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  1. Aye carumba! I'm going to have to start playing catch-up soon!


    Congratulations, Jim!


    Welcome to 1100 MtnGoat50!


    Kewl Beans! Congrats MtnGoat50! (Did you notice our favorite Penguins got your name right this time?)

    See ya at the Party (GC137ND).

  2. Ok, so, can I delete the log of everyone who has exhibited bad cache behavior? You took the most expensive item in my son's cache and left a mini-eraser? You left my cache out in plain view, didn't put the lid back on it, whatever...


    I think in the end, the only geocache behavior we can really control is our own.


    I don't think that this is where this thread was intended originally on going. I think the complaint is that a cacher should not go to an archived cache knowing that the cache isn't there, in this case it was removed 2-3 years prior, and then log it as a claim just because they were there years after the fact.


    It's not a fact about someone taking good stuff and leaving junk, that's a problem that all owners have to deal with. That may be bad caching ettiquette, but it isn't a total disregard for the rules. Logging an archived cache that isn't even there, nor has it been since before the cacher in question has moved here, is a flat out disgrace.


    Actually, I think the person who has done this v-log is probably enjoying the fact that they are getting so much talk on this forum.

  3. . Yes, you should have your name scribbled down if you log your entry.


    Scribbled, stickered, stamped, etched, carved, initialed, marked, or geo-business carded unless otherwise directed by the cache page/cache owner on very unique caches. Heck there's one in Spokane where there is no paper involved whatsoever, but people still have to think outside of the box to sign, carve, or figure out some other way to get their name on the cache.


    This V-Log stuff that this certain person is doing is total crap. They better not try it with any of our caches. I think it is also bad etiquette to log your own caches to up your numbers (this does not count adopting someone else's cache that you had previously found), and logging the same cache over and over again to up your numbers just because you pass it everyday to work. You found it once...let it go (unless of course there are special unique circumstances directed by the cache page/cache owner/geo-admin but off-hand I don't see what that could be).

  4. Compared to, say, Yakima, which is an easy weekend trip and we've already done one CM there. My 2 cents.


    :blink: Yakima may be a weekend trip for the Wetsiders, but not for us over here on the East side. Plus, aren't there a lot of new caches that have popped up in Yakima since the last CM? Just out of curiosity, do a lot of people attend CMs in late December when it is during the holiday season? Just asking because that will be a really really really really really really tough sell to my better half to convince her to drive over the (or a) pass to get to the other side of the state during the winter. Snow is not our friend.

  5. Hey Everyone!!


    Thanks to EVERYONE for attending the Cache Machine. Here are the links to the caches that were published on/after the event that you may have done.


    Bridges to nowhere #1(GC12FKA)


    Bridges to Nowhere #2(GC12FK9)


    Bridges to Nowhere #3(GC12FKB)


    REI PITSTOP!!{Pitstop and Take a view(GC12DAZ)}


    Also, Don't forget to log all those caches and Travel bug movements. As far as I remember, the bugs/coins in the REI Pitstop is correct.


    If you have any recomendations, PLEASE E-mail me with the reccomendation for next time.



    The Steaks


    I'd suggest actually attending a cache machine or two so to know how to better plan one in the future would be key. There seemed to be too much glitter thrown in as compared to Cache Machines of old.


    I also didn't care for what we are to understand to be a faux-text message stating that three caches were approve while on the route when indeed the were not. It was our understanding that these three mystery caches (which the SCM2 planning committee did not know about whatsoever) were going to be approved on the route and once they were approved by an Official Approver they would be text to us via the cache owner. This did not occur, although it was a good, novel idea. What happened instead put a whole damper on our expierence believing we were either one of many victims of a prank or a down right out LIE when the cache owner text us without the caches ever being approved.


    Also, the night cache (which the SCM2 planning committee did not know about) seems to be on private property, or at least crosses private property where people reside. We are worried that the buildings, trees, and landscaping are owned by someone where permission may not have been granted to use.


    Beyond that, I think that since a lot of the prep-work (renting Kress, etc) came from non-existent funds out of the IE Chapter, the Coins, silent auction, and etc were a great way to recoup some of our loss and stay somewhat in the black (I think we are in the black...we'll see at the next meeting). What a lot of people do not realize is that this we the IE Chapter could not get any help funds from other sources for an event this huge. I think the route (albiet some so-so caches were on the list) was a good well planned route. The dinner was a good except for the fact that WE too forgot to ask for Moun10Bike's autograph :cool: .



