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  1. Looking forward to it!


    I just booked my hotel for June 20-22 through Choice Hotels.


    Econo Lodge (MT048)

    4953 North Reserve Street , Missoula, MT, US, 59808

    Phone: (406) 542-7550 Fax: (406) 721-5931


    AAA rate was $67.49 for 1 Queen.


    Just out of curiosity, and heaven knows I don't want to start a flood of "will this one be on or will that one be on" before the 1st route is published, BUT, will GCD7DE (the Webcam) be on the route (kind of like the SCM2?)

  2. Have you settled on which weekend Missoula is going to be? I have some relatives that want to visit but I'm leaving them hanging until we know when we're going to Missoula.

    June 21st is the event in Missoula. There is another event in Great Falls on the 28th. That made that weekend a poor choice as the Missoula folks who are willing to help with the CM are heading to GF.


    Yumitori told me he contacted TravisL a while back about the date change request.


    I think it was posted somewhere here as well that we confirmed the 21st of June.



    Sounds like Travis needs to update his calendar, then. :D He looked at it Saturday and sounded confident it was 28th, so maybe he forgot this wrinkle.


    We are drooling over a Missoula CM. That area is some of the best country to be.

  3. So...It's been awhile since there has been any action on this thread...and some info might have changed...


    Does anyone know what is after Missoula?


    Palouse CM?

    Walla Walla?

    Olympia II?



    Inquiring minds want to know...

  4. Congrats to Liwolf on hitting 900! ;)


    Congrats to Wiildrose on hitting 1400! ;)


    Congrats to Lookout Lisa on hitting 1400! ;)


    Congrats to Yellow Alligator on hitting 1500! ;)


    Congrats to MtnGoat50 on hitting 1700! ;)


    Congrats to Jennifer&Dean on hitting 2400! ;)

  5. My fiancee and I are looking at a honeymoon in the Seattle/Vancouver area next July. Don't know any more specific details of what parts as of yet. I'm looking for suggestions of things to do in that area that time of year, both urban and in nature. (Hikes of <3 miles, please). I know obviously things like the Pike Place market that are in all the guide books. Looking for some of the more out of the way places and good deals on attractions. We'd like to do some whale watching (don't see a lot of them in Kansas). Anyone know the best deal on one of those trips? Budget is somewhat limited, but we'd also like to enjoy ourselves while there.


    Also, we want at least one really nice dinner while there. Anyone know how hard it is to get a reservation at the Space Needle?


    And to truly make this caching related, any caching-history related caches in that area? I've gotten the oldest active cache, which is out in western Kansas, and it would be neat to add some more historical caches. Does the Groundspeak office have one nearby?



    Just a helpful hint. Save your money and DON'T eat at the Space Needle. It's expensive enough just to go up in it and look around. The mediocre food is overpriced.


    The Experience Music Project is way cool. You should try to get there if you can.

  6. Due to family emergency, I couldn't make the event. But I am curious if my "will attend" note for the EVENT was counted as a dinner reservation. I certainly didn't indicate I would make the dinner, so wonder if every "will attend" the event was also assumed for dinner as well? Or was the count based on actual written numbers?


    August 9 by mudsneaker (1139 found)

    looking forward to another fun run, just hope I don't have to many already found.


    Just curious......


    I heard someone once suggest that perhaps there should be another drop down menu option on Event "will attend" selections. A drop down box that would appear if you selected "will attend". A drop down box that would mark how many people would attend per each caching name and that would electronically correspond to a running total of "people will attend" under the hint area where those nice little icons already are. I'm not saying that this would have prevented what happened at the GHCM dinner, but it's something to mull over and could be helpful for future event planners (cache machine, cito, beer fest, coin party, or other.)

  7. I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, but all I could think of when I saw this topic is "How many reviewers does it take to screw in a light bulb?" :anitongue::laughing:


    Refusing to answering the question and deciding to go on a different tangent....what size is the light bulb?


    Micro, Small, Regular, Large, Unknown...or is it a Multi of light bulbs?



    And what would be the difficulty and terrain?

    Because if there was any type of climbing involved it would definitely up the latter (ladder) - pun intended.


    Can this be done at Night and is Stealth required?

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen

    Please allow me to present to you

    ~drum roll please~

    DMAGOO HAS 100 FINDS!!! B);):D:D


    Congratulations, sweetheart!! We are so very proud of you! 100 more coming right up! B)


    WHOOHOO! You GO GIRL! Congrats @ hitting your 100th @ Rockin Ridgemont Park!


  9. This morning I went for Elves Love To Hike, but while putting on my boots at the trailhead I could here thunder rumbling thru the clouds. No rain - then, that came later - so I headed out. I've been out in thunder storms before (on Grand Teton, 13,700 feet, we'd just gotten off the summit by a few hundred feet when one rolled over and a strike hit the summit) so I wasn't too concerned. I was just wondering what you might do in a similar situation? Go for it? Or bail? Oh, yeah, FTF was up for grabs - would that change your thinking?


    If we lived in the area... Trev would have probably went for it FTF or not (although he would use it to justify his going in the eyes of Kate). The Diff/Terrain doesn't seem to be that bad. Kate would have said no way, only someone crazy would go on a venture like that. In the end...it's a coin flip as to whether we would have gone or not depending on who gave in first.

  10. PS: I'd also like to thank the lower 48 for their patience while we discuss this matter.


    Don't forget the good folks in Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc too.


    Maybe this has something to do with it. The following is based on geocachers with 200 plus finds (approx):

    Alaska: 70; Hawaii 41.


    So you are the Red Jeep Promotion Guy this year and you are thinking about AK & HI. Maybe this is what goes through your head. I don't know for sure, because I'm not the Red Jeep Promotion Guy otherwise I'd rename myself the Black (or Blue) Jeep Promotions Guy. I'm just guessing here about the thought process of HI & AK. Your Target Audience (a geocacher) is a smaller number in these two states, spread out over a large area (AK), it would cost more to ship there ($$$), and there may or may not be some legal issues to deal with (HI). You also may consider that you are trying to promote your product to the most people possible at one time and still remain a good relationship with Groundspeak and only you are privy to the information on whether or not the past 3 years of jeeps have had any improved impact on sales.


    So what do you do? Send it to the 48 <b>Contiguous</b> states knowing that that is where your core target audience is located, that it is legal, that it is cheaper, AND you know that eventually your advertising gimmick will eventually travel outside of those states, into other states, territiories, provinces, and countries giving you "added advertising" and perhaps an added backsale boost later on in the year both domestic and foreign. It's cheaper, it's legal, perhaps practical from your standing, you still get a good bang for your buck, and above all else, your boss is probably happy.

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