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  1. Got the last 40 coins listed on ebay for the 2009 Geocoinfest ebay fundraiser. I think there is something for everyone so please take a look and bid HIGH. Thanks for all the support so far to help make this a event for us all to enjoy.
  2. I know other people have asked me to pick them up some. Since i am on the comittee, I have decided NOT not pick up any for others for many of reasons. I am not sure if there would be any type of issue for anyone to do this but this may be a good thread to find out. Maybe others will see this and pick them up for you. Maybe others will post they want some as well. Maybe someone will say if this is wrong or not to do. Looks like i will be watching the thread for others to post there thoughts.
  3. I think #2 all the way, Yimes ( Hands ) Down!!!!!
  4. I am so amazed to see nobody bidding on these older hard to find trackable Geocoins. Mount Mckinley 2005 Mount Everest 2005 Kansas Geocaching 2006
  5. You running it my dear? Would this work or not? 1. Wonderful Area? YES 2. Responsible Person to run this? YES 3. Plenty of lodging? Maybe? ( tsun's house will need a add on!!! ) Would this not work? 1. Commitment to working event? Would tsunrisebey be able to work her vending both? 2. Commitment To year long work? Would there be time to make tsunrisebey coins during the next year? 3. Can she get her house done in time? Would she need to start now before winter hits? HUMMMMMMMMMM
  6. I have been trying to get to a event over in Montana and this would be great. LOL That would be over a year away before i would make it over
  7. Still got a few hours left to bid. LOOK at those DEALS
  8. I have been thinking the same thing here. It was bad enough i ran itno so many issues trying to host a 9-9-9 this year and next year is going to be out of the question if the Geocoinfest is on 10-10-10. I would think it would be better to move the GCF to 9-?-10 Just my thoughts but i see a mess ahead.
  9. I am sure Groundspeak can take care of the issue.
  10. I am scared to see a list of new coins because i am going to go broke there. I have decided not to make any new ones for the event so it does not get in the way of me working at the event. I have several traders that i am willing to trade on Thursday, Friday and Sunday but Saturday might be out of the question due to working. I also wonder how many secret or suprise coins will be there ????????
  11. Thanks for all the purchases so far. All orders have been shipped. I still have all three in stock.
  12. I sure wish you could come to the GCF with these because Chicken and Yime sure sounds great together I prefer my Chicka with Yemon Y'all just don't know. I just might show up at GCF at the last minute! With all the beautiful coins and great vendors that will be there! My oh my! I would definitely need a "voice of reason" to be belong side me so I don't go overboard with the coin purchasing. Where's AG when you need her??? I am sure AG will help you choose some coins to buy LOL It would be great to see you there.
  13. I sure wish you could come to the GCF with these because Chicken and Yime sure sounds great together
  14. Great job so far. I hope to get my hands on one of these as well. I am so glad i will be at the Geocoinfest but i will be working so my time will be limited to see all the wonderful coins.
  15. Awesome looking coins. Cant wait to see the finished ones.
  16. Looks like some nice old coins are listed now. Some people are going to be real happy to get some of these
  17. Here is your chance to grab the 2nd of 4 colors of the UR#1 Trackable Geocoin. These are a perfect all around gift coin to show who is #1. FTF, Birthday, Friendship or just attach a special item to it and let it travel the world. I just received 100 UR#1 coins so place your order before they are gone. 75 available for sale. 35 Nickel Regular edition. 20 Black Nickel LE edition. 20 Copper XLE edition. 25 are being donated to a very special place that have a very small error on them. Custom Blue Balloon icon will be activated after i mint 100 more of this color. Price is 8.00 each. US shipping is 2.50 for the first and and .50 each additional. Canada is 3.00 and 1.00 each additional. All others are 4.00 and 1.00 each additional. Below is a list of other Trackable geocoins i have on hand that you can add in with this order. FREE SHIPPING BELOW When added to a order above. Yellow UR#1 Nickel version with Yellow balloon icon 8.00 Set of 4 Firetruck Geocoins Black Nickel, Nickel, Shiny Gold and New antique Gold 45.00 Black Canyon Beach Luau TIKI Geocoin New antique Gold 12.50
  18. To funny i was just at a Geocaching event and was discusing this coin with bmckain. Looks Great.
  19. I have got caught up on some logs and i am at 867 but i found a bunch over the weekend so i will be going over 900 so 1000 will not be a problem at all for the GCF. I am planning a trip to Bend Oregon this coming weekend so i will get atleast 20 to 50 on the trip. I used to never log my finds but i am tired of finding the same ones and having them show up in my qaurry's I also cleared out a whole town of caches over the weekend so it is nice to have a since of compleation. The GCF will be my 1000th logged find along with 300 hides :?} If i was to get the mission it would be Nice if i could hand it off at the GCF in person. HUMMM Thanks for the chance to be involved.
  20. I am going to hit 1000 at the Geocoinfest in just a little over month. I would love to join in on this. I will be gone tomorrow getting atleast 50 closer to my goal. Thanks for brining this up.
  21. I wonder what they are going to put on this milestone coin?? Have you decided for sure Mr_Warhead ?? Just got home from Caching and a event then i have a big day of caching set up for Saturday and it will be 50 to 100. Not a problem for me as lon as i log them.
  22. Congrats on the milestone. I really like the idea of the cache name on the coin. Maybe i should go log a few caches and make the geocoinfest my 1000 find HUMMMM
  23. Congrats on a new Cacher. 1) 8-30 2) 4:15 pm 3) 8lb 6oz 4) 18.75 "
  24. Congrats on your find. Are you sure you want to keep it ? You may want to drop it and runnnnnnnnn before you get stuck in the geocoin world. Welcome aboard
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