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  1. 2009 Idaho State Geocoin Sale 11-13 to 11-28 Pre sales Due to Idaho Geocachers personal engraving on NON trackable coins. Here is your chance to get the 2009 Idaho State geocoin. This is a one time minting. 1. Width 1.75 inches 2. Thickness .35mm 3. 4 Gem stones 4. 3 levels of metal. 5. Engraved information filled with Black enamel. 6. Transparent, Hard and soft enamels all in one Geocoin. GOLD Antique Gold Antique Silver Antique Copper Idaho Geocachers Only For Personal coin. Antique Copper Back Please copy and paste this form below and email compleated form to rccoinsandbears@gmail.com I will then confirm order and send you a Pay Pal Request. Shipping fees of 2.50 for first coin and .50 each after will be applied to order. Out of US shipping is 3.50 for the first and 1.00 each after. Sale dates from 11-13-09 to 11-28-09 Shipping should be compleated on 12-17-09 2009 STATE OF IDAHO GEOCOIN order form below. Name_ Geocaching Name_ Email_ Pay Pal Email_ Sipping US_ or NON US_ #1 Trackable Geocoin. $9.00 NON Idaho Geocachers __Gold. __ Antique Gold. __ Antique Silver. __ Total $9.00 Each NON Idaho Geocachers
  2. If anyone is ever passing through Eastern Oregon there is a cache GC1C4T7 right of I-84. I drop unactivted coins here often. Me and the kids just went by there and filled the cache up well. Right now it has a Trackable and Non trackable in a pouch that request you trade fair for them. Lets see if anyone ever does. It is fine if they do not but it is worth a try to see if they will. I will get some photos next time we go out there.
  3. Thanks for the wonderful coins. The only thing i am confused about is how fast the shipping was from Canada to US. It took just a couple days to get my order.
  4. I have been slacking the last month on donating items and i would love to send you some items to help out. Thanks you for taking on the task to host a Christmas time event. Please send me your address and i hope you the best on the event.
  5. Great job on the woderful design. Cant wait to see the finished product.
  6. I want to Thank everyone for the replies or emails. I will wait a little while to activate the coins after claims are final just incase they do show up. It would be sad for out of US buyers to have to pay 30.00 to ship a 10.00 coin. On some sites we are not allowed to say we are not responsible for orders. Due to pay pal rules it is up to me to make sure the person gets there items and if they are lost stolen or damaged it is up to me to take care of the issue. I take some of the money made off coins to fund geocaching events i host and then i donate world wide to geocaching events so this does hurt on me being able to do this. I do have to say i made it around 6 months with no claims or issues so that was nice and less stress for me. I wish the best of luck to all on there mail.
  7. GREAT JOB on all these post. It is so nice to see all these wonderful photos. Keep it up
  8. I have been selling coins out of US for awhile and there has been some issues. I decided to start keeping the tracking numbers off trackable geocoins sold out of US. Now i am getting slammed with claims against me on orders not showing up. Some have been refunded or some have been replaced and some still have issues. I have one order i sent the items twice and they still refuse to aknowldege they received them but the sad thing is this lady from Canada has one of the coins activated on her account. She is not active on this forum but it is sad to see there is people like this out there. I had Idaho micro coin lost in the mail to Canada and i offered to send this person another Idaho micro and he declined and let the claim go through. It has now been a good 60 days for the Lost Idaho coin so do i activate it???? Or is this wrong on my part to do. I have been having issues in the last few months with several in Canada, the Netherlands and one in Germany. Does anyone know of safe ways to ship out of US that is fair for me and the buyers. The only way i see it fair for me is to have out of US buyers pay for insurance. Just trying to make this work for us all. Thanks for any advice. Mike
  9. We have 6 River Family members in on missions. I have tried to make sure everyone has something on there profile. I also have been working on my seeking list on cointracking. If anyone has any questions on any of the River Kids or pets Please let me know. Ziggy the cat has some info on River Dancer Profile. I hope everyone has fun on this wonderful mission. I have already helped my family find several coins for each of there missions. I am so glad i have a large selection of coins. Thanks everyone for the fun. River Family
  10. The Fun NOW Begins. We have already done some shopping but now the real fun begins. 1. Participating:River Cacher 2. Received Name:YES 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating:River Tinkerbell 2. Received Name:YES 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating:River Princess 2. Received Name:YES 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating:River Dancer 2. Received Name:YES 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating:River Boarder 2. Received Name:YES 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: 1. Participating:ZIGGY THE KITTY (River Dancer and River Boarders Spoiled Kitty) 2. Received Name:YES 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  11. I cant believe i am getting a seeking list going. I have been trying to do this for way over a year. It is so far from being complete but i have started. I need to add one more to the mission from my family. My 20 year old daughter (River Dancer) has a cat. ZIGGY 1. Participating: 10-30-09 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  12. Congrats on the names. This was a lot of fun to watch over.
  13. The one good thing about this coin is it can match several teams. Penn State ? Air Force ? Dallas ? Tennessee ? Indianapolis ? Or many others ????????
  14. Hummmmm Maybe Black and Gold on one side. Then Purple and Gold on the other.
  15. I am sorry i did not mention this. I have a small account on there and it was a unexpected thing to do that ran just a few days. Thanks again to all and i will be coming bck to this post in the future.
  16. Thanks to all for the amazing responces. I will be doing more of these in the near future. This was so hard to pick as there was so many to choose from. I did have Blue and Green on my first list and Orange and Black as well but i had removed them and came here for help. They will get made in the future lot a lot more of these.. 1 .Blue and White. Congrats Rick BRoKeN W Off Facebook and Merchlinskys GC Forum 2. Red and Green for Christmas DAAAA Congrats LadyBee4T 3. Purple and Gold Congrats mfamilee 4. Blue and Orange Already my choice No Winner 5. Green and Yellow Already my Choice No Winner 6. Gold and Black Already my Choice No Winner Are You ready For Some Footballs??? Here comes 300. 40 copper of each of the 6. 10 ? of each 6.
  17. You should have closed your eyes dropped the coin and ran. You could sit back and watch how wonderful the people and coins are on here. The more you look and read through the forum the more you will learn. I wish you luck on getting your first coin and i hope you really enjoy it. Welcome to the forums
  18. This idea was played with some and then put to the side for many of reasons. Finally i see one color for sure Then there will be aleast one more.
  19. Another wonderful coin you got there. Great job
  20. I second that one! NOOOOOOOO That's too much like the Detroit Lions and we all know how "great" they are! Wow lions fans in Texas
  21. I was lucky enough to get one of these at the GCF. It will stay on my keeper side for sure. Thanks for the chance to grab such a wonderful coin
  22. I have been looking into this for over a year and my first thoughts where group coin. Then i asked and looked around and so many colors tie in with other teams such as Blue and Orange, Green and Yellow and so on and it was going to be impossible because Blue and Orange in my area was already a mess because eveyone thought it was for the Boise State Broncos. Who is to say i did not pick it for the Denver Broncos or the Chicago Bears or a ton of other teams as well. I was shocked when i did research into all of this. I got a headache right away after trying to figure it out. People would want there color and not want anyone else to have them. Would mine be Blue and Green ? I will keep adding more colors as fast as i can. I will let people reserve some from the first order i place so i have a good idea on what to mint. I may do five colors at 50 each to start. The metal choice used will not be done again.
  23. I accidently put yellow and black on the start of this thread and it is supposed to be Black and Gold. Go Idaho Vandals BLACK and GOLD. I will edit start of post to fix this.
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