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  1. Send me your address and i will get you something out in the mail next week. Good luck on your event.
  2. What a great idea. I will pass this around to some others i know so maybe they will be able to afford to make a personal coin for the event. Cant wait to see your other side.
  3. My kids are always excited to see the updates here. Thanks a ton for for hosting this.
  4. WOW Look at the deals on here ending now.
  5. Good luck on this and welcome aboard. Great job on the offer for them avroair
  6. Oakcoins may give you the list if you ask nice :?} They minted these correct.
  7. I am not sure this is trackable but if you want i will give you a coin to activate but i will drop it in a cache in Idaho to try and get to the kid in California. Please send me a email via my profile GC.com and i will give you a number and a code.
  8. I beleive it has more of a Black Flash to it. I think it makes it look even more antique. I will be posting new photos in a few days.
  9. Here is photos from the mint and as soon as i get these in hand i will post new photos. Shiny Gold New Antique Gold New photos will be posted soon.
  10. Thanks you two so much for bidding. There is so much that goes into this size of event and i think everyone is going to be real happy with the event itself. It is getting closer and i cant wait to meet many of you there.
  11. Congrats to all the lucky ones that got some wonderful coins. I was on a family campout above Hells Canyon with no Computer
  12. Whoever won this sample coin is going to be real happy This is a great design.
  13. The only thing i could say is to keep a eye out after the event on here to see if any are available and who wants to trade. There is 100 event coins made in New Antique Gold. Then there is 50 Shiny Gold that was made and sold to the committee members. There may be 100 more made in a different metal after the event if there is any demand for them. I will post on this thread on the 2nd late or 3rd to let eveyone know if any are left.
  14. I hope people get registered in time so they will get some of the great items available.
  15. This year a Geocoin committee was formed to help design a special Geocoin for the 2009 Black Canyon Beach Beach Luau event and here is what we came up with. Committee included Lori Darlin, Pablo Turtle, Andillyo and myself. Andy handed over a hand drawn picture for the front and together as the committee here is what we have came up with. Lori Darlin laid out the back and filled in the front to bring this all together. These photos do not show it well since there is Raised and lower levels of metal on the coin. The coins will be in on the 22nd almost 100 of these will be for sale at the event. The size will be a LARGE 2 inches by 4mm. I will post new photos when i have coins in hand.
  16. I thought it went of the amounts made and it did not have to all be made in one minting. If it has to be made in one minting to get a special classification then i would say Presales would be really needed to be able to figure how many to make in one minting. I have some new coins ready to send off to the mint but now i am worried to get only 100 made to start since it involves three colors of metal and one will have 50 made and no more minting and 100 made and no more minting after i reach these limits and then the other would be a Regular edition with ? on amount. If i make one hundred i can not do all three metals if it needs to be in one minting. I hope if i tell people there will be more made it will be ok to do these in two mintings like planned. The order i am planning on doing is 25 now 25 later. XLE 25 now 75 later. LE 50 now and ? later. RE If it offends people to do this then i will wait on making coins until i can do several hundred at a time and then chance sitting on them if they do not sell. I could do presales but i do not like doing that. I just want to do this how ever it makes everyone happy
  17. Looks like i may have messed up before but i DID POST NOTES ON SALES PAGE saying more will be minted next to the coins but i put a limit on the amount made. Is this wrong ?? I said i was going to mint no more then 100 and 200 of one kind but made only 50 and 100 at first and i did post notes saying this was the amount that would be made. I had this thread posted on the forum here and not one person said i was saying or doing anything wrong and if i was i am sorry for doing this and i would have changed something if somebody said something. Here is a copy off the sale page for the RC Firetrucks. COPY I had the following metals made to start. 101 Nickel 99 Black Nickel 50 Gold I do not like presales so i may do another minting if the response is good. Gold may also be minted again as well but it will be the lowest amount made. COPY END This is a fundraiser coin and i did not want to do low amounts and i noted from day one more may be made even the gold. I have cut off the minting at. 199 Black Nickel. 100 Gold Nickel may be minted more. Are these all called Regular editions since they where minted in two orders?????? If i ooffended anyone i am sorry for doing this but i wish one person that read the first post would have said something about this.
  18. WOW Very nice. I hope you still have some in a few weeks since i am so far beyond my limits.
  19. I got a huge box of stuff in the mail yesterday for the Kids area and are they ever going to be happy
  20. I used to live just down the street from the fairgrounds and i would love to make it over for this but i am heading east on vacation and not west. Maybe next year
  21. I have learned in the Geocaching world you have to be strong and learn how to deal with issues. Any Orginizations you get involved with will have issues but you have to learn how to deal with them and be strong to not let them ruin it for you. Good luck on this issue and i hope the best for you on getting it resolved.
  22. A very nice package showed up Yesterday with some Wonderfull items. 3 Trackable Geocoins. Amazing Geocaching Magnets. 2 small caches. 1 large Cache with misc items. Thanks so much for helping us with our Idaho Luau.
  23. Me and the kids cant wait until this event. It is going to be a blast with everything going on.
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