    Trevor and Kate

    • Vancouver, WA - Would be cool
    • Vancouver, BC - Would be even cooler
    • Victoria - Sure, why not
    • Missoula - Been there, done that, can't wait to go again
    • San Francisco :P - Who's paying for the plane ticket?

    Did someone say Yakima2?


    If people from the East Coast think it is too far to drive to Missoula, just remember you came all the way to Spokane, it's only a 3 more hours East. From Aberdeen it appears to be 9 hours Total Est. Distance: 565.57 miles. Piece of cake.

    Three hours from Seattle to Spokane? ;) Lets see here Seattle is milepost 0 and the border is milepost 300. HMMM Carry the 3.... Where did I put my caclulator.... I get B):D:D Note to self never ask for a ride from Trevor and Kate. :P:(;):(


    Now that I look at that again I see that yhey may have ment Yakima. At least I hope that is what they ment.


    Well, I did typo and should have said WEST coast (too much trip planning!)....but...

    What I meant to say overall is:


    If people from the WEST Coast think it is too far to drive to Missoula, just remember you came all the way to Spokane (FOR THE SMC2), it's only a 3 more hours East (TO MISSOULA). From Aberdeen it appears to be 9 hours Total Est. Distance: 565.57 miles. Piece of cake.

    • Vancouver, WA - Would be cool
    • Vancouver, BC - Would be even cooler
    • Victoria - Sure, why not
    • Missoula - Been there, done that, can't wait to go again
    • San Francisco :( - Who's paying for the plane ticket?


    Did someone say Yakima2?


    If people from the East Coast think it is too far to drive to Missoula, just remember you came all the way to Spokane, it's only a 3 more hours East. From Aberdeen it appears to be 9 hours Total Est. Distance: 565.57 miles. Piece of cake.


    Looking at the upcoming events calendar, and knowing how far in advance many families have made summer vacation plans, I'm leaning towards September 22. Any thoughts on that date?


    September 22nd = pre-snow and pre-cold = WHOOOHOOO! Sound good to us! :anicute:


    This was the weather for Aberdeen on Sept 22, 2006:

    Mean Temperature 55 °F / 12 °C -

    Max Temperature 66 °F / 18 °C 67 °F / 19 °C 88 °F / 31 °C (1989)

    Min Temperature 44 °F / 6 °C 50 °F / 9 °C 39 °F / 3 °C (1955)

  7. I'll post here since a new topic hasn't been created yet.


    We were asked at the Spokane II Cache Machine when Missoula was going to host one. A quick pocket query check shows that we have reached a reasonable volume of caches, enough to give folks plenty to do, so it would indeed be a possibility. I doubt the folks on the left side of Washington and Oregon would be up for another trip east in the near future and we'd need time to plan anyway, but if a Missoula Cache Machine was held sometime down the road would people attend?

    Absolutely! The Cache Dashers did our own Cache Machine in Missoula a few years back and even then we had a lot to do and a blast doing it!! :laughing:


    Hehe, I think I started that Missoula Cache Machine rumor by whispering in several people's ears at the SCM2. We did our own mini-missoula years ago, and it would be wonderful to go back for the fresh-batch of caches. How many Cache Machines have been outside of WA & OR?



  8. Personally, I'd rather a geocide then having to give into blackmail. I'm sorry someone feels that way, but a single person shouldn't have the power to affect everybody else - the flip side of that is if one person wants a CM there, then there has to be one (see, it's just as silly). If the geocide's caches are that good, replace them once they are gone.


    I agree with the blackmail sentiments. Just think of it this way, once a cache disappears it opens up more room for future caches. Plus, there is that clause on the cache machine page that says if you don't want your cache on the route, please ask us to remove it.

  9. What a great event. I had a blast and look forward to the next one. Which raises the question...


    Any talk yet about the next one? I'm eyeing a pocket query I just did of the Aberdeen area, and the Grays Harbor Cache Machine sure looks like it would be a good possibility. I might even be willing to organize it :shocked:


    Ooooo my chances of convincing my better half to agree to go over to the other side of the mountains for a cache machine goes up significantly if it is a TravisL Cache Machine.

  10. Just curious - What was the free giveaway at the REI Pitstop? Didn't notice anything being given away when we got there....


    It is my understanding that REI promised free waterbottles at the Pitstop. However, the day of the event, they changed their mind and for whatever reason gave us the 15% off coupon things.


    I suppose everything that is planned (such as the waterbottles) doesn't necessarily go according to plan...and everything that is unplanned may not necessarily go to begin with. But we tried and the Pitstop was a success thanks to all the wonderful cachers that stopped by for the SCM2. You guys rock!


    Hope you all enjoyed Spokane, "ya'll come back now, ya here."

  11. I could have swore that "someone" told us that the "mystery caches" would be texted to us on route AFTER they were approved by geocaching.com. I guess "someone" jumped the gun or decided to cut corners and text them anyway. It's too bad. We wasted time on three caches that still do not exist when we could have done some others. :mad:

  12. It looks like the REI Pit Stop was just posted, for those who stopped by during the SCM2 on Saturday - REI Pit Stop cache


    I might get turned around sometimes while out on the trails, but this is rediculous. Does Airway Heights have an REI store now?


    Hmm...since it's a "REI pit stop," maybe that means it is a Pit Stop to REI from Reardan.

  13. Has the night route also been scrubbed? I ask because I have found two archived caches on the list and, having done many of the ones on the list already, I would say that some are not what I would consider "night friendly".


    The SCM2 planning committee has only planned from the Pre-Event meeting (at the Kress Gallery Fri night) to the after caching Dinner (Sat night). Everything after that (say, the night caching) has not been handled by the committee but by individuals.


    The only "true" traditional style night caches in Spokane that are still active to my memory are:

    Illumination GCM96Z (an Excellent Urban Night Cache with a great finish -- Bring a flashlight)


    Scotophobia - Fear of the Dark GCQW7A (an Excellent Rural Night Cache -- Bring a Really Big Flashlight and watch for owls)



    T&K :anicute:

  14. will take a look this afternoon and see what needs to be done.

    Great, thanks! One more thing...on line 222 of the document, it lists GCC723 (SpiritOfNatureManitoPark) which has been unavailable for several weeks (the cache page indicates it went missing ages ago). I bet you'll be glad when this weekend is over! :-)

    I am actually going on vacation after this weekend (and even leaving the country!) :D Or well at least to an undisclosed location... :D


    You can't hide. We can just track what caches you find in whatever country you decide to hide in.

  15. :rolleyes: A GIGANTIC WAY TO GO FOR MOUN10GOAT50! :blink:

    You couldn't have picked a better cache for your milestone than the one you did, Jim.

    Welcome to the four digit club, Prez!


    Good Going Jim! Congrats on 1-Grand.

    See you on the trail (or at the upcoming meeting).



  16. I would suggest that if anyone wishes to start earlier (4am) they could perhaps do the Airway Heights loop, do the webcam with the group, and then split off to either the South hill, or the Valley and meet up at the dinner.




    They could perhaps do the Valley area, do the webcam with the group, and then split off to either the Airway Heights, or the South Hill and meet up at the dinner.


    I would not start with the South Hill so early in the morning, even if the police know about our activities for the day.


    The hours for the dinner are limited.

  17. For a Quick visit to downtown Spokane I would recommend:

    The 1974 Exposition Attraction GCE4BB

    Upper Falls GC713C

    R is for River Relaxation GCKYET

    Ahead By No HEad GCKTEM

    Monument on the Hill GCTHC1

    Reach for the Brass Ring! GC8E6B

    Run Forest, Run! GC8E72

    O is for Oscar GCKW4Q (it is there despite the no finds)

    Ma Dam a Butterfly 2 GCVBTV

    A Novel Idea GCH83q

    The Davenport GC8ACC

    Central city Chapel GCNFVQ

    U-District Webcam GCJRHX

    Spokane Basalt Waterfalls GC11APZ


    For can't miss "unique" Spokane Caches:

    Physics 101 GCPHRP (still doable...)

    M is for Magic GCK1EN

    (if you have a lot of time) The Da Wizinci Code; Sixth Disappeared GCHGPN

    L is for Lost GCJVPT

    Bet You'll Want to Flog Me For This One GCGP6K

    C U at the Top GCHQAX

    Kerrin's Curse GCGPYV

    Wading Pool Mystries? Lights Out! GCYQDG

    Road Warriors GCJOJB

    Where the Cougar Lurks? GCVH1H


    That's all I can think of at this time. Hope that helps!

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