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  1. Hi, we are heading down to Cape Town next weekend and will galdly transport the TB's and see them settled into a cache down there. If you can get them to me, of course. Cheers Far-Jar-Hug
  2. I know Far-Jar-Hug (one of the kids) found one of the caches in the Kruger Park rest camps by accident - thought it would be a good place for a cache and then looked and found! Perhaps Far-Jar-Hug can elborate Trev Hi, We were in Kruger Park (when there where still caches there) and decided to visit the Pretoriuskop camp where two caches where placed. One was a multi (Pretoriuskop thriller) which we decided to ignore as the kids bore easily and the other an easy traditional down by the pool (Pretoriuskop Pool area). I needed to visit the gents and while I was busy the kids played on an old ox wagon nearby. Jason our oldest (then 8) climbed underneath and thought the space above the wheel would make a good spot for a cache. So he stuck his hand in there and found a cache. I was the final location of the multi we had decided NOT to do. So we logged it, with the full explanation. Cheers Derek (Far-Jar-Hug)
  3. Hi, Although one needs to be circumspect in any large city, during daylight hours I believe you will have no trouble in and around Sandton on foot and alone, including the parks. Closest cache to you hotel is one of mine "Which Rock?" and is an easy walk to a nearby park - about 1km from the Wanderers club. Another very nearby one is a mystery cache "Logical 1" which is also about 1km away in the suburb of Birdhaven. You've already been told about Buonarotti (which I haven't done yet). Another of mine is at the Inanda Club between Sandton Central and Wanderers called "Mink and Manure". I'd be happy to meet up with on Saturday and help with some transport - I live not far from the Wanderers. If you are interested then contact me directly. Regards Derek
  4. Sounds like an interesting event. If at all possible we will come along for the micro-frustration. If anyone is in Cape Town and wants to really experience micros (and nanos) you should try NABM (GC1G5FX). But you probably need a few days!! Cheers Far-Jar-Hug
  5. I came here to nominate a photo and found a similar one was already nominated. I'll nominate the one I picked anyway - also the Crested Barbet.
  6. Happy to help with your racer. Far-Jar-Hug comes from the 3 surnames in our family. Farr, Jarvis and Hughes (my stepson's surname, my wife's maiden name and my surname). Regards Derek (Far-Jar-Hug)
  7. We're keen for another big event. Had great fun at the last one Crystal Fairy did in Midrand. Maybe you can consider a families category as we cannot keep up with adults only teams.
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