they wanted to do a cleanup in the same area so we did and we Had 11 Geocachers and a few BLM workers that were cachers and over fifty flyfishers. We cleaned over a ten mile area along the Owyhee River in just a few hours and had a huge BBQ and it was a blast. Most of the geocachers were kids and loved doing this. There was no kids with the flyfishers and they said next year they are all be bringing the kids and grandkids to help teach them about giving back to mother nature. This will be a annual event and I have been promoting geocaching like crazy in our areas so we should have more help next year. I will be doing 2 CITO events around Hells canyon dam next year and one will be on the Oregon side and one will be on the Idaho side. Our local orginization is ORIDA Geocachers and it will be 2 CITO events in one weeknd in two states. This will be in May or the firsy of June. I will be getting ahold of local fishing orginizations because we can start around Brownlee dam and go all the way to Hells canyon and is close to a 30 mile drive. I know we will not get it all cleaned but we will do our best. Alls it takes is just a few Geocachers to do a CITO and join up with other groups and you will see atleast a few other Geocachers show up to give a hands. Scout, Fish, Hunting or many type of Orginizations would love to join in and help bring the Beauty back to Nature. Good luck and do not give up.
  17. Ok it looks like we only have one piece of the front out. Can we see a little more of the front.
  18. What a great concept on this Mystical coin. Makes me want to head to the forest before the snow hits and it all turns white. I will make sure we grab some bags and have the kids help do some clean up before the snow falls. I did my First CITO this year and it was great to see all the kids that were there to do cleanup and learn how we can make a difference. We will be doing another at the same location next spring and then we are going to add in two more Cito events to help make a difference. Hope to see you out on the trails one of these days Mystical Green man.
  19. How about the 'G' behind the shaking hands? I like the idea of the hand shake for the icon as it goes well with the Friends of Caching Geocoin. The aviator one of yours looks GREAT also but i am not sure if it ties in with this coin as well and it would be a great icon on a different coin you design. Nice looking coin and good luck on the Icon. This is just my 1 cents worth of input.
  20. This is looking as sweet as the candy corn taste. Great Job On this.
  21. Look - I will field this as it should be fielded: I minted this coin. I didn't design it - Paula and Jeremy designed it. It's Jeremy's coin. I am not selling the coin.. it's not mine to sell. Jeremy chose the platings for his coin - Paula chose what she wanted AFTER Jeremy made his decision. I posted the announcement for this coin because Jeremy said I could announce it - that's it. You want this coin? Go to Jeremy for it, but get the hell off my case. I have alot to deal with at the moment and I don't have the time to explain myself to you. I'm not being bitter, but it seems to me that even though I am trying to get my life back in order, All you people seem to worry about is how many flames you can throw at me along the way. Sorry... I don't play that. This thread is about Jeremy's personal coin. It's not about me.. How about keeping your eye on the ball and this thread about THIS COIN, as per the Groundspeak rules. I am actually appalled that the mods haven't stopped this crap - cuz that's what it is. Now, if you want to come at me through a PM, fire away - but I am going to take your comments and others in this thread and strike it up to your character, as I always have. I dislike people too, but I don't try to screw them on a daily basis like so many of you. Warm regards, Jim I am in shock over this whole thread and it is a shame to see there is so many issues out here with Geocoins and it would be nice to see Groundspeak step in and help out with all these issues. I know that they did not create these issues but how else are we to get rid of all of this negativity and people getting ripped off. It is real sad to see that Jeremy had a coin made and it has turned into a thread like this. If I ever had a Geocoin made and the thread turned out like this i would not be Happy. Does he even know what is going on here. Does he even know this thread was started. Did he even give permission to post this thread. OOPPS I see above he did give permission. I hope someone somewhere steps up and takes care of all these issues and negativity. It is so sad to see when it should have been a special Geocoin for Jeremy and have it released in a thread like this. If I ever get a chance to see one of these coins the first thing i will think of is this thread.
  22. Thanks i will run and look. I have not even been able to find that there was any made.
  23. Email sent. I would love to get one for my small collection as i am picky what i keep and put in there. So far it has been something with a special meaning or from a special person. I do have several hundred traders and sellers that i use at local events. I hope soon to get time to create a list of traders but I keep working on making new coiins and it takes all my spare time. Thanks and the coin looks great.
  24. They sure speak when you ask HUMMMMMM I think Iwas right LD on the design.
  25. Congratulations to the ones getting these neet looking coins. They remind me of LD
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