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  1. Looking for the Pirate Bones Geocoin - Poison. Antique bronze with blue enamel. Someone can help?
  2. Looking for: Mountains Calling: Blossom AE Mountains Calling: Lotus AE Mountains Calling: Seed AE Heartbeat Geocoin: Whole Set
  3. Unfortunately, it is not. My apologies for not adding a photo or a link. I've since edited my post and added a link that leads to a page with photos. Thanks for the help nonetheless. Best regards. Dave take a look at mygeodb There are 2 Crystal compass roses for sale/trade
  4. look here: http://www.ebay.de/itm/201697189902
  5. Hi Folks, i will give a try. I am in. My Wishlist
  6. Hi Folks, i will give a try. So please let me in My Wishlist
  7. A new international math trade has started. Phase 1: coin submission ends 10. August 2016 Phase 2: regrouping ends on 13. August 2016 Phase 3: want list submission ends on 09. September 2016 I hope for large participation and wish you all good luck. If you want to participate, please go to http://mathtrade.xxmurdockxx.de/home.php Thanks
  8. Oh dadgum... there are from JCanyoneer.... http://www.creedbilt.com/orbitals.htm
  9. I need your help. a few years ago... there was a trackable made of steel. handcrafted, filigree, with a stone ball/marble inside. Form like a lens or lentil. each one unique. Does anyone know the name of this trackable? or the site, where they was for sale? please. I don´t mean JCanyoneer Signature Geocoin.
  10. 13. intern. math trade Meanwhile there are over 700 coins inside the math trade. Who wants to join... to 10. April is still time. Math Trade Website
  11. This site was created in collaboration with Yanagi (Thomas) After the experience of the past math trade i told him my ideas to make a math trade safer and easier. Safer, because last time there was "unwanted" trades by making small mistakes at the numbers. Easier, in considering the work for each participant to submit the coin- and wantslist and for the organizer to check the lists for errors, so that the software can process. And then perhaps take more participants with the math trade. You do not need Facebook for this.. Everybody can participate.
  12. I thought so. This website want`s to make a mathtrade easier.
  13. Hi, there is a new website for math trades. Feel free to have a look and take part to the actual international math trade. Math Trade Website
  14. Thanks for the work Thomas. No trade for me... But will try again on the next mathtrade
  15. My TOP FIVE Sought After Coins are ... Celtic Tree of Life - Satin Gold on Silver Gingko - AE Matlock75's V1 Compass Rose - XXLE Friends Only Digital Hell - JIM SE (red and green) Sunshine. Freedom. Flower. Geocoin - (Sunshine, Flower, GCF EU and AE) My trading list: xxmurdockxx
  16. I am looking for Sunshine. Freedom. Flower. Geocoin Editions: Sunshine Flower GCF EU AE Anybody can help? My Tradinglist
  17. Looking for a Baby Dragon Cache Slayer - Lil Buck. My Traders
  18. Till now there are only 13 Users who has entered the coins. Not so much time left. Me too, but i am waiting for some coins to trade But at the weekend i will fill the list.
  19. Searching for Small Things Geocoin. Who can help me?
  20. UPDATE 1. Iridescent Dreams - Leprechaun's Dream (only this one missing) 2. Pick me up Geocoin - Sunshine + Tanny 3. Matlock75´s V1 Compass Rose - Friends Only 4. Tengwar Geocoin - Dark Green on satin Gold 5. Delfts Blauw Geocoin - Any Version my trading List:
  21. My TOP-Search... Maybe someone can help me. Feel free to look at my traders: http://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/0b169efba9e678a678b2328025da350b.html#1358
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