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  1. I have to agree. You can see a beautiful sunset anywhere. Remember, a view is just a view.
  2. Sounds like an interesting idea. Not sure how others feel about the suggestion, perhaps it has been suggested before?
  3. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/default...6d-bb840b573dcc This is now a category! This is super cool! I can't wait to post some waymarks!
  4. I've seen the Wikipedia category, and this one is similar. In fact, it was the Wiki that inspired the idea of the Roadside America Category.
  5. I've never seen anything like this. An interesting idea! I vote yes!
  6. I think it's a neat idea. And just so you know, they are not actively seeking proposals, but every now and then, a proposal does get through.
  7. I think a great addition to the site would be a listing of all of the Roadside America listings. Thoughts, comments, or ideas? Roadside America
  8. How about cliche street names? For example: Easy Street, Memory Lane, Long Road, etc.
  9. I manage the Firehouses category. Being that I'm "in the business", I have posted several waymarks of firehouses I know of. I don't see an issue with submitting your own marks.
  10. The same way in which you log a benchmark you cannot reach, such as on top of a building. If you know it's there, and you're in the right place, you got it. In urban cases, I think making it to the applicable building is close enough to log a visit.
  11. To those of us who are involved in military, EMS, or Fire/Rescue careers, there has been a need at one time or another to locate a nearby helicopter landing pad. I know that in my many years of working as an EMT, I have had to airlift a handful of critical patients. So, just like having a category for firehouses, why not have an equally important and useful category for helicopter landing pads (or helipads)? Example: Click For Photo This category would have to be restricted to physical landing pads that are marked as such, typically with an H and/or a visible windsock. Any ideas?
  12. How is this a risk? Terrorist have access to things called MAPS. If one goes to New York City, a subway system map can be gotten just about anywhere.
  13. I'm still a much bigger supporter of FRS / GMRS radios for Geocaching. They're underused in the field and are universal and free. In other words, there's no plans to pay for, and everybody can have different radios that are all compatable. If more people would carry them around in the field, I think that Geocaching would be more fun, and in some cases, safer. Just my ideas on the subject. BTW, I am a Verizon wireless customer, and I have been for some time now. Great service.
  14. I know of a few, though not many. I'd post a few locations if this category got approved.
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