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  1. Great idea! A true American history lesson/waymark. I vote yes with two very big thumbs up!
  2. I'd like to see this one go through! I know of soo many of these and given the chance, I'd be just itching to post a bunch of markers.
  3. I agree. Ammo cans are the way to go!
  4. Yay! Sorry, but had to start a new thread as per the directions for category proposal.
  5. Would it be associated in some way with mailboxes? Perhaps the unique mailbox category could be relaxed to include such mailboxes on poles?
  6. Fire stations play an important role in our safety by providing fire protection to their communities. I think that based upon my many years of working within the fire service, that this is a category worthy of inclusion in the Waymarking directory. Please post your thoughts and comments...
  7. I'd love to have benchmarks to mark my property boundry. I think that they would be more obvious than say, rebar or metal pipe. I don't exactly agree that one would be more accurate than another so long as there is a specific point marked in the center of the mark, be it a point, a cross, etc.
  8. That's great! Thanks for the support! All we need now is a category to be created for this!
  9. Thanks, I'll have to try this some time when I have a few extra bucks to spend. I like the idea of making rocks using expanding foam. I've done a similar thing with it to make scenery for my model railroads, but have never considered it for geocaching containers. Thanks for the neato idea! I'll give it a try.
  10. How do you hollow out a rock for a purposes of hiding a geocache container?
  11. If this category gets added, you have to post the locations of the Ripley's museums!
  12. Outstanding idea. I've already got a handful of places I'd love to waymark!
  13. I'm surprised nobody has suggested fire stations as a category proposal. I'd like to see this category as I have been involved in the fire service for many years now. Possible variables include (off the top of my head); paid/volunteer, number of trucks, EMS involvement, population served, etc. Just an idea. If you like this category proposal, please post a reply and also I'd love to hear about new variables to be added in if the category gets approval. Thomas
  14. I've always wanted to see human chess. Now that takes a huge game board!!!
  15. I agree with this one! I cannot stand religious stuff in caches.
  16. I haven't yet tried to cammo my caches. I usually use sticks, bark, and stuff found in the vicinity to cover them in their hiding places.
  17. Usually, we look for medical ID bracelets or a necklace. In extreme cases, we will check the wallet, but this is rare.
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