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  1. If the pocket query size was without limit it would be fairly easy to mimic the Geocaching website. That large GPX file would basically BE the Geocaching database.


    Of course nothing is stopping someone from putting up a website with their own area's caches. Lets see: 1 PQ for traditionals, 1 for micros, 1 for virtuals, 1 for multis.....yep that would just about cover southwest Ohio.


    Of course, this is pure speculation on my part. B)

  2. Bladeless Multi-tools.


    A good affordable bladeless multi-tool that I could leave as swag would make my day.

    They have bladeless multi-tools that are really cheap. They are called screwdrivers. :D

  3. Introducing the new Geocaching Pogo Stick! I know what your thinking, "A pogo stick? Johnnie is just being plain silly." But hold those doubts my treasure seeking compadres and listen closely as I regal you with a story about the future of Geocaching.


    Despite the obvious benefit of traveling in style AND being immediately recognizable by other cachers, you'll scare the crap out of the muggles. That's right, I propose that the Geo Pogo is the ultimate anti-muggle device. Picture it, a grown man, trying to pogo through the park while holding a device in one hand. Backpack flopping around, Geo-hat flying off. And just wait until you hit the trails, that's when the fun is really gonna start. By the time you get a signal on your GPSr every muggle in the park will have packed up and headed south, leaving you to cache in peace.


    Oh sure, the cops may show up, but there is no law saying a person can't pogo. You ever see a NO POGO sign in a park? Heck no, you haven't. If the cops DO hassle you just fall to the ground with your pogo stick and scream "Help, I'm being oppressed!"


    Eventually the muggle world will just learn to ignore the Pogo People, leaving us to rule the park system.


    Viva el Pogo!

  4. I have been Johnnie Stalkers since the beginning of my cache career. For one wild and poorly recollected weekend in New Orleans I was Joannie Stalkers, but that is a different story for a different place and time.


    I was considering changing and had my choices narrowed down to three: Subigo, Ringbone or Upinyachit. Ironically those 3 names where taken by others before I could choose one. So fo rnow I'll stay JS. How else could I be "On the Rocks" or "On the spot"?

  5. Have not read the books - toooo scary! It would be cool if the hunt were kinda scary too? :D



    The Dark Tower series isn't really scary. More Shawshank Redemption than The Shinning. It is the ultimate cache hunt. Roland and his Ka-tet (group bound by destiny) are searching for the Dark Tower. I'll leave the rest up to your imaginations....you could always go read the books....hint hint.

  6. Having read the books will not be required, although there will be a few subtle things that fans of the series will understand and hopefully enjoy.


    For those of you who have not read the series, it is a must read for a King fan. This is King's masterpiece and very likely the last bit of fiction he will publish. The last 2 books of the series are completed and due to be released this year.

  7. We have kicked around the idea of a Dark Tower (Stephen King's series) themed cache / series of caches for a few months now. We know pretty much how we want to do this and where everything will go. No theme on trade items, we are just using the story as inspiration for the hide.


    I would like to gauge cacher interest in such a cache.


    If you are or are not a King fan, would you hunt this cache? Any opinions about these types of caches?

  8. Who cares if her boob came popping out. Why is the nude body something to hide and be ashamed of? Every woman in the world 12 and up has a pair of them. Most of our children feed from them in the begining of their lives, so who cares if they catcha glimpse of one.

    To quote the great Ron White.


    "...'cause when you've seen one woman naked, you pretty much want to see the rest of them naked too."

  9. I think most everyone will agree that Janet Jackson went to far.

    This "most everyone" had better not travel over seas and read the 3rd page of a newspaper or watch prime time TV.


    "Ooh! I saw a breast! I'm so offended!" Puhleeze!

    Perhaps I was assuming to much. Please allow me to clarify.


    I was not offended by Janet's display. A boob is a boob. But it was the Super Bowl and kids all around the world where watching. Parents where not given an opportunity to change the channel. There are many shows I choose not to let my son watch because I am aware of the content. There was no reason for anyone to think nudity would be displayed. You put teen idols Timberlake and Spears on stage and kids are going to watch it. That is why I think she went to far. If it had been on HBO no one would have cared.

  10. I think I used a poor choice of words in the other thread when I said "Jeremy.....I vote that you ban Duane"


    It was not my intention there or here to rally an actual forum poster vote on banning someone. It is not our right or place as forum posters to make that call. That, my friends, is a right and responsibility held by TPTB alone.


    What we can do is ridicule and taunt someone, which is little more than entertaining and perhaps socially irresponsible? (Hmmm Crow) My feelings about Duane and his actions have been clearly expressed. But a cacher vote to ban him? Doesn't seem right.


    Please allow me to rephrase my previous statement.



    It would not bother me in the least if you banned him.  In fact my little world would be a better place if you did.  Enough of his BullChit. 

  11. At what point do we draw the line? I think most everyone will agree that Janet Jackson went to far. But how far does that FCC pendulum have to swing the other way now? Are sitcom couples going to start sleeping in separate beds again? Is Drew Carey's Buzz Beer going to be replaced with Buzz Cola? No more blood or serious injuries on ER? Are we all going to be stuck watching Full House and Little House on the Prairie reruns forever and ever amen?


    We all have different ideas about what is offensive. Personally I think Micros are offensive. (Micro people, stop it!) My solution is not to hunt micros. I don't find Fudge offensive. In fact I'll take a good Fudge whenever I can. I am not afraid to say it, I LOVE FUDGE!


    I Told you that story so I can tell you this one.


    If as an adult you are offended by what you see here in the forums then you are trying to d*** hard to be offended. Lighten up Francis.


    If you are worried about your kids seeing something here they shouldn't then you are trying to d*** hard to make everyone else responsible for your child.


    The world does not change because you post a sign or make a new rule. The Road of life is long and cold with many hard pointy objects along the way. The sooner a person learns to navigate these things the better. I saw we embrace the Fudge, hold the Fudge. Celebrate the Fudging Fudge in all its Fudging Glory. Viva la Fudge! :P

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