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  1. This is all to funny.One of the best days on the forums for me.
  2. I seem to find alot of mctoys around here and pocket change.
  3. You can be jealous all you want. Don't you have some cream donuts to refill? that's to funny btw brian any of the ladies coment on your hairy member?
  4. Pick a day and we'll go for it! I thought it was today! Free doughnuts for us all or spike him! Today it is
  5. ya i like reading some of the old posts form way back.So what was your worst caching injury?
  6. lol.....The worst I have ever got was scratches and bee stings.I am not sure if that means I am doing something right or wrong.
  7. well maybe we should have a carleenp day and all have her pic for our avatars.
  8. I was thinking a better place for this would be the Syracuse NY area.Then I could attend. If you guys do this for me I will bring all my kids broken mc'toys for the ftf prizes in the caches. Seriously this sounds like a great idea and I will have to keep an eye out for something like this in my area.
  9. My first cache I placed got turned down because I put a swiss army style knife in it as a ftf prize (duh). Guess that kind of strengthens peoples point of making people find a few before they hide any.
  10. here is a definition of hobby(googled) that could fit with some people a subject or plan upon which one is constantly setting off; a favorite and ever-recurring theme of discourse, thought, or effort; that which occupies one's attention unduly, or to the weariness of others; a ruling passion. [usually under the form {hobby}.]
  11. Yes its been talked about over there for a while.I have been georging for a little while now and I still put georges in caches but I usually fold them to make a ring, t-shirt or something out of them to make them more interesting.
  12. I guess it is up to you but I say I am a geocacher. A person who places a cache, I would call the hider or cache placer and the person who finds the cache the finder or seeker. I usually say i'm going geocaching then wait for the strange looks if they have not heard of it. In my opinion geocaching is both a hobby and a sport, if I had to call it one or the other I would say it is a sport.
  13. I remember when I was a kid (stupid kid) we used to prank phone call people and when someone just hung up on us we would maybe try again but if they hung up again we would move on and the ones that threw a fit and would swear and yell,we would call them all night till they finaly hung up or stopped answering.
  14. I think they might be doing that to keep track of there found caches.
  15. I usually just bring a copy of the cache page and i usually don't decrypt the hints unless i need to.
  16. oops sorry about that last post.nevermind
  17. I would like to try one of those but i dont think there is any around me. I guess I should make one. maybe someday.
  18. The reasons I might watch a cache is to read the logs if there was something interesting about the cache. If i have not visited the cache yet i use it just to remember that i want to go look for it someday but dont want to print out the cache page in case it is'nt there by the time i get around to doing it. And maybe just maybe someone might put a mc'toy in there that i dont have.
  19. I think this is a very good idea.Probably not a huge problem, but sometimes it ticks me off when a thread gets closed and the person closing it just has to get that last dig in knowing that the person can't reply.
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