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  1. There is also 2% bing cash back at pcnation.


    a.) Is pcnation.com an authorized Garmin dealer, and

    b.) just what is this bing 2% I've heard folks talking about and how do I get it? :P




    PCnation has a link to the rebate on their site and states they are an authorized garmin dealer.


    Bing is part of Microsoft. Sign up for hotmail or msn and go to bing dot com. Go to shopping and then cashback stores. Find pcnation and click on the link. You have to navigate to the websites from bing for the cash back to work. You can get 8% cash back from ebay if you pay with paypal. I think I got back over $400 last year using bing at various sites.

  2. I bought the maps on DVD and a 4gb SD card that will hold everything I need. You can put the gpx in the internal or external memory.


    I had a 400T that was stolen and I just ordered a 450 that I don't have yet. I don't remember if the icons were different. Someone else will have to answer that.


    The oregon 400t was not the brightest, but I didn't have a problem. Higher contrast settings helped a lot.



  3. I used a hacked C310x for the first 50-60 caches I found. It worked ok and was accurate. I now have an Oregon 400t and find it much easier to use. The Mio isn't water proof and it is a pain to get data into it. You also have to be moving before the mio knows direction because it doesn't have a compass. If you can patch it to be able to turn off some antenna features that aren't in the menu, it becomes a little better for walking. Turn off the "keep position on road" setting and turn it to pedestrian make a huge difference.

  4. I have had the usual poison ivy, scratches, bee stings and stuff, but the worst accident wasn't to me but my beloved 2002 Blue WRX. I was looking for one of the first caches when we just started to do this. We went to a covered bridge and were looking but didn't find. The bridge is on a church’s property and not on an actual road. As we were leaving and driving over the bridge there was a car parked on the other side just out of the bridge. I took it wide to get around the car and to my surprise where there looked to be a road was a very low wall. The corner of the wall caught the front of my car, jerked me into the wall when it took a chunk out of my tire, bent my rim and strut on the passengers’ side. The corner then ripped my side skirt off and ripped the rocker panel. The car was drivable but I was sick. This was the first damage to my car in its almost 7 years of life besides typical rock and door dings.


    I went online to look at picture and the wall was new and not in any pictures I could find. It was only about 6-8 inches tall on the bridge side and you couldn't see it if you were close to that side because of the angle you enter and leave because the wall drops down as it leaves the bridge. I bought new rims, side skirt and struts. The tire was covered with road hazard. It was about $1000 vs. claiming it. My wife just totaled our new Mazda CX-9 about a week earlier, so I didn't want another claim.


    The cache is GCV6KV and there is a link to a picture in the listing. In the top picture at the link the wall is now located on the left corner of the bridge in the picture coming toward you at a slight angle to your left. The car was parked by the brick building on the right. I understand why they put the wall there, but it might help if they put a reflector pole or something at the end of the wall so you would know to not drive there. Needless to say this one is still a DNF. I can't bring myself to return to the place of the horrific events. Maybe I will get this one today as a form of closure.


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