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  1. I need your help.

    a few years ago... there was a trackable made of steel. handcrafted, filigree, with a stone ball/marble inside.

    Form like a lens or lentil. each one unique.

    Does anyone know the name of this trackable? or the site, where they was for sale? please.

    I don´t mean JCanyoneer Signature Geocoin.

  2. I'm unsure how this will work out with the world of Facebook added to the mix.


    The potential for International shipping seems huge and our cost was rather high this round.


    For now, we'll sit the first one out to see the results.


    I, for one, would like to see Yanagi's MT continue on.


    This site was created in collaboration with Yanagi (Thomas)

    After the experience of the past math trade i told him my ideas to make a math trade safer and easier.

    Safer, because last time there was "unwanted" trades by making small mistakes at the numbers.

    Easier, in considering the work for each participant to submit the coin- and wantslist and for the organizer to check the lists for errors, so that the software can process.


    And then perhaps take more participants with the math trade.


    You do not need Facebook for this.. Everybody can participate.

  3. my TOP5 Search


    1. Iridescent Dreams - Leprechaun's Dream (only this one missing) :unsure:

    2. look at 1.

    3. look at 2. :rolleyes:

    4. Canada Rock Geoguitar

    5. ALLGÄU Geocoin (black-nickel/silver)





    1. Iridescent Dreams - Leprechaun's Dream (only this one missing) :unsure:

    2. Pick me up Geocoin - Sunshine + Tanny

    3. Matlock75´s V1 Compass Rose - Friends Only

    4. Tengwar Geocoin - Dark Green on satin Gold

    5. Delfts Blauw Geocoin - Any Version


    my trading List:

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