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  1. OK, wow... Appreciate all the attacks, lol. I do not think that the island cache should be archived because no one has found it. I think the downtown cache that has been found by the 80 cachers within the area will very rarely be visited. It takes up a good chunk of the surrounding area. The "easy drive up caches" are generally not visited after the first few months. There are different levels of caches, the 10 mile hike to find a regular cache with a spectacular view is my favorite. But the skirt caches in the tram-law parking lot are more for the finds. Maybe I didn't explain correctly? BTW, I'm sorry if I offended or angered anyone out there, but some of you definitely overreacted... Awkward Socks
  2. Don't know if this has already been brought up as I don't frequent the forums, but couldn't find anything right off. I notice that several caches placed 2-3 years ago have gone months without being found. If a cache goes an extended period without being found or checked up on, I think that the reviewers should request an archive. Most likely, all serious cachers in the area have already found it, so open up space for more placement! Maybe base the time on difficulty/terrain, so a 1/1 that goes two months without being found be archived, while a 3/5 goes for over a year. While the cache may still be there, it serves no purpose when everyone has found it. Just an idea. Thanks, Awkward Socks
  3. Well, it's working this morning. I didn't do anything. A few days ago it was saying something about being corrupted, and I needed to update it (I just had). Yesterday it would close when I was loading the queries. But this morning, for some reason, it has started working again. I can still send the stuff if you want it, Clyde. Awkward Socks
  4. OK, back again with another problem. I've just purchased GSAK, and I'm really glad I did. But now, whatever I do it asks if I would like to back up my databases and then closes itself. If I try to load a pocket query, if I try to filter caches, whatever I do it closes. I have the newest version and have put in my code to show that I bought it. I can't live without it! Awkward Socks
  5. Sputnick 57, thanks a lot! That thread was the answer to my prayers. Everything appears to be working now. Thanks everyone! Awkward Socks
  6. YES!!! This thread has solved all my problems! Thank you so much. Awkward Socks
  7. Checking my USB controllers in Computer Management, it says: Intel® 8280 1DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD Intel® 8280 1DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C2 Intel® 8280 1DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C4 Intel® 8280 1DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C7 USB Root Hub USB Root Hub USB Root Hub USB Root Hub I have no idea if all of that is a good or bad thing, so it still doesn't work. Checking the other tread now. Thanks for the ideas and links!
  8. I started with the send waypoints, and when it asked what device it couldn't find the 60CS. Just tried the 'Get Unit ID' and no unit shows up. I've used the USB for printing, but I don't think that would take the connection from the unit. For GSAK, under GPS Setup I have it set for Garmin, and the box is checked. But when I try to send it only says 'blah'. It says the same thing when I have nothing in USB ports, so I'm guessing the problem is in the connection to the computer. I have downloaded and setup the Garmin USB driver, the 60CS sees a connection, but nothing on the laptop sees it. Well, I've printed out all the geocaches I'm going for today, I'll have to use paper...thanks for all the help! Later
  9. Mapsource, when I try to find device, says "Some devices were found; however, none have the necessary capabilities. Please make sure your device is connected to the computer and turned on, then try again. You may also have to set the interface option on your GPS to 'Garmin' or 'Home'" I have the GPS interface option set to Garmin and it says connected.
  10. I downloaded USB drivers from the garmin update page...prior to the installation of MapSource
  11. Hello again! OK, I asked about my problem with GSAK about a week ago and I still haven't fixed it. I could not send waypoints. Now, I've installed trip & waypoint manager, MapSource 5.0 and the 6.0 upgrade, and it still doesn't work. Mapsource doesn't find the 60CS, GSAK says blah (literally). The GPS is set to garmin mode, and says it's connected when I plug in the USB. But the computer doesn't find it...I've tried both USB ports. Am I missing software? It's a new laptop, and everything worked on the previous one. Help me! Awkward Socks
  12. Hey, I don't have the mapsource cd with me, it's been left in Knoxville somewhere. Can I download it from garmin anywhere? I tried, but it was an update, and when it didn't see my older version it didn't install. Thanks for the help. (The interface setup screen does say connected)
  13. I did use mapsource on the old computer, but it's gone and I'm trying to get it working on this computer. I don't have the cds that came with the 60cs on me either. I used mapsource to transfer until GSAK started working with USB.
  14. Hey everyone! I'm having a problem getting waypoints to the 60CS through GSAK. I have downloaded USB drivers and the 3.6, but the update can't be installed! It doesn't see the USB connection. Sooo, I can't update or download caches, the (new) computer recognized that I put something in the USB, but it just doesn't work. When I try to send from gsak, it says "Error sending waypoints: blah". The GSAK board doesn't know what it is...help me! Awkward Socks
  15. Awkward Socks again... The 60CS is set for garmin serial data format, and says it is connected, but gsak still doesn't see it. All I have is USB, and I have downloaded that update. When it starts sending waypoints, it says "Error Sending Waypoints: blah". Hmm...thanks for all the help!
  16. OK, first I download USB drivers 2.1 from Garmin. Then, when I download ver. 3.6, the updater doesn't see any USB device. So I can't get unit software and GSAK doesn't see it when I turn it on. I have no idea what to do! Thanks, Awkward Socks
  17. Hey, I've used GSAK on my older computer, and it worked fine. I could send waypoints to the GPSMap 60CS no problem. Now I have the newest version of GSAK on a new computer, and it gives me a 'blah' error. What is the 'blah' error and can I fix it? Awkward Socks
  18. That would be great to just get it from Garmin. I'll try that tomorrow. Thanks
  19. OK, I've been looking for the past two weeks and now I know it's gone. The Belt Clip Knob and Plug for my GPSmap 60CS have disappeared. I need the knob for the auto mount, and I don't know if I can get that by itself.
  20. ahh...I think that does it...now it's in the geocaching window. I'll try later this week. Thanks!
  21. MapSource works, but it only transfers it to the 60CS as a waypoint. I know there's some way to take advantage of the geocaching functions...
  22. I have the 60CS, and I also have only the USB. I think if you use MapSource, you can't take advantage of the geocaching function of the 60C, is that right? Does the file have to be GPX to be a geocache and not a waypoint?
  23. I can't figure out how to transfer right now. I just got the GPSMap 60CS with the geocaching capabilities, but I can't figure out how to get geocaches to it. I can transfer waypoints, but not the geocaches. I have a USB cable and I guess the file needs to be GPX.
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