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  1. After you find a few. (I only have 30) It gets easier. Often walking towards a waypoint I can look around and have a good idea where a logical hiding place is. Happy caching
  2. There are so many funny things that can be said, but the truth is if me or my kids ever found anything like that I dont know if we would continue to cache. I am very sorry for you. It is sad anyone could be like that
  3. At the beach last week I had to sit on the hot sand and pretend to dump out my shoes to put a log back. I carry a notebook with all my print outs in it so I hope I look official, in the woods I probably look silly
  4. This works, not great but well enough. http://babelfish.yahoo.com/
  5. Stand about 20 feet from a brick wall and bend over. Run as fast as you can. When you wake up you will see the answer printed on the inside of your eye lids No really this is how I solve them.............
  6. You could always go out by yourself to find the first one then bring the kids. This would keep them from getting dissapointed until you get the knack of it
  7. I have no idea how to thank you all. Not only do I have an awesome new hobby, but also have been given a humane way to unload all these rodents that keep breeding at my home. Thank you all so much!
  8. Swag is what you trade! Small items that fit in the cache. Being a lady I also carry some TP
  9. LOl! Been there, done that, and bought a T-Shirt. Welcome to the caching world. El Diablo I wear that tee shirt also. Welcome to the addiction
  10. I no longer live in NJ but if I did I would be there. Sounds like an awesome day. I hope you plan something next time I am home
  11. Until we could get our hand held we used our laptop with Microsoft streets and maps. It actually got us closer then my Garmin now does, but yes we were the silly ones you may have seen walking up hill in the woods with a laptop and the GPS reciever on my hat.(No kidding)
  12. Its up tp you to log a DNF or not. If you do you can always change it once you find it. Welcome!
  13. The Legend I was mentioning is a more expensive model so I assume better. I may exchange since is looks like the cost of the cable for the H would cost more then just switching for the better model. Thanks for all the help. We just love caching and we havce done all in our area that is pratical with a pc gps. We are in a hurry to get back out there. BTW Laurenfra is a she
  14. Thanks for the help guys. I will try again this pm. I thought this was going to be so simple. After spending 4 or 5 minutes changing each number I made some sort of mistake the GPS said the cache was 704 miles away. Grrrrr Is the legend more user friendly?
  15. Five Frazers

    Help an Idiot

    OK There has never been an electronic object I met I could not figure out until now. So just call me an idiot because I keep heaing how simple the Etrex H is to work but I cant get it to do a darn thing. I want to put cords in and find a cache. Where do you put the cords you want to go to and how? Yes I read the book and it never says how to take N 28 49.622 W097 00.960 and get it into the gps.....
  16. Be very careful, its very addictive, Were were going to just try it and now we go out daily. Cant even seem to clean my house when there are caches to be found
  17. We are a brand new to geocaching home schooled family in southern Texas. Found our first cache today and kids are mapping for tomorrow
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