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  1. Man, it doesn't pay to wait to get reservations. Things seem to be filling up where I wanted to stay. I ended up getting a reservation for Comfort Inn Valley on N. Sullivan. The price was fair; $58.49 a night for 2 beds on an internet special (that's BEFORE taxes). It's gonna cost me $132 for both nights - but, I'm so EXCITED!!!


    Besides Spokane and Spokane Valley, some peeps may want to look into places in Post Falls and CDA. Idaho isn't all that far with the freeway. You may have to get up earlier, but it may be cheaper.

  2. Any tips or advice for a person driving in a cache machine for the first time?

    Will I need a blindfold, just hope to follow a car or two, Ramming speed?

    My advice for driving in a cache machine is to watch the following:

    Smokey and the Bandit,

    Cannonball Run I, II, and parts of III (Three is also called Speed Zone!).

    It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,

    The second season of Dukes of Hazzard,

    and of course,

    All seasons of the Amazing Race on 3x speed on the VCR or DVD player.


    Some people may recommend Speed Racer, but after all, that's a cartoon and not real life.

  3. Eternal Easter Egg hunt is on the Maybe list. I will look at the route again and see if it should be prior, or complete later one. Lisa, you want to make the changes for Wisfor and Hotwheels to switch them around. Same with W and Z...


    YEAH!!!! The Bookmark list is up now. If there are any that need to be added/deleted, just tell me.


    The Steaks

    I will work this weekend on updating the Saturday route, and getting out the Sunday route too. I have 2 questions:


    1. Starting off: Is caching through the neighborhood by the Super 8 a good idea? I haven't done many of those caches, so I'm not sure about 100+ folks showing up at 6am to the first handful of caches. My first route had us going out to the state line rest area as there is ample parking, and people will disperse from there... We could even make that the 'start', as there are a lot of concerns about the space and getting into-out of the Super 8 parking lot.


    2. Now that it's clear that most of the Hillyard caches are archived, I am thinking about re-routing to go west of Division. There is pretty good cache density out that way instead.







    Agreed! The more caches in one area means less driving overall and is more bang for the buck, so to speak. The longer we have to drive from cache to cache should be avoided if can be.

  4. This Trevor (Steaks) and Trevor (Trevor and Kate) thing is going to get confusing, me thinks.

    I sent a bunch of suggestions to DreamCacher and Lisa on the current route. Especially regarding the Sullivan bridge and that blasted median. It's best to switch Hotwheels and WisforWh around.


    We found that parking at Sullivan Park and accessing Hot Wheels Cache worked just fine, and folks will already be there for W is for Whether We Would... (not to mention possibly grabbing the other 2 caches in the same park).


    It looks like Jester has beaten me to most of my comments. A couple additional thoughts (so far) ... Shouldn't Tunnel Trouble come before Manito Bridge? And some of the caches currently on the route will require pre-planning (It's About Time, for example) or will require a lot of extra time (Eternal Easter Egg Hunt 2006 seems to have quite a few steps it seems); could we mark those so folks will know to look at them ahead of time?


    Doing W is for and the Hotwheels is a mistake. There is a median in the way and the only way this would work is one of three ways. 1. You take the bridge and loop around. 2. You drive over the median with an off road vehicle. 3. You illegally drive on the wrong side of the road and hope no one else is crossing the bridge.


    However, doing Hotwheels first, and then driving to Sullivan park to do W is for works perfectly. There is no median.


    Trust us...we've made this particular mistake several times working on W and Z. (oops...did we let something slip?)

  5. From what I gather, what Groundspeak has an issue with is the proliferation of a GPX file among a group of people that may not have a Premium membership.


    YEs, I am thinking trackable. 250 it is then! What ideas does people have for the coin. My wife is a Great artist!


    The Steaks!


    This Trevor (Steaks) and Trevor (Trevor and Kate) thing is going to get confusing, me thinks.

    I sent a bunch of suggestions to DreamCacher and Lisa on the current route. Especially regarding the Sullivan bridge and that blasted median. It's best to switch Hotwheels and WisforWh around.

  6. Trevor of Trevor and Kate should be available to ride with someone and give spoilers about caches if they want. We've done most if not all of the caches in the area and can be reached by Cell if people get stuck as well.


    Are we or could we pass out a Spokane Cache Machine Locals Volunteer list with phone numbers of locals who volunteer to be spoiler givers? Just for the event of course :-p. I'm not talking about G&T's list.

  7. :huh: Should we also make sure we call it something similar to "The Spokane Cache Machine II" on the GC pages because there was already one back in Sept of 03?


    Next year I say someone should plan one for Missoula or Lewiston/Clarkston.

  8. Howdy.


    Is there any way for a cacher to de-select all the caches already found by the user on the geocaching maps? The check marks are great, but when you de-select the check marks it still leaves the caches that was previously found. The "List caches found" under the identify is helpful, but you still see all the other previously found cache's icons.


    It would be great if there was that option to de-select found caches like you could de-select all webcam or multi caches and have them not show at all. The code is already there for each individual with the check marks.


    Just a suggestion.



  9. Kate thinks that Groundspeak and mattel need to get together and make a Geocaching Barbie and Ken. A little GPS, a pink ammo can...Ken wandering around lost with a compass in cammo pants...


    Girls and their dolls, eh?



  10. Hi. We are currently attempting Where's In A Name? (GC3153). (locationless cache)


    You take your name, a telephone pad, and find someone someplace else to help you out.


    Our name puts our longitude at 87 38.67X W where X could be anything. Our Latitude doesn't matter (XX XX.XXX N). Can someone from the Chicago area help us out?


    xx xx.xxx n

    87 38.67x w


    Best part is, if you go to those coords and take a picture with your gps you get to log this cache too!


    We both get credit.



    Thanks! :lol:

  11. I'm not a geo'holic. I just spend all my waking ours thinking about caching, designing caches, talking about caching, planning caching trips and praying for good weather on the weekends.


    Oh wait...isn't the first step to get over Denial???

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