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  1. Many, many, many (etc) thanks GS. Please leave the 'old search' in and add the 'advanced search' as an optional extra. At the same time, just be thankful you don't have a 'Pepsi' - yet! - Donald Keough, Coca-Cola company's president and chief operating officer
  2. So I want to check out what my buddies have been up to lately. Before we got the new whiz bang search feature, and lost the old one , I simply put their name in the "Found by:" box, hit "Go" and voila, there were all their finds with the most recent one at the top. Pretty darn easy if you ask me. Maybe I'm missing something now though because to get the same info, I have to (from the search page): Either click on my own name up in the top right hand corner or click on 'Quick View' on the 'Your Profile' drop down. Click on 'Your Friends' (this, of course, assumes that they have 'friended' me along the journey) Click on the friend whose recent activities I want to see (this takes you to their profile page) Click on the 'Geocaches' tab on their profile page Click on the 'All Geocache Finds' link and voila the same info that took some writing and 'Go' before (and the writing bit is probably unnecessary after the first time you've entered their name if you have Autofill on). Of course, if the person you wish to see recent activity of isn't a 'friend', I've got no idea how you'd find their info. (For example, someone might say to "you should read some of joebloggs123's logs, they're fantastic" but gives you no more info than that, you're pretty stuck.) Really GS, just bring back the old search function and have the Advanced search function on there for Premium Members as you did during the testing phase. That should make everyone happy!
  3. Please, please, please (etc) bring back the "Found by:" as a search function. This was the search I most frequently carried out on the whole site. I used it to see what friends had been up to and even used it to see if recent finds of mine had been found since my log. I know I can go through my or friend's profiles to get to those results but really, why remove that functionality in the first place?
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