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  1. Monday morning I was up early, drove all the way accross town. Bushwhacked for a mile in the mud. When I located the cache it was 5 feet from a major trail. I could have saved myself time, energy half a bottle of tecnu, a car wash and a load of laundry.


    But then again I wouldn't have seen 6 deer or stood in the middle of a babbling creek and watched the sunrise.


    I like it rough. ;)

  2. Yes Criminal. I have been meaning to complain to Hydee about your complete lack of inflammatory, offensive and off topic posts.


    You are entirely to responsible and polite. You should change your name to Cuddles or Mr. Fuzzy Pants, something other than Criminal. It gives people the wrong impression.

  3. (d) Upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property or proprietary rights of any person, including without limitation under any privacy or publicity rights.


    I guess this applies to my Avatar as well. And Mopar's Avatar. Actually about half of the avatars.


    One person pushes a little bit. Then mass hysteria ensues. Next thing you know none of us can watch the Simpson's because 1 old lady in Any town, USA was offended by a fart joke and instead of changing the channel, wrote a letter to the FCC.


    I would hate to think I have to lose my avatar over a poop joke, which actually was pretty harmless. If dear cachers, you are offended by this, then I suggest you fix yourself a cold beverage and go watch the sunset because perhaps your spun a little tight.


    I am a long, long way from accepting Duane's attitude, methods or behavior. I have mercilessly flamed the man on several occasions. But Duane has every right, paying member or not, to question TPTB when he feels he is being treated unfairly. Should it be a Forum topic? Not in my opinion. However, I fully support his right to ask the question.


    Duane, it's your bed dude. You made it and you have to lie in it. Changing your name would help people be more accepting of any changes you have or are making. But that my friend, is your choice alone.


    Can't believe I just argued Duane's point. Isn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?


    It's a Travesty, a sham, a mockery. It's a travashamockery! ;)

  4. Just to try and balance things out. We have been using the Cobra GPS 500 since September. The only unit I have ever used.


    No problems with it at all except a brief experiment with NiMH, which caused the unit to lock up. The manual says don't use them, and it's right. The unit simply won't work with rechargeable.


    Yesterday I was caching with a fellow cacher for the first time. Under heavy tree cover we both had intermittent signal but the cobra held longer and reacquired much faster than his yellow etrek. In fact the only times I have ever seen the cobra acquire in over a minute is when I have traveled more than a few hundred miles from home and turned it on.


    Accuracy between the Etrek and 500 is hard to judge under the circumstances. The cache appeared to be about 150 feet off, from where the units put us. The 500 and Etrek where within 20 feet of each other.


    I am not a die hard cobra guy. I am not trying to convince anyone to buy a cobra unit. There is just so much bad press here, mostly from folks who have never even held one. At some point I'll do the Pepsi challenge with some Mags and Garms. Until then our Cobra does and has worked fine. Don't be a GPSr hater. :blink:


    Right now we are looking to upgrade. Somewhere between a PDA/GPSr, the 60 series and some yet untapped new fangled wonder photo/fax/gpsr/cell phone/coffee maker combo unit lies our indecision.

  5. Well the whole purpose of this little side trip was to help Team Jedi place a cache in Moonville, Oh. It appears the waters are to high for us to reach the cache site so our trip was delayed.


    Thanks for the help, we'll make it out there some time this summer.

  6. not to throw my toys out of the pram but any chance of taking the topic seriously ?


    just thought it would be interesting to know. but if no one else thinks so then so be it. i'll sign off now and let the walter mitty types carry on with their humerous replies.

    I was being serious.



  7. Lots of 'talk to the GPSr' theories. How about talking to the ammo can.


    Lovingly cradle the container in your arms.


    "Well uncle Joe, I can't believe you've been gone 5 years now. Seems like just yesterday you where rustling tomatoes bare a##ed. Ahhh, those where the days. Wish there had been more than just your foot left. It's for the best really, this way I can take you with me everywhere I go. Say, uncle Joe, would you like to walk down to the pond and feed the ducks? Uncle Joe? Uncle Joe, are you listening to me? JOE? JOE, COME BACK, JOE PLEEEAAAASSSSEE COME BACK!"


    If there is anyone at this point, curl up in a fetal position with the container and sob violently.


    If there are still people around scream at 'JOE' and hurl him near the hide spot and then RUN from the park sobbing.

  8. We will be traveling this holiday weekend and are planning to spend Friday afternoon and Saturday morning caching in Charleston, WV.


    Are there any 'must do' or outstanding caches in the area that you would recommend?


    We prefer traditional non-micro caches.



  9. Our local FTF master is an early riser. I am usually up at 5 and he keeps skunking me. <_<


    I caught him at my new cache at 5:40 this morning. 2 other cachers found it over night, so he didn't get FTF. :D


    So as it has been said. It's just timing.

  10. Google my cache name and I get 333.  Johnnie Stalkers poops up in a few interesting places.  :blink:


    Is this another freudian slip/typo?

    No, my guess is that JS actually does poop in some interesting places... B):lol::sad:

    Was wondering about that myself. B)


    I was going to change our cache name to "the Phantom Poopers". Ani said no. I explained to her that I am the man of the house and that my word is LAW. Funny, I don't remember it being so cold here on the couch.

  11. We have experimented with several ideas. Originally we played around with smelting a soft metal, but that went away. Then we came up with a descent process of producing these:



    Which have served us for a while now. But 2 days ago I found something I like better. This is what we wanted all along but couldn't find a source of them. THAT problem has been solved, as I found someone with a basically limitless supply.




    Yes, I am no longer MAKING my sig item. I am buying them. MUAHAHAHA. :blink:

